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Matt Cartoon


  1. Julie near Chicago says:

    To the cartoon’s question, I think the answer is a clear and loud-throated ‘YES!!!’

    As evidence, read (or worse, listen to) the Obama campaign speeches. Or to make your lives less unpleasant (fewer hearings involved), just the State of the Union addresses.

  2. RAB says:

    But Barry’s revving up now. I just saw him giving his “For the Cheeeeldren” promise of Gun Control Laws, with or without the consent of Congress. I mean what’s a little Executive Ordering among friends? Didn’t that nice Piers Morgan, the only Brit Barry likes, say the Constitution is so yesterday?

    The difference between Barry and our arch twat of a Prime Minister is that iDave has to keep winning elections, Barry doesn’t. He has 4 more years to completely ruin the USA, and he’s going at it full tilt, opening the stopcocks and booting holes in the boat of State.

    IDave keeps having to deal with things like the EU that he really doesn’t want to, and doesn’t believe in. He wishes they’d all just go away. But with the rise and rise of UKIP he doesn’t have that option. The speech on Friday will be a monumental fudge that kicks the can down the road as far as 2016. By when he hopes that we will all be so brainwashed by the relentless drip drip drip of Media and all Party propaganda that when the question is finally asked we will vote to stay in the goddam Protection Racket, just like the last time.

  3. John Galt says:

    I can’t really comment on Barry O’Bama as I stay well clear of the horrid little Marxists changy-feely bullshit.

    I must say that I find “Call Me Dave” Cameron’s rhetoric against the EU as being somewhat fake and purely for press and party consumption. He knows full well that the Tory party are genuinely EU-sceptical (although not I hasten to add anti-EU), so he’s just playing to the crowd.

    Equally, while he is in coalition with the Nick Clegg reptile, there can be no significant movement against the EU, even the argument about repatriating powers back from Brussels is not something that can take form and substance under this coalition.

    Current polling suggests that Cameron will be out on his ear come 2015, so anything deferred beyond that date is effectively being thrown, not into the long grass, but into the outer darkness. Labour have their own issues on Europe and may pull a promise of a referendum out of the hat if they need to ensure total victory in 2015, but current polling suggests they don’t need to.

    Matt’s air of anticipated anti-climax is well justified. Nothing happening here, move along now.

  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    JG, re The Sith: I believe you are quite wise to stay well clear. Cooties ain’t half the danger. *whisper* The thing glows in the dark, y’know.

    RAB: In line with that, I’m surprised you had the temerity to risk your ears to the sounds emanating from Its throat. You surely don’t mean you listened to the WHOLE THING?

    Were you being punished for something, or something?

  5. John Galt says:

    Julie, I have read enough Calvin and Hobbes to know that only girls have cooties.


  6. Julie near Chicago says:

    JG, are you sure? That’s not what I learned in 4th Grade (age ~9). Girls CAN have cooties, but mostly you get them from the boys.

  7. RAB says:

    Course I didn’t Julie, just the Beeb approved soundbites.

    Now talking of Cooties…

    Can’t imagine why we didn’t see that on Top of The Pops, can you? Lovely tune. :-)

  8. John Galt says:

    Well whatever girl that may be she didn’t get them from me. I’ve had my cootie shots…

    “Circle, circle, Dot, dot – Now you’ve got the cootie shot!”

  9. Julie near Chicago says:

    RAB–I can’t believe that this is recommended by the same fella as speaks so silverly of Palestrina, Boccherini, cappucina*, tortellini…. –Oh, I must have been thinking of somebody else. Well, steak and kidney pudding then. :>))


    All I can say is, I’m sure glad Lucy happens to be in bed sleeping of dinner. She’s too young to know about THOSE kind of cooties! ;)

  10. RAB says:

    All immaterial now though. The gutless punk has called it off. Seems he will be otherwise engaged parachuting into Algeria along with the Queen and James Bond to sort the hostage crisis out. “Who do you think you’re foolin Mr Tiddler…”

    “David Cameron took the decision to call off the address setting out his views on Britain’s relationship with the European Union at 6.30pm because of fears that more British lives could be at risk.

    The move represents another setback for Mr Cameron involving the speech, which has been expected since last summer.

    Earlier this week it was brought forward from its original date of Jan 22 to avoid angering the French and Germans who were due to celebrate 50 years of friendship between their two countries on the same day.”

    Sheesh! mustn’t anger the French a Germans eh? Fine to piss off 60 Million Brits though (not that we hang on Potato Face’s every word by any means).

    And how many fuckin re-writes has this bloody speech had by now? Most of us know large chunks of it by heart already.

  11. Julie near Chicago says:

    RAB–oddly enough I just ran across this quote. Maybe you know it already, but anyway it seems the cootie guy is also au courant with our political situation:

    “The United States is a nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced.”

    –Frank Zappa

  12. Julie near Chicago says:

    PS. Of course I’m a total outsider to the situation, but it strikes me that perhaps your Mr. Cameron isn’t really all that hot to give the speech at all. :>)!

