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Back in Britain.

I have been back in Britain a few days (it feels like years), my impressions are….

“Evening Standard” on the late night-early morning train from the airport.

Weird article attacking “golf club Nazis” (for such clearly Nazi things as likeing Monty Python – no the article made no sense to me either). I have now remembered that this article was supposed to prove that “Citizenship” classes-tests should teach immigrants how to claim government benefits.  No I do not know why that is supposed to be a good (not a bad) thing  – or what it has got to do with Monty Python.

Odd letters to the editor saying they supported the government’s policy of reducing state spending (what reduction in state spending?) but wanted more spending on X, Y, Z – such as railways to places which already have railways going to them.

A big article on the “living wage” idea, which showed no idea of what a labour market is – and how trying to increase wages (with no increase in productivity) can only increase unemployment. But quoted various “leading conservatives” as being in support of the “living wage” concept, as a way of fighting the multinational corporations (why would a conservative want to do that?).

And an article by Mr Cameron on “keeping the spirit of the games alive” – but I could not bring myself to read it.

Back in Kettering told that Holocaust memorial day was used as an excuse for death-to-Israel speeches (killing six million Jews in the 1940s was wrong – but killing another six million Jews now would be good, because Jews are Nazis or something…. a bit like the golf club people?).

Visit London – go round bookshops. Leftist books are the ones pushed forward (on bits of board) or turned to face the customers. Pro free market books very rare in the London bookshops anyway. Do the shareholders in Waterstones, W.H. Smiths, and Foyles know that the staff (including the managers?) want them robbed and murdered?

And why do people employed in comfortable bookshops hate “capitalists” and “capitalism” anyway (it is something to do with the shareholders likeing Monty Python? or are they Jews? or perhaps they play golf?). Anyway the people in London appear to be very prosperious – try to force down “credit bubble city” thoughts….

Lots of students – perhaps this “education” thing explains a lot…..

Try to see the film “Zero Dark Thirty” in Kettering – but it is only on late at night in the cinema. So they can say that there is not much call for it? Something I have noticed before with non P.C. films – they are either not shown at all in the local cinema, or they are shown only once a day and an irritating time.

Notice that leftist newspapers (such as the “I”) still have special stands at the local supermarket or (like the ultra Keynesian “Financial Times”) are raised on boards to make them more visible than other newspapers. Why?

Leftist magazines also still pushed and non leftist ones not. Even “Time” magazine (which is not even a British magazine and has no British news in it) put in favoured position – for no reason.

British television and radio news (and television and radio comedy) scream, gag, slump to floor…….

Oh yes – I almost forgot…..

Hour long speech (loud enough to be a speech anyway) on the train to London from a young person who worked in the Cabinet Office (amongst other places) about how he went to see Barack Obama sworn in again – and had the words “Barack Obama” written into his flesh. Supposedly Comrade Barack is a great leader for “our people” (the gentleman had an English accent) and lots of words about Barack Obama’s skin colour (which was the same as that of the person giving the speech).

Does this chap understand that he is a racist? Or does he have some some sort of Frankfurt School way out of basic logic?

Anyway his friends seemed most impressed by his words. And he did make a couple of references to things other than Mr Obama’s skin colour. For example the importance of “networking” to gain money from the state (I suppose the word “networking” is a word that modern people use for “corrupt influence”) and how much money (1.2 million) a friend of his had raised for the Obama campaign.

Oh, of course, also how people joined the “public sector” to “help people”. The young gentleman was expensively dressed – so clearly the “public sector” (the taxpayers) have helped him, and his “networking friends”.


  1. Mr Ed says:

    In my local sub-post office today, a fat pile of newspapers, as there always is, at 4.55 pm. Next to no one is buying them, that cannot last.

    London is one big boom city, all fiat money and government spending, then there are corporate HQs. It is feeding well off the inflation and taxation that leaves almost every town from Lutterworth north a poor, drab place, with people wearing fashion that Brezhnev might have approved of, a chippy and charity shops.

