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Fiddling with your hair.

Now a little known fact about me is I have a visceral love for the the concerto. Especially the violin concerto. As a certian (forget the name) English conductor once said “Madam, you have an instrument between your legs (she was a cellist) capable of giving pleasure to millions but all you do is scratch it”. OK, that was very off. Perhaps it she had thrush. I don’t know. But this is Soyoung oon plying the Sibelius concerto in D-minor Op.47. Now she ain’t quite as good as the utterly incomparable Kyung Wha Chung but she is pretty bloody good and the whole thing is on Youtube. Enjoy

Those bloody Koreans! When they aren’t doing top-flight violin-work they make my TV or my computer. Ok, she ain’t Kyung wha Chung but she is bloody brilliant. And that is not an easy concerto. Jean Christian Sibelius was oddly enough a fiddler. He just missed on being a soloist and had to to settle for being a composer instead. It is a harsh life at times. I guess it shows that something good apart from phones and Stalinist rhetoric comes out of Korea. And Kim’s dreadful haircut. But that is the Nork regime which is totally fucking mental. What is it about totalitarians and hair? And this odd idea of “Western haircuts” that Norkland opposes. But it isn’t just them is it? When my parents worked in Zambia in the early ’70s haircuts were proscribed in a neighboring state (forget which one) and if a man had long hair (this was the early ’70s when that was common) then to the barbers with them! And yes the border post had a place for bribing with 200 Marlies and a bottle of Scotch getting your visa stamped in your passport with a barber’s shop. And that mentalist in Iran had a campaign against hair-gel and the Taliban had rules on beards. Didn’t Peter the Great of Russia tax beards? Obsessed with hair the lot of them.

Why? Might it be that whilst folk will risk everything for freedom (some people, some of the time) and are prepared to take the risk of the secret police (or whatever) hanging them by the ankles over the scorpion-pit (or whatever) they aren’t prepared to go round looking like Just-in Beaver to make a political point. Or is it a savvy realization by despots that if you can control something as personal (and essentially unimportant) as a hair-style you have total control over your subjects?


  1. Henry Crun says:

    The African state to which you refer, NickM is most likely Malawi. In the 1970s, men with long hair had to have a haircut before leaving the airport, women were forbidden from wearing troues or shorts, and Simon & Garfunkel’s song Cecilia was banned.

  2. RAB says:

    Thomas Beacham was the conductor. He was famously short sighted. He was talking to some bloke at a reception after a performance and said to him… So what are you doing these days?… The bloke replied… Oh I’m still King… It was George VI.

  3. Paul Marks says:

    The Norts say they will attack on or after March 11.

    The sharp teeth of their fanatical warriors (and I do mean sharp teeth – to kill and feed at the same time, Zombies may be a joke on films, but Zombies who move as fast as human beings are not amusing) will be countered by the automatic shotguns of the capitalist Koreans (a South Korean autoshotgun is designed to blow an attacker apart – so no matter how fanatical, or full of drugs, the attacker are, they go down and stay down).

    However, the chemical and atomic weapons of the Norts are a problem (to put the matter mildly), unless they can somehow be destroyed before they are used.

    Where is Rogue Trooper when he is so needed?

  4. Paul Marks says:

    The Capitalist Koreans believe, like the Ancient Greeks, that there should be a balance between music (culture) and gymnastics (general physical trainin). And that there should be a balance between individual courage and group cooperation in battle.

    The “Nork” regime is more like an ant heap – or the orcs of Sauron.

    Their elite warriors are supposed to be rather like the “Imortals” of the Great King of the ancient Persian Empire.

    Legend has it that these “Imortals” had their faces cut up – partly to make them horrific to look upon (should their face masks come off in battle) and spread fear, and also to maintain the legend that they did not die (that they came back) after all if they all looked alike (true “Facial Justice”) who could tell for sure?

    But also to deny the warriors all individuality (supposedly they did not even have names).

  5. Julie near Chicago says:

    Paul, ‘The “Nork” regime is more like an ant heap’ — very effective, coming right after your rather pleasant description of the South Korean ideal of balance.

    The analogy with the ancient Persian warriors, very good, and thanks for the info re the latter. “Barbaric” indeed, and not in the sense of “foreign”!

    (You’ve now induced some sort of mental pastiche of the 1900s’ fantasy and SF book covers.)

  6. Paul Marks says:

    Yes Julie – the North Korean regime is like something from Science Fiction (or horror).

    Whether they will ever act on their threats?

    I do not know.

  7. NickM says:

    No, they won’t – probs. Ask more for details…

  8. Julie near Chicago says:


    Requesting details, please.

  9. NickM says:

    Soon, it’s a psot really and I have to clean the house!

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