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A by-election which might actually change something

There is a tendency to think of the Lib-Dems as the nice party.  A bunch of ineffective but essentially harmless sandal clad dolts, out of their depth in the nasty world of Westminster politics.  It’s not true but there is that perception.  In the past, they didn’t really matter.  A protest vote in by-elections and no more.  So when Jeremy Thorpe did whatever with Norman Scott, or the fact Charlie Kennedy was a booze-hound, or what Mark Oaten got up to with male prostitutes, didn’t really matter.  Except perhaps to Mrs Oaten and various Westminster rent-boys.

But now they have their once in a half-century grab at power you have to take notice and wade in schadenfreude.  Now they aren’t the main actors in the drama.  As junior partners in government, Mr Clegg is little more than Mr Cameron’s fluffer; who has a serious senior job and yet still has time to take the kids to school in the morning?  But if it’s possible, the liberals make Labour and the Tories look competent.

Huhne was widely detested, but the dumb cover-up killed him.  So there’s a lesson confirmed, it’s not the scandal, it’s the cover-up.  So what do we have Clegg doing about Rennard the (innocent until proven guilty, alleged) serial clumsy groper? “Nothing to do with me guv, I didn’t know anything”  Later he changed tack and tried to throw Danny Alexander to the wolves saying it was his job.

And of course he has handed said Mr Alexander the dagger.  Clegg’s career ends the same day if DA gets another MP or person from Clegg’s office to confirm the following press release (which for the avoidance of libel actions is purely speculative)

—Following intense media speculation, it is now necessary in the interests of justice and the integrity of the party for me to set the record straight.  Contrary to his claims, Nick Clegg was aware of specific, detailed allegations about Lord Rennard in 2008.  I know this because I made him aware and I do not understand how claims to the contrary can be made with any integrity.

I can no longer stand by Mr Clegg’s inability to give a consistent or even accurate version of events and it is time to consider the best interests of party and country, blah blah, standing for leader? I have no ambition in that direction etc——-

If they lose Eastleigh and anyone in the Lib Dems has any balls at all, it’s game on. Ironically, if Huhne hadn’t lied about a stupid driving ticket, he could be deputy PM in a few weeks time instead of Bubba’s cell-mate.

The more the veil comes off the political class, the more you see them for the vile seething mass of incompetent scoundrels, sociopaths, liars and crooks they truly are.  The entire ruling class seems to be losing the plot; add the forthcoming financial collapse to the pot and its really starting to get very ancien regime.


  1. Sam Duncan says:

    What people often fail to grasp about politics is that getting along with people, being charming, is one of the primary skills of the job. It’s almost what politics is (and why its overwhelming importance in modern life is so bloody idiotic).

    Now, I’m not saying all politicians are sociopaths, but it’s the perfect career path for someone with a manipulative personality; someone who’s able to fool people into trusting him despite his actions. Just because Cameron and Clegg – or any of them – seem nice on telly and exude superficial competence doesn’t mean they actually posess either of these qualities Maybe they do – although the evidence of three years in power would suggest the latter is sorely lacking – but their public performances mean nothing. Just because you can see yourself having a pint with your local MP doesn’t mean he wouldn’t stab you in the back to advance his career. Politicians are the ultimate test of our judgement of character, and we usually fail.

  2. Robert Edwards says:

    I agree, Sam. It’s the frog and the scorpion…

    But the LibDems are surely beyond redemption? One is reminded of the Duke of Wellington, upon surveying the HoC after the impact of the 1832 Reform Act: “Bad Hats…”

  3. RAB says:

    A by-election which might actually change something

    You’re having a Giraffe, surely?

  4. Mr Ed says:

    Eric Lubbock, in Avebury, Jenkins in Hillhead, Rosie Barnes, armpits and all.

    So many people have come and gone, their faces fade as the years go by, that I still recall as I wander on, as clear as the Sun in the Summer sky…

  5. John Galt says:

    The possibility of a UKIP victory was actually raised on the Channel 4 News this evening (not quite as biased as the BBC), but admitted that it was still unlikely with the majority of the ‘undecided’ having to vote UKIP for it to be possible.

