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I have heard it said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again in the hope of a different outcome.

To my mind, sometimes doing it even once is sufficient qualification…..


  1. Talwin says:

    That looked like it will have nipped a bit.

  2. Chris says:


    You! Out of the gene pool. Now!

  3. Lynne says:

    What a stupid prick.

  4. CountingCats says:


    Please, will you stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think.

  5. RAB says:

    Extreme Acupuncture.

    “I said I’d do it… So I did it”

    What a moron!

  6. Mr Ed says:

    The seeking of utility? Time preference? He’s not quite a fakir yet, or perhaps just a silly one.

  7. bloke in spain says:

    Place I use up in the Sierra Nevada has a lot of what the Spanish call ‘tuna’ growing on it. Prickly pear. The land was terraced by the Moors, way back when, and the end of the plot drops 40ft to the next level. At some time, they’d been an attempt to fence the edge, few posts with some wire strung, but there really wasn’t much preventing a casual stroll right off into space.
    Something you don’t see much of down here is hedges. Drystone walling but not hedges. Don’t know why. Not in the culture. Hedgeing’s something I learned to do in Essex. It’s just a matter of weaving a fence out of any loose branches lying about, then stand back & let it get on with it. Over a few seasons all sorts of vegetation gets itself established under, in & weaving through the fence until it’s a full established hedge. There’s one I helped do, years ago, got oaks growing in it. So the membrillo – what you call quince- the figs, oranges & olives all needed pruning back, giving lots of raw material. And the terrace edge needed hedgeing.
    Worked all the way along until I got to a stand of cactus. Now that cactus in the movie’s a midget. This thing’s the size of a house. Must be 15ft tall, run for 20ft & 10ft deep. Leaves the size of dustbin lids. Looking a bit tatty in places coz we shot the fuck out of it with #3 buckshot after a particularly good night in the bar. And prickly pear doesn’t have those big thorns. It goes in for 3″ spines about the same thickness as a hypodermic but a lot sharper. These things’ll go through heavy leather gloves like they’re gossamer. And I’m hacking away around the base of it with a machete, tying the end of the hedge in, when I cut the wrong bit. And a whole section about the size or a car broke off & fell on me.
    Now that’s stupid. This guy’s a mere beginner.

  8. Paul Marks says:

    Well the person is clearly not badly hurt (a person screams quite differently when they are badly hurt).

    Still, a very silly thing to do.

  9. Mike Mellor says:

    Only a South African (or possibly a Greek as well) would understand if I said he was knee deep in the cactus.

    To err is human but this took a special kind of genius. What or whoever it is that looks after fools and bairns prevented a cactus spine from piercing his eyes like cocktail olives.

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