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No, this is not a debate

It’s not even news, it’s a hit piece.  A rant about your own personal prejudice and an attempt to impose it on others.

Debates have a balanced contribution from both sides, not just a succession of joyless unattractive people explaining why they don’t like something.  The ‘debate’ has only returned because the CES ignored you last year and toys are going out of the pram.

At 2.55, er the reason you don’t see topless men in booths, (other than the fact you don’t really see topless women either) is the demographic the company is trying to appeal to.  Obviously.

Is it just me or the women who complain about this thing, er less ‘easy on the eye’ and couldn’t do a job like that in a million years?



  1. Robert Edwards says:

    The topless models used to be the main reason for ever bothering to attend the Earl’s Court Motor Show, as I recall. Attendance certainly dropped off when they banned them, under ‘pressure’ from the Femmy Left (and, of course, the BBC). Same thing, really.

    Well do I recall the outrage expressed in ‘Die Sturmer’ (sorry. ‘Guardian’) over the issue of harmless boobs being on display on, I think, the TVR and Aston Martin stands.

    The sad truth is that some birds are, as you say, ‘easier on the eye’ than others, so good luck to them; it must be q. rough being a munter, but those are the breaks, I’m afraid…

  2. Jim says:

    Its odd that the Left demand the right for women to get their tits out in public for the purposes of feeding their children, but demand they cover up at all over times. Its all a bit of a sexist argument isn’t it – women are purely baby producing machines and should be kept under cover if not taking part in that process?

  3. Julie near Chicago says:

    The simple fact is that if anybody’s ever had an identity crisis, and specifically a crisis of “gender identity,” it’s the Feminist (capital “F”), whose central nervous system appears to peter out somewhere in the midst of the reptilian hindbrain. I mean, it still wants to eat (I guess), and to hit, punch, sock, and kick.

    And be NOTICED … and to BELONG.

    Do crocodiles care about Belonging?

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