  13. John Galt says:

    Funny you should say that Julie. We’d come to pretty much the same conclusion…

  14. Julie near Chicago says:

    Great minds, JG. Great minds. ;)

  15. RAB says:

    I can’t believe I’m asking this Julie, but have you really never heard of Frank Zappa before? I saw him 4 times, and once with the original Mothers Of Invention, all 15 or so of them. One of the very few rock musicians to deserve the word genius, and he was definately of a Libertarian persuasion.

    As to iDave well Doh! you two. Isn’t that what I have been intimating here all along?

    Of course he doesn’t want to give the speech, especially as he doesn’t believe in a word of it. He is just playing politics. He is telling his back bench Eurosceptics that he is going to give the EU a jolly good talking to, and get loads of our Sovereignty back, when he knows that the EU will never give any of it back.

    He has said that he thinks we would be mad to leave the EU, and …

    “The Prime Minister has previously referred to Ukip members as “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists”, even though many polls now show the party has overtaken the Liberal Democrats in popularity. ”

    So Brussels is just going to laugh in his face, or more likely politely pat him on the head and ignore him. As Christopher Booker has said many times, the only way to have a serious discussion about the future of UK in Europe, is to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which is a statement of our intent to leave the EU. Then we’ll see what they offer us back in bribes to stay in and keep paying the bills. But Cameron would rather give Lord Mandleson a blow job than do that.

  16. Julie near Chicago says:


    First (more important things) first. The closest I can come to Frank Zappa is either Frank Stella (the painter of SF-book covers and other fantastic art) and Weird Al Yanovich. I’m afraid, dear, I don’t do rock. With utterly rare exceptions, such as five minutes’ worth of Pinky, either “The Wall” or “Dark Side.” Also “Riders on the Storm,” “People are Strange,” and “Cat’s in the Cradle” (if you want to call that rock). Unfortunately my offspring went through the Pearl Jam/U2 (shame he cannot sing on pitch, beautiful voice)/G’n'R/Doors/Pinky/etc. phase, so I was subjected to many many scraps, all scrapulous in my opinion. I could actually back that up with genuine criticism, but the more important fact is that it all (almost) physically irritates me. Sorry–I know that when you love something it’s a joy and a delight to share it, and you certainly don’t want the things you love p***ed on, so enjoy what you enjoy, dear RAB, and delight in what you delight in. Me, I like Rachmaninoff, the Schumann Am Concerto (my all-time favorite), and like that. And some of the Standards, depending on the singer and the arrangement. And the good musical comedy music. “Carousel Waltz” for instance. Bali H’ai. “SUMMERTIME”! And “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” at least if Sammy Davis, Jr. is doing it ….

    Second, Yes, of course JG and I include you among our threesome of Great Minds. I were just playin’ mit youse. ;)

  17. Julie near Chicago says:

    By the way, RAB–thanks for outlining the general state of affairs chez vous, regarding iDave and so on. I’m very glad for the info. I do wish you folks could get your independence back.

  18. Julie near Chicago says:

    PS. Don’t bother asking me what “scrapulous” means–heck if I know! It just popped into my head as sounding like a pejorative, and I liked the play on “scraps,” so there it is.

    “BUT,” she said brightly, “I do understand the meaning of ‘Or my scrofulous French novel, On grey pages with blunt type.’” ;) :)

  19. John Galt says:

    The great Frank Zappa is not just about genre, but also period. Most of the people who truly appreciate the change he brought to modern music are now in their fifties or older.

    He was one of the great transformational innovators, but his real strength was the absolute precision he put into his performance, regularly practising 8 to 12 hours a day to ensure that he was giving his audience the absolute best performance of each piece that could possibly be given.

    Frank Zappa was one of the truly creative geniuses of the 20th century, a bit like if instead of taking up physics, Albert Einstein had picked up a guitar.

    Frank was also fundamentally libertarian in his heart-and-soul (or at least anti-authoritarian, which is much the same) after being stitched up by the police on bogus charges.

    Baby Snakes is an absolute classic:

  20. RAB says:

    But Julie I love all music, I have very eclectic tastes. As Louis Armstrong once said… There are only two types of music, Good and Bad, it doesn’t matter what the genre. Beethoven, Bach (Bach would be a kicking Bass player if alive today) Summertime of course. Ness did an acapella version of it when we were on holiday in Italy after dinner once. Brought the house down. Had all these Italians rushing up and kissing her, we didn’t have to buy another drink in the bar for the rest of the week.


    Yes Frank was very much the man of precision, you didn’t improvise with him or you got shown the door. He was in total control when on stage, you can see him doing things like a jump a turn or a quick gesture and by the time he hit the ground the band had changed completely and precisely.

    Quick anecdote? Zappa and BeefHeart (another one off) went to school together. Beefheart was also a precision merchant. When Trout Mask Replica was recorded Beefheart and the Magic Band were booked into Frank’s studio. Well they turned up on the first morning and as Frank knew it was going to be a double album, he left them to it and went to lunch. When he got back in the afternoon, all was quiet. So he asked one of his engineers where Beefheart was… Oh they’re finished Frank, packed up and gone home. “Waddia mean they’re finished! it’s a double album for fuck’s sake!” said Frank.

    But they had. Recorded the whole thing in less than a day. What Beefheart had done was that for the month or so before, he had practically imprisoned the band in a house in Laurel Canyon, and slid their parts to play under their bedroom doors and told them to learn each piece until they could play it in their sleep.

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