    What do I like about this country? Some jewels in the dirt, some grass in the desert, some rainbows where the clouds part.

  2. Paul Marks says:

    You have a way with words Mr Ed.

    Go to Wells if you can – and walk in the spring to Glastenbury (and overlook the “new Brits” – just climp the Tor and look around) – or walk the other direction form Wells into the stange hill country (which has remained basically unchanged for many a thousand years, and its folk also).

  3. Julie near Chicago says:

    Paul–You don’t do so badly with words yourself.

  4. john in cheshire says:

    Paul, that’s a fair enough summary. Did you happen to see any white English people in London?

  5. bloke in spain says:

    Do recommend Zero Dark 30. The guy spends half the film waterboarding Ayrabs comes over as the sort of warm pleasant bloke it’d be a pleasure to quaff a few beers with. Soft on monkeys. Should think there’s elements in potential audiences could be relied on to self detonate in cinemas, without benefit of explosives.

  6. RAB says:

    Whence were you returning from Paul? You didn’t tell me you were off galivanting again. ;-)

  7. NickM says:

    JiC, BiS,

    I fucking despair. Torture and racism… My family read this.

    He’s been to Israel.

  8. NickM says:

    I once stayed at the home of a Floridian (in Boca) who was Jewish, a doctor and had his golfing trophies in the spare-room. He also loved Monty Python. Do I win a prize.?He was also a Republican and a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars and drove a Ford Mustang.

  9. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    BiS ~ A lot of torturers can be pretty schizophrenic, so the congenial fellow in the pub might be the guy attaching electrodes to someone at work. Evil can be very banal.

  10. RAB says:

    Wot again? He’s after those well fit IDF birds isn’t he? A bugger for the ladies is Paul folks. ;-)

    Oh come on Nick, hardly Racism. London is the World’s Capital, but it’s no longer England’s is it?

  11. John Galt says:

    Strangely enough I feel more English when I’m in the Isle of Man than I ever did when I was in London.

    The only thing that London is the capital of is bloody London.

    P.S. Back in Europe on 21st Feb – hope the weather improves.


  12. bloke in spain says:

    You have to see the film. The character isn’t played as a latent psychopath, given any weird quirks. Doesn’t even seem to get off the least on the torture bit. Does does it as a piece of work Reluctantly necessary. Which plays entirely against the role as portrayed in any film or book of my experience. And which I’ve a nasty suspicion is how it’s done for real. When it’s successful. The victim isn’t given a hate figure to fight. Simply aware that to talk or not. Suffer or not is entirely at their own discretion.
    Hence, I’d imagine there’ll be a whole spectrum of folk who are really not going to like this film. Essentially, for not being violent enough.

  13. NickM says:

    And I love London. The only reason I live in Cheshire is price. London is the capital of the Universe. It is Tanelorn – or the best we get. I have been to places (you will know the song) but I’ve never been to me until I got on the GNER from Newcastle to London. I danced at a club in the “Adam and Eve” club in 1996 to this…

    Yeah, right there. On that very same multi-coloured dance-floor where I snogged an extremely attractive American girl. And I was wearing Nikes and a purple velvet jacket and not my rucksack (I’d checked it) which had my general relativity notes in. The lecturer was Russian. It took me a while to figure his “special” co-ordinates were actually “spatial”.

    I was later to have sex with the woman on two continents and I got 80% in GR. That is my London. And yes, I was a skinny white boy living in Stepney with a Geordie accent.