    A more likely scenario is UKIP splitting the vote, particularly taking Tory support and by virtue of this letting the Lib Dems retain the seat by a small margin.

    Although I would like to see the Lib Dem scum being given a good kicking as they deserve, it is more important that the Tory’s start to realise that they will continue to be threatened by UKIP until they put some clear water between themselves and the other main parties.

    For myself, I wish all three main parties could lose as none of them deserve the seat, but in the absence of that I think the Tory’s would most benefit from a good kicking. The Lib Dems are an irrelevance anyway as the 2015 elections will demonstrate very clearly.

  6. RAB says:

    On the money there JG. The Lib/Dems will be holding their party conference in a phone-box again in 2015 (are there any left in this Mobile age?) and UKIP will split the vote but not win, much as I wish they would.

  7. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    I meant a lib dem defeat might finish clegg but rennard might do that anyway. my one hope is that the 7/1 chance UKIP repeat what the similarly priced respect party achieved. unlikely but something has to change somewhere.

    UKIP do have a question to face. are they a protest vote forever more or do they seriously want a go at government. if they do, the time is now.

  8. Lynne says:

    I vote UKIP out of pure protest even though I have doubts about Farage. He’s let too many chances slip away and made some bizarre decisions. He’s a good orator (I enjoy seeing him giving Rumpy Pumpy and his creepy pals a good verbal kicking) but that doesn’t necessarily make him a good leader.

  9. NickM says:

    Is this the same UKIP I see? Farage isn’t a good orator. He comes over as a bit of a smug git in an indefinable way. Lynne is though correct in that they are a protest party. They simply don’t have either the momentum or even the possibility of broad-based support to be anything other than a protest party – a kind of RESPECT of the right. Look at their dreadful logo and their foundational cause – keep out of the Euro. Even if UKIP won this and went from strength to strength does anyone believe that by the time they have a pop at this the Euro will even exist?

    By-elections are about kickings as JG puts it but essentially those kickings are lonely impulses of delight like the odd time NUFC beat Chelsea. Fun whilst it lasts.

  10. Roue le Jour says:

    “Mr. Cameron’s fluffer.”

    You’re awful, SAoT.

    But I like you.

  11. Lynne says:

    Looks like a lot of people in Eastleigh decided to lodge a protest.


  12. Andrew Duffin says:

    “The entire ruling class seems to be losing the plot”

    Actually, no.

    It’s just that this bunch of clowns is not the ruling class.

    The actual ruling class sits in Brussels and is very far from losing the plot; in fact their plot is coming along very nicely, without anyone in the UK paying much attention.

  13. John Galt says:

    “By-elections are about kicking’s”

    Agreed – but now the results are in who’s getting the kicking? Lib Dems got the vote out and won the seat despite Cleggy – so it’s not them obviously.

    UKIP came second (close but no cigar or seat in the commons) with a very creditable performance – no kicking’s here then.

    Tory’s came third and were stripped of many of their votes (but not all) by UKIP. Clearly some degree of kicking’s here.

    Labour came fourth, given the alleged polling put’s them way ahead of the Tory’s nationally, they should be able to do better than fourth. I would guess that the two Ed’s and their comedy candidate didn’t really gel with the voters – clearly more kicking’s here.

    All-in-all a typical By-election, protest votes and kicking’s galore.

  14. Paul Marks says:

    One thing about the town of East…. is that Hulme is NOT detested there.

    Many of the locals are fanatical supporters of the man made globel warming theory and of the (Lib Dem version of) “social justice”. They really are – the Lib Dems are HUGE in the town. Some 35 out of 36 local council members (and so on).

    The real story is the continuning decline of the Tory “tribe” – in my life time membership has gone down from three million to one hundred thousand. That is close to genocide. If the Conservative party was a nation (and it used to be that – a real party of the nation) then their would be U.N. investigations into the genocide.

    The Conservative party candidate in the place was O.K. (she really was) – but did not matter, as there was no longer a “tribe” for her to appeal to (to put out her leaflets – to talk to people in normal life as their friends and so on).

    Will UKIP evolve into a “tribe” that can win elections?

    I do not know – it may just be a protest against the long death of the United Kingdom (politically and CULTURALLY), against “modernity” (as that idiot on the “Times” newspaper says).

