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China Prepares the People’s Liberation Army for War

So much for the deluded
businessmen/economists/capitalists/free-marketers/”libertarians” who think that a country that still enshrines Mao is on the path to “freedom” just because the regime has allowed graft and fascistic enterprise in order to “build up the economy.”

The Chinese Dragon is far from dead. Jim Rogers (who ought to have known better! All excited about freedom in China in ****1988!!!****) and suchlike fools take note.

Fairly detailed article, a couple of photos, a “must-read” if it’s correct. (I know nothing about this “Generational Dynamics” business, but there are other sources given in the story.)

From the article, at


by John J. Xenakis 19 Jan 2013

China’s General Staff Headquarters issued a harsh directive on Wednesday to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to prepare for war:

In 2013, the goal set for the entire army and the People’s Armed Police force is to bolster their capabilities to fight and their ability to win a war… to be well-prepared for a war by subjecting the army to hard and rigorous training on an actual combat basis.

Although past directives have directed soldiers to be prepared in case of war, this year’s directive, for the first time, uses the Chinese word “dazhang,” which means “fighting war,” and uses it 10 times in the 1000 word directive.

Last month, China announced plans to board and seize foreign ships in the South China Sea, starting in 2013, and has been conducting naval drills with warships in preparation.

While the official directive does not mention Japan, various commentaries makes clear that Japan is the would-be adversary. VOA, South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), China Military Online (Beijing), and People’s Daily Online / Military (Beijing)

China steps up nationalistic war-like rhetoric

… Dai Xu, a Chinese Air Force Colonel, is arguing for a short, decisive war with one of China’s neighbors–Vietnam, the Philippines, or Japan–in order to establish sovereignty over the Pacific region without risking war with the United States. This is the “kill a chicken to scare the monkeys” philosophy. According to this theory, America will NOT honor its mutual defense agreements with any of these countries, because the U.S. will not want to risk having its cities destroyed by Chinese ballistic missiles.

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And one of the 185 comments to the story:


Agree. The only reason the Chinese might think “Americans will ‘run like rabbits.'” is because of this administration’s recent weak performance in the middle east, and because of the tenuous U.S. (and Western) economy (both WH admins are to blame here).

Whatever one thinks about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is clear to all foreign entities that America shows neither a principled and goal oriented interaction nor a policy engaged from a position of confidence (exerted quietly or visibly).

For example, killing Osama bin Laden (which the current WH is hanging their hat on) was largely symbolic rather than meaningful – a case of too little too late. Hardly a “resounding success” to base a withdrawal upon. Not to say that incompetently prosecuting a war aimed at ObLn and his cabal was any better (in the prior WH).

Instead, America’s foreign strength/ability/stance/goals/principles appear fumbled and jumbled. This emboldens pariahs every time – just check history.


  1. Mr Ed says:

    A Chinese attack on Vietnam makes no sense unless it was done to intimidate Japan etc. as a last feint, it would simply be a re-run of 1979 but it would not involve confrontation with the US. Attacking India, Mongolia or Russia seems futile. North Korea is a rabid pet. Going for Afghanistan via the Wachan corridor would be pointless.

    Any other war would be naval/air led and over various islets in the South China Sea, like the Spratley islands. Perhaps the new rulers are nervous that their export-led economic growth will slump as Western economies stagnate or collapse, so they need to have the military ‘fired-up’ and a war mentality to keep the lid on internal unrest.

    What do they actually want apart from power?

    Obama will have more latitude now, as he mentioned to Medvedev, quite properly in my view, it was a simple political fact.

  2. John Galt says:

    “Going for Afghanistan via the Wachan corridor would be pointless.”

    I certainly hope that they do go for this option, but suspect it unlikely. This would be a win-win for everyone whatever the outcome.

    If China displayed the usual superpower approach then it would just end up as another classic example of asymmetric warfare, where are large armed force is resisted by local guerillas that they are unable to engage effectively until they either overreact into genocide of the indigenous population or are forced into retreat.

    If the Red Army were to wipe out the entire population of the tribal regions of Afghanistan, not only would it send a clear signal to the world about the realities of Chinese Communist rule, but it would also remove the real barriers to development in the region which is held down at the level of stone age barbarism by the local inhabitants.

    However, I suspect it is more likely that the Chinese will stretch their armed capability into blue water and blockade Taiwan, before forcing reunification with the mainland. This has been a Chinese goal for decades to remove a thorn in their sides and the economic success has not weakened their resolve.

    The UN and the USA will protest of course, but once it is done it is done.

    Japan can wait until another day.

  3. Mr Ed says:

    Yes it all points towards a war across the sea. Taiwan would be like Malta in WW2, or perhaps they will all be re-educated on the Tibetan plateau….

