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Italian Elections.

The leader of the left in Italy has made an alliance with the Economist magazine supported “free market” “techocratic” Prime Minster Mario Monti.

Anyone who is surprised by this really should not be. Remember that, by establishment logic, “free market” means tax increasing (increasing existing taxes and imposing new taxes) in order to “invest” in government education and so on.

And “technocratic” means “imposed by a de facto coup organised by the European Union”. And supported by the “international community” (and academics) of course.

“But Paul why should the Economist magazine support all this….”

Oh my dears – you really have not been paying attention to my enraged rants over the years.

I am not actually angry anymore. Things are out in the open now – with the “free market” establishment openly in bed with “ex” Communists (in the United States, Italy…….) and openly standing for the expansion of the state on both a national and an international (world “governance”) basis.

The mask is removed – there is no real deception to be angry about anymore.


  1. Paul Marks says:

    As for “Stop The Decline” (which may actually be an anti statist party – at least so some people tell me), if it gets more than a couple of percent of the vote, I will be astonished.

  2. RAB says:

    What if Berlusconi gets back in though? There goes the EURO. So my fervent wish, complete shit as he is, that he wins. Brussels will go bonkers!

  3. Mr Ed says:

    If Berlusconi were half a decent person, he would have used his time in power to transform Italy. He did not do anything much other than sit in office whilst the larvae of socialism grew in the dying body of Italian society. He is very much a false hope, his only function to annoy the Left.

    The economies of Europe resemble steam ships in foggy Arctic waters, some Captains seek to ram an iceberg head on, full steam ahead ‘speed creates growth’, others seek to blunder on until their luck runs out. None suggest abandoning the mission.

  4. RAB says:

    The iceberg of reality will get them all in the end Mr Ed.

    Transform Italy?? Are you kidding? I have visisted the place, North to South, many times now, and corrupt is almost a kind and compassionate description of the place. It is beyond redemption.

  5. permex says:

    At least Berlusconi is entertaining.
    Italy (parts) is a beautiful place….been there, got the T-shirt; once holidayed with Mafiosi in Sicily.
    I would never go back….ripping off foreigners is the tortally addicted national sport and they are Weltmeister.

  6. Paul Marks says:

    Mr Ed – Berlusconi never has a majority in Parliament, but he still managed to abolish inheritance tax and so on.

    His chances of getting back as Prime Minister – slim to nil.

    Even “Stop the Decline” (which will get nowhere) is full of people who want to use the power to of the state to “limit concentrations of ownership” (the “antitrust” “competition policy” fallacy) and “provide a social safety net” (what is the date 1910? this has already been done IT IS THE PROBLEM).

    Even if Mr B. was any good (which he is not) he had no chance – not in an ideological atmosphere like this.

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