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Bill Whittle: The Truth is Out There

This is Mr. Whittle in serious mode, making a philosophical point.

[Pacifica Radio is America's lunatically-far left radio station. Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" is a show that claims to cover "news, analysis and opinion" (per Wikipedia).  It makes strong men lose their lunch but entertains tiny tots with a taste for the perverse. Gosh, again per Wikipedia: "As part of the Pacifica Network [station KPFK] receives some funding from charitable organizations such as the Ford Foundation and government funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting….” I’m just really SO grateful for government-funded radio. :)]

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  1. Lynne says:

    Does Bill Whittle have a like-minded British cousin? We need him to counter the crap on our own state broadcaster – the BBC.

  2. Paul Marks says:


    The collectivists (“Progressives”, “left” – whatever name is used) depend on discrediting OBJECTIVE TRUTH.

    Marxists talk about “capitalist logic” and “proletarian logic” (as Ludwig Von Mises pointed out – they might as well talk about “Jewish logic” and “Nordic logic” like the National Socialists did). American “Pragmatists” deny OBJECTIVE TRUTH also.

    Everything is reduced to “useful myths” and “my truth” and “your truth” not THE truth.

    To reject objective truth is to reject reason and reality. It leads to a chamber of horrors.

  3. Mr Ed says:

    One of the Anabaptist nutters who got involved in the German peasant wars, Balthasar Hubmaier, was burning at the stake after justice (as it was then) caught up with him. His last words were recorded as something like ‘Die Wahrhyet ist untoedlich’ (low, old German spelling roughly) meaning ‘the Truth Never Dies’.

    I think what he meant was ‘We scum will return’, and his intellectual heirs did in Russia, with a vengance. Unlike Marxians, I doubt that he would have knowingly lied or dissimulated.

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