  4. Mr Ecks says:

    It is at least possible that Taiwan has nuclear weapons. Also–if Obbie dropped his bottle and let the Chicoms take Taiwan without raising an American hand, that would pretty much finish him as President and he could kiss goodbye to all his schemes from Shoddycare to gun control-they would all be well-****ed.

    No, some sort of caper with Japan seems much more likely. But the islands in question have “nothing in them but the name” as the Bard put it (and possibly oil but China has huge reserves of coal and shale gas anyway). And it is hard to see what roll the PLA could play (short of an invasion of Japan) in a naval/air war.

  5. RAB says:

    Could be a Sino-Indian war though. They’ve had one back in 1962. Scope for full conventional use of force there, and to show off to America their firepower, rather than guerilla fighting.

    The Chinese are the most Nationalistic and single minded people on the planet. That they are better than everyone else has been drilled into them these last two thousand yeaars or more.

  6. Paul Marks says:

    Taiwan was subverted from the inside long ago – the last anti PRC television station owner was recently asked to leave the country (better than vanishing).

    PRC desires are plain – they make no secret of them.

    They claim vast areas of the Pacific – by claiming islands that have nothing to do with them.

    The will then control the shipping of virtually every East Asian country – the East Asian Co Prosperity Sphere (China was always angry that Japan thought it could be an the centre of such thing).

    Of course America is being subverted to.

    Even the remake of Red Dawn had to change Chinese enemies to (absurdly) a North Korean occupation of the United States.


    Because Chinese commercial interests in the United States are now very powerful – and work with the Chinese government.

    The PRC reminds me of Nazi Germany. Lots of private companies – but working as part of the state to maximise national power.

    But it is vastly bigger than Nazi Germany was.

    And Britain and the United States were not total Welfare States with collapsed family structures (and dependent on credit bubble finance) in those days.

    The goods come from China – but this will not mean peace.

    Because the goal of the Middle Kingdom is POWER.

    Allowing private companies is just a means-to-an-end.

    Still I can not see the PRC bothering with a starving bankrupt island on the other side of the world (Britain – or as it will be in a few years time).

    Why make the effort?

    Annex Alaska perhaps (natural resources) the United States will not be in a position to do much about it.

    Perhaps take over California to – contrary to what is often thought there are vast natural resources in California (the locals are just too “Green”, or too taxed, to take advantage of them).

    California will be in such a mess in a few years that the Chinese might even be welcomed.

    At least at first…….

    Still “the Mandate of Heaven” may change in China.

    Many times before in history, China has gone from the most powerful and advanced place on Earth – to a total mess (and very fast).

    It is a lack of principles.

    One minute it is – allow private companies (and so the intelligent and hard working Chinese people produce the largest private factories and so on in the world – they did that under the Tang, and under the Sung and ….) the next minute it is nationalise and regulate everything to death.

    As the wind changes.

    After the third Ming Emperor (for example) things changed very fast.

  7. Paul Marks says:

    The Chinese are subverting India right now – they are backing the various Maoist groups who kill Indians every day.

    And the Chinese have unofficial alliance with various Islamic power (Pakistan, Iran…..).

    But why rule India?

    What does it have that China wants?

    It even has many of the same problems.

    For example lack of women (due to the habit of killing girl babies – often before they are even born).

    Taking over Siberia from the Chinese “friends” the Russians – makes much more sense.

  8. Julie near Chicago says:

    Meanwhile, the Sith has signaled from Day One that he’s on board with whatever China wants to do. Do not look for us to help Israel, Japan, or Taiwan.

    Congress has not had the stones to rein him in on much of anything else; why should this be different?

    Of course, that with China goes clear back to the Kleptocrats Clinton. And that seems to have been the effect of Nixon’s rapprochement–whatever the reason behind it (some say the idea was to drive a wedge between China and Russia).

    (Make no mistake: I’m 100% with Paul on that issue.)

  9. Paul Marks says:

    Yes Julie.

    And that was the excuse that Nixon’s people gave.

    But there already was a wedge between the Soviets and Red China.

    It did not stop them both cooperating to kill Americans in IndoChina.

    Richard Nixon (and Henry K.) may have been clever – but they were not wise.

    Taiwan is already subverted.

    Japan is dying.

    And Israel?

    Well J…… is a tall strong fellow now (not the boy I first met), he and his comrades-in-arms will hold back the waves of evil.

    At least Uncle Paul thinks so.

  10. Mr Ed says:

    Meanwhile, Tina Turner has renounced her US citizenship and has become Swiss:

    What a vote of confidence.

  11. John Galt says:

    Good for Tina, I wonder what her rationale was?

    Certainly I’d love to add a Swiss passport to my collection, but probably left it a bit late now as they don’t exactly give out citizenship like candy canes.


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