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You said you were telling the truth but now it seems you were a liar, and a criminal?  We always knew Lib-Dem manifestos were a joke but now you extend that non-principle to your personal dealings.  I guess if you betray your marriage vows there’s no reason you wouldn’t lie to the rest of us.

Damned by your own admission today.

You were Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, but how can we now believe a word you said?  How do any of the laws you passed have legitimacy?  Settled science?  The only thing settled today Chris is that your words may not be true.

In May 2011 you were interviewed by the cops and said nothing and let them investigate and go back and forth with the CPS.  The cost of the investigation is not disclosed as yet but you can be sure it’s not cheap.  didn’t the cops have better things to do like fighting this supposed terrorist threat?

When you resigned as a minister you pocketed £17,000 of our money tax-free, can we have it back?  No, to hell with politeness, give it back.

Schadenfreude is ugly, but if anyone ever deserved this, it was you.  Why are quite so many of your colleagues in Westminster variously thieves, drunk-drivers, liars, happy to send their betters to pointless deaths?  No, don’t answer that, you have a credibility problem.

My fellow citizens, we do not need these people to tell us what to do, we don’t need them to tell us what we can’t do and we sure as hell don’t need them to take our money.


  1. John Galt says:

    Yes, sure I’m annoyed about the lying and the money, but all politicians lie and all politicians thieve money, it’s just that precious few are ever caught and fewer style ever get banged up for it.

    So I will settle for a spell of at least 12-months in chokey, for this lying, cheating toe-rag.

    But it has to be at least 12-months, none of this booked for 12, out in 6 malarkey!

  2. John says:

    Book open.
    I start at a possible 18-months suspended. In a real world the ghastly sponger would get a decent 7-year stretch in a B prison…
    AND you can bet he only changed his plea on a promise of a lesser sentence.
    One of many inhabiting parLIARment.

  3. RAB says:

    I have absolutely no problem with Schadenfreude where this arrogant lying cunt is concerned, and will be having a glass or three of single malt to celebrate when the sun is decently over the yard arm.

    Thing is when he’s done his 6 months in an open prison (sorry JG but that’s all he’ll get) he’ll probably wind up with a clutch of directorships in Green tech companies. Shits like him always float.

  4. RAB says:

    And in other breaking news…

    The body in the Municipal Car Park is definately Richard III. He has now been wheel-clamped until someone pays the surcharges on the parking fees.

  5. Kevin B says:

    Two quick points: At my age if it wasn’t for schadenfreude I’d have no freude at all, so I shall have a quick revel followed by a long gloat followed, I’m sure, by an angry realisation that the bastard will walk with barely a wrist slap – and straight into some well paid euro non-job.

    Second, since when has the discovery of a richard the third in a Leicester car park been news?

  6. Humph says:

    The maximum term for this is (apparently) life. I can’t imagine why this is … but please, go on, just fucking do it.

  7. John Galt says:


    I had a hunch they would prove that it was Richard III’s remains. One of this country’s most under-appreciated monarchs. Just goes to show that the victors write the history and never was there such a good propagandist as Willy Rattledagger.

    Now that they’ve identified the remains, I just hope that they give the last monarch of the House of York a decent burial at last, preferably either in Westminster amongst his regal peers or failing that York Minster.

    If there is a funeral ceremony, I’ll try and attend as any decent Tyke should, Long live the House of York and fuck the Tudors!

  8. RAB says:

    Admirable sentiments I’m sure JG, but I’m a bit Welsh see (though Great Gramps came from the little village of Saxton in Yorkshire) and the Tudors are the only sniff of power we Welsh have ever had since before the Romans turned up. The bloody Scots have had more of a look in than us. ;-)

  9. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    No criminal legal experience per se, but my guess is 12 months, initially category B but very swift transfer to an open prison and released under licence all too quickly.

  10. RAB says:

    Guido is rightfully crowing at Huhne’s demise, as he did more to expose the little shit than anyone.

    Now I hate the guy with a vengance, but I only observe him mercifully from a distance. Look what his son has to say about him and to him, in an exchange of emails in the first thread…

  11. Philip Scott Thomas says:

    @ JG

    I had a hunch…

    Yes. Very good. :-)

  12. Mr Ed says:

    I think SOAT is on the money on the sentence. At least this suggests that the rule of law flickers to life from time to time, the fall from grace, merely a night in prison would be shock enough for the convicted one. Hopefully he will emerge reformed from a period of true socialism.

    Shame that a real would be modern-day equivalent to Richard III rained on HM’s (?) parade today, I will have a close look at the DNA evidence, matrilineal inheritance of Richard III’s DNA make it more reliable than chromosomal DNA. I just wonder how much remained and what the tolerances were for the test.