    But the Conservative tribe is clearly in crises (partly because of the policy pratfalls of Cameron-Osbourne – partly because of “Progressive” cultural change that helps the Lib Dems and undermines Conservatives, and with the growth of dependance on the state, undermines libertarians also).

    The Conservative stood, in the past, for such things as strong familes, self reliance, and voluntary aid (via both Church organisations – and via a vast network of secular clubs and societies, all of which have been SNEARED at for decades, say the word “Rotarian” to someone and look at their face).

    Dad in the Rotarians helping the poor, Mother in the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (doing the same). Perhaps one or the other sittiing as a magistrate (unpaid), or bieing on the local council (unpaid).

    This was a picture of the leadership of the local Consevative “tribe” – customs and institutions that have been treated as a joke and a punchbag since the early 1960s.

    Britain is just not that sort of country anymore.

    The state is “all in all” it provides all needs. And even “charities” are run by (highly paid) professionals who get their jobs from adverts in the left press (more Independent than Guardian now – more Lib Dem or New Labour than hard core socialist).

    Can this new society prosper?

    Of course it can not – it will collapse. For example I am not going to stop people conducting private ceremonies called “gay marriage” (they can sacrifice chickens to the great lord Poo – for all I care). But trying to base a society on stuff like this……….

    However, perhaps Cameron-Osbourne are not mad (in not making any real challenge to “modernity”) as there may simply be no natural Tory “tribe” out there to appeal to anymore. Not enough people who actually believe in tradition, in self help and mutual aid.

    Or, the more hopeful possibility, it is still there but it is sleeping – can UKIP wake it up?

  15. NickM says:

    Over gay marrige I think you are tilting at the wrong windmill. Windmills mind… But the “Tory tribe”is a case of the decline in volunteers for most anything. One of the good things about being a Quaker Warden is that I can do good for this nice little gaff without being CRB’ed to buggery and beyond!

    You identify “Tory England” with volunteers and you are correct (though it must be said that in the past Labour folk also did such work). The fall in the membership of the Conservative party is probs down to two things: 1. They ain’t conservative anymore – so what are they? Oh, yesh they throw a sprat from the catch to attempt to motivate the blue-rinse brigade with (as Eastleigh shows – convinces no-one) that they are “tough” on the whatevers. Mainly though it is the hideous lack of volunteers. Who wants to be a Scout-Master in this day and age? Who wants to coach football to kids when it is merely assumed you’re only doing it for the buggeration of small boys. Who wants to go through the hell-fire of a star chamber on whether they are a peado? For a twist-about see the Middlesborough child abuse scandal. That was OK until BBC NE broke the news because they were NHS. So it was OK for them to perform completely unnecessary rectal examinations on childen. The sort of thing that would see me doing serious time in Strangeways. (And much good and bad can be said of the Victorians (mainly good) but they built prisons that chilled the blood from the outside).

    So, the entire rug has been pulled from under the genuine voluntary sector and we are all to fault. We let it happen. Except some of us didn’t as much. I gave a roof once (in one of the sheds – a nice one – seriously) to a homeless man. He was a decent sort and I fed him and the second time he came round (many months later) my wife gave him his bus-fare down to Lincolnshire to pick crops. This was contra Quaker rules (note: “rules”, not “ideology”). I just thought – as did my wife – he’s on his uppers and it could happen to any of us. He insisted on me taking him to St Mary’s CofE Church but they reacted with horror. Yeah, at the five bedroom vicarage with two nice cars on the drive and three reception rooms. They did the pharisee act – walking on by 24/7. Cunts. I mean the vicar didn’t even deem to see him – she was arranging flowers with another lady (I saw them through the door and the other lady was also wearing comfortable shoes if you know what I mean – not that I have anything against lesbians per-se). But dear Jesus, the “hubby” was a pathetic individual. Every morning I buy stuff like fags and milk and stuff and that means walking past two estate agents. If that gaff ain’t worth GBP500,000 I’m a Dutchman and you can call me “Jan”. They told us to bugger off in genteel terms. So I made him a tea and my wife stumped his bus fare. He’d been (as many are) fucked-over by the benefits system. He wanted out and his ticket out was fifteen quid! Nice bloke. Just shafted in the way that could happen to all of us.