    I must get the jacket dry-cleaned mind. It has seen some adventures. One involved the heavy petting of a Finn, wielding a steam-iron against a Cockney as a weapon of war, eating a (bloody awful) mushroom salad, havig sex with said Finn in E3, learning that her Boyf was about to turn up from Tempere (I didn’t know she had one – she just said she loved Maggie T and had eyes to die for and then just mentioned she was engaged by the point I had my mitt in her pubic hair and it was too late and she was monaing in that Scandy manner what they do – “Oh, Nick…” etc). I then subsequently had to perfect the parachute roll on the fly out her window and then run home at 5am. I wouldn’t have run if it wasn’t casually dropped into the post-coital pillow-talk that that he was also a karate champion (former U-21 Finnish heavyweight) and imminently arriving – she just mentioned that he had probs touchd down 20 mins ago at London City in a bid to save their relationship – I had my sneakers on by this point.

    She seemed to think my impending death fucking hilarious. I thought she was single for God’s sake! Jeez! I’d previously stood my ground for her with an iron. It was a bloke who wanted to rape her and his mates and it was moi but armed. It was the way I casually swang said iron that caused a running away. I think I also shrieked the traditional Geordie battle call of, “I’m fucking handy!” which caused a rupture in the ranks. Because when 80kgs of Viking/Celt Geordie starts hollering blue murder and is swinging an iron by the flex with murderous intent…

    I went mental “I’m handy!!!” and I guess that is why we wound up in bed. There is a point here but I dunno what.

    Interesting times the ’90s. And an interesting lady was that Finn. One of my none English-native flatmates said she had a “lot of witchery” about her. He wasn’t kidding.

    And she wasn’t called Deborah.

    I hit the ground rolling and in the next 100ms Usain Bolt would have had a job to keep-up. I was younger and fitter then.

    It as emotional. She had great tits mind which sort of made it alright.

  14. Paul Marks says:

    John in Chesire – yes most of the people I viewed in London were pinkish gray, but I was in central London.

    John of Galt – did you like Castletown?

    Nick – you have led an interesting life.

    Many thanks Julie.

  15. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    bis suffer or not isn’t at your own discretion if you don’t know anything, then its just be tortured

  16. bloke in spain says:

    I’m not in the slightest arguing the rights or wrongs of torture. It’s a film. Make believe. No animals or people hurt in the making of. But for something that’d be stuffed into the action/adventure rack at Blockbusters it’s quite a good one. Very little action for that matter. How close it is to real events, no one knows. But it is believable Which is more than you can say for most of the genre & why I’d imagine it won’t go down very well with the “I hate the western imperialists, I Twitter about it constantly” crowd. Or the beard community. It makes the CIA look almost human.
    And it’s got Tony Soprano in it. Johnny Sacramoni’s in Seal Team Six.

  17. Edward Lud says:

    I’d like to watch Zero Dark Thirty again, simply because the killing of OBL is so fast I kinda sorta missed it.

    My only gripe is that, having presented the SEaLS (sic?), doubtless accurately, as a cross between bearded schoolboys and level-headed professionals, it then shows them “woo!-ing” when they return to their depot with OBL in a body bag. Perhaps this, too, is accurate, but I really hate woo-ing.

  18. John Galt says:

    @Paul Marks:

    Castletown’s okay, but the parking is a bit limited (especially the square between the Castle and the Coop). Shops in Castletown are struggling though as everybody tends to bugger off into Douglas.

    Prefer my home town of Port Erin, nice sea breeze and clear view across to the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland.

  19. Paul Marks says:

    So time to return to Port Erin?

    By the way I have remembered what that “Evning Standard” article (one of many crazy ones) was about – the need to teach immigants to claim benefits (as part of a “citzenship” test). More insanity.

  20. bloke in spain says:

    Woo-ing. (As opposed to the entrapment of the future Mrs Lud, presumably.)

    And that strange yodelling sound, females of a leftish persuasion seem to emit to signal group approval. What machine guns were made for.

  21. Paul Marks says:

    I should point out that the “Evening Standard” creature was attacking the government for not teaching immigranrts enough about claiming benefits. They should claim even more.

    Of course – Britain needs to make the welfare centre for the entire planet.

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