  13. Robert Edwards says:

    It was fairly clear that he’d done it from the get-go; his cockiness was breathtaking and, judging by the undisguised rage of his son, his own personal conduct has fallen, ahem, somewhat short of the mark.

    So, he is not a gentleman.

    In fact, I reckon I could carve a better one out of a banana…

  14. John Galt says:


    Having read the text between Chris Huhne and Peter Huhne (his teenage son), I do have some sympathy, but not much. Chris Huhne brought this on himself by his repeated adultery, the lies around the speeding injunction, the divorce and finally the lies about perjury.

    It was the last one which got me:

    PH: “Don’t text me you fat piece of shit.”

    A son has to be pushed into a very difficult place to say that to his father.

    This is not a case of “Behold the sinner repenteth”, because if he wants to reclaim his credibility and the possibility of resolution with his son, then he needs to serve his porridge and start repaying his debt to society.

    Long is the way and hard that leads out of the darkness and up to the light.


    That’s the fourth time I’ve cracked the “I’ve got a hunch” joke today and nobody else got it (or politely ignored it). Bastards.

  15. Mr Ed says:

    Well, there is plenty in those texts for a stonemason to chip into a tombstone!

  16. Philip Scott Thomas says:


    I know what you mean. We were discussing this at work today. I said, ‘And apparently he sounded just like Richard Burton.’

    One of my colleagues said, ‘How do they know?’ About a minute later he said, ‘Oh, never mind. I get it now.’


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  18. Lynne says:

    Now that Huhne has admitted he’s a lying cnut which means his judgement is way off the scale of fucking outrageous, can we now have a review of his criminal energy policies and try to reverse the damage?

  19. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Peter Huhne speaks for the nation when he said to his dad

    “I don’t want to speak to you, you disgust me, f**k off”

    Despite the loss of office, kudos, cash, reputation and everything else, I could bear it all if I still had the love and respect of my son. Truly there is nothing more important in this world. Huhne Snr maybe finding that out about now. And after reading the exchange of texts, I do now feel sorry for Chris Huhne. Maybe he is too sociopathic to care, but who can fail to be wounded by those (richly deserved) words from your own son? There is a lesson for all of us in this. Everything else is just trinkets and baubles and fluff. I am lucky in that I have (and hope to enjoy for the rest of my life) a close, deep, strong relationship with my son and I think he feels likewise, despite me not giving him quite so many Kit-Kat chocolate bars as he would like.

    Ultimately, the rest is all bollocks.

  20. Andrew Duffin says:

    Can I just draw a comparison between the behaviour of this piece of sh*t and that of John Profumo?

    Or even that of Peter Carrington – the last honourable resignation of a cabinet minister iirc.

    How times have changed.

  21. NickM says:


  22. RAB says:

    I think that one falls squarely in the No Shit Shirlock! Category.

    And just look at the weasely whiney words from the Guardian here…

    He used to work for them of course…

  23. Paul Marks says:

    Mr Huhne is a terrible man – however, his rival Mr Clegg is just as bad.

    And Mr David Cameron is a friend of Mr Clegg – and is a very similar sort of person.

    The only positive thing is that Mr Cameron hates the Conservative party – all his actions (and many of his words) show this. He goes out of his way to show his hatred for the “golf club Nazis” (as he would call them) – not understanding that these were the people who faught AGAINST the National Socialists.

    So, perhaps, my “tribe” is not totally bad. Although it is a bit of a problem that its leader is driven by fanatical desire to destroy the tribe (and the country).

    Well perhaps that is more than a “bit” of a problem.

  24. bloke in spain says:

    “but who can fail to be wounded by those (richly deserved) words from your own son”

    Apparently the Huhne. Remedy was there for him. Fess up. At that point, possibly a suspended, but the approval of his son.
    But the Huhne wants it all ways, doesn’t he? The rug muncher. The filial regard. The lucrative political position.

    This bloke’s a nasty piece of shite. It’s people like him, organised Auschwitz because it was a sensible career move.

  25. Sam Duncan says:

    He used to work for them of course…

    “Huhne took the SDP route into the party.”

    Oh, what a shocker.

  26. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    if the guardian regard this person as a loss to politics, well by their friends shall ye know them.

  27. Mr Ed says:

    @ SAoT. Politics now is the rewarding of failure, and the punishing of success. Those two aims are sometimes complimentary, the latter often the more powerful motive. Mr Huhne seems to be a perfect exemplar of the modern politician, so, to that extent, he is a loss.

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