    Hubby in the vicarage did less than nothing to help. And Ye Gods was it pathetic!

    St Mary’s needs a new roof and the stained glass fixing. They have placards up over the subject. They ain’t made the GBP200,000 needed. Because nobody goes. Because they have forgotten the message of Christ. I say that as an agnostic. We on the other hand have a growing following because for good or ill the Quakers still believe in… something. Let’s call a spade a spade. The placards state this fund-raising-drive is about, “restoring heritage”. Yes, you grokked it didn’t you? Not about a place to worship or an active church. The Rev Margaret is in the National Trust game. Her Christianity is about as muscular as a dead whelk. When the CofE itself regards itself as a “heritage thing” rather than a “worship thing” it’s as dead as whatever jocularities happened at Stonehenge.

    We did though – we made him some tea, had a chat and gave him his fare. This is why I have recently had to put out more chairs of a Sunday and St Mary’s is playing the “heritage” card. I am not a Quaker – indeed much of their stuff is to my mind misguided – but they tend to believe in something. As to the local Methodists (who built an admittedly horrible new church recently) etc. If I mis-quote the great physicist (a Unitarian) John Wheeler, it’s a feather-bed for falling good intentions. Not good intentions done by individuals (or self-organised groups) but lobbying to make “good intentions” law so some other bugger has to deal with them. Otherwise known as the “collective”.

    But what put’s the right turd in the cistern. I go along with the heritage aspect (and also of course my Quaker job which includes ecumenical matters) I pitch-up to offer to do some photography of the church – well, if they want it on “historical grounds” then fair play. Now I’m a bit of an f/stop philosopher and I had (and have) a rather neat Sony Alpha 55 DSLT and a very heavy interest in the photography of sacred buildings. So I arrange a date and time to photograph the church interior for promotional purposes. And I turn-up at it with all my kit and kaboodle. Church locked and nobody around. So I trudge home seriously pissed-off. It was an appointment you see. This is the same Nick and the same camera I photographed – with no hassle whatsoever – the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. I subsequntally dropped the camera and it had to go into the shop for fixing which is either the wrath of Allah or me trying to change lenses too quickly. It was insured, obviously.

    PS. In the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul I had an oddness. The Sony was new to me and I hadn’t turned “face detection” off and there is a fresco (or whatever) of Christ and it brought-up the face-detection box on the face of God. I took the snap but that was bizarre. It’s also done that with skull and cross-bones in a plague village in Derbyshire. I tend to go fully manual. Not for supernatural reasons – I simply know how cameras work and prefer to work them rather than have them work me. I love that camera. It’s like having a Nikon at half the price.

  16. Paul Marks says:

    I am not tilting at the “Gay Marriage” windmill Nick – I could not give a toss (perhaps a poor choice of word…) about it, as I said they can sacrifice chickens to the Great Lord Poo, for all I care.

    There have always been weird types (the “Hellfire Club” and so on), and as long as they are not violent the state should not get inolved. But trying to base society on such stuff is not going to work.

    Cameron and Osbourne are not Conservative – that is true. But it is more than that – the society has changed, basically it is fallen apart.

    Remember that man who had a go at me for wanting to cut his welfare – which I actually said should NOT be cut.

    I had no compassion for him and his wheelchair bound wife and ……..

    All because I said we should get rid of the Department of Trade and Industry, get out of the E.U. and stop funding the leftist crap in the universities.

    And, oh yes, being opposed to the government “free roads” schemes made me a Marxist and a utopean.

    Nick – I think they KNOW their system is going down the drain, so they react hysterically all the time. Even if you try and AVOID cutting their welfare – they are so terrified of it going that………

    The joke is that I am most likely WRONG – most likely their precious Welfare State could not be saved (even with the cuts in other government spending that I, and many others, propose).


    Because the people are so terrorfied of their health, education and welfare getting cut – that they react hysterically to talk of even cutting OTHER government spending.

    We are finished.

    But I think you know that.

    The whole system is going to go de facto bankrupt – it is going to collapse.

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