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Simple Pleasures & Security Measures…

Following on from Lynne’s post below, here’s one I have been toying with for a while.

Just before Xmas I asked you good folks for tips as to what to buy the Memsahib for a present to avoid ending up sleeping on the sofa, as I am crap at presents. Well you all came up with the goods and the sofa was but a bad dream for another year, but when I was in my corner shop buying her a Card I came across a rack of entitled  “Pocket Money Toys” So I had a look, and my second childhood kicked in, and I came out with these. £1.99 each.

Ness thought I was as bonkers as the dog when she unwrapped them, but when I started to play with them, well she instantly wanted a “Go”.  She’s a pretty damn good shot with real weapons (takes after her Dad: 2 Para D Day, and a Bisley Champion rifle shot thereafter ) and this little plastic toy is surprisingly  accurate at a distance of 15 to 20 feet, which is the size of living room 2 .


Snow, kitchens, building work and toys 029

We can both now take down the little targets (about an inch and a half tall) two shots out of three. So you can imagine how devastating we could be with a real handgun like a Glock or a Magnum, and it’s important to keep your eye in isn’t it folks? We may be almost totally disarmed in this once free and proud country of ours, but when things get nasty, and they may quite soon, the real things will be available for the right kind of money. We must be prepared! I am already in the market for a shotgun, and a decent Bow and Crossbow wouldn’t go amiss as backup either.


Snow, kitchens, building work and toys 031

Oh and I bought myself  an Airforce at the same time.  Yes these little suckers actually loop the loop (due to our very high ceilings) and are great fun to play with. And as the Desert Rats have been stripped of their tanks, and the Parachute regiment of their jump training ( the Father in law is spinning in his grave enough to power half of South Wales by now) How do you run a Parachute Brigade without parachutes???

So you have to look after yourself in these dismal days and end of times haven’t you? Cos the fuckin Government is never going to do it for you, are they? Least of all ours.


Snow, kitchens, building work and toys 040

And you American readers, don’t you let Barry and the boys in the band take your Assault weapons away, in fact stock up on RPG’s and Sam’s if you can, you may need them soon. Military exercises are already being conducted in American cities by armed troops and helicopter gunships and Barry is in the process of  getting the Executive power to use armed drones against American citizens on American soil. What can that be all about I wonder?


  1. Julie near Chicago says:

    Very cool, RAB! I wonder where I could get one of those around here–especially since the Glockian (or other) enterprise is on hold for the nonce.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. john in cheshire says:

    RAB good posting. Air pistols are still legal without a licence (up to a certain potency). The advantage is that they look like proper guns so I reckon pointing one at an intruder is likely to make him think twice. And if he makes the wrong decision, then they probably hurt quite a lot. I haven’t got one but I’m thinking.

  3. Lynne says:

    RAB, if we have another summer like the one last year I might invest £1.99 and get some indoor target practice.

    I’ll have to train this little minx to retrieve the ammo rather than nicking it and chewing it up.


  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    Lynne–she’s adorable! Is she still 9 months old?

  5. JuliaM says:

    It looks great fun, but with two semi grown Siamese thieves running around, I’d soon run out of ammo!

  6. Lynne says:

    Julie nC,

    Yes she is. I shot that pic a couple of weeks ago, just before she turned nine months. Don’t be taken in by the innocent face. The reason she doesn’t have those large, pendulous ears and big slobber-chops you will see on the Spaniels at Crufts is because she is a working (field) Springer, not a show Springer. Show type Springers tend to look like this. Working Springers come in different shapes and sizes. Some can be as small as a Cocker Spaniel (whose own working variety resembles a sawn-off version of Ruby) or as tall as a Labrador.

    Ruby is very smart, which I think you can see in her expression. Unfortunately, like most of her breed, she is also a total headbanger; as mad as a box of frogs on speed.

    I’ll shut up now because when I begin talking dog it’s difficult to shut off the stream.


  7. Uncle Nick says:

    Just out of devilment – a “Magnum” isn’t a handgun in the way that a Glock is, rather it’s a designation given to a lengthened variant of a cartridge designed to take a larger powder load and thus a higher muzzle energy.

    A bit like answering “what car do you drive?” with “a turbo”…


  8. RAB says:

    Thanks Uncle Nick, it’s a bad day when you don’t learn summat new innit? Uncle Clint didn’t make that clear in the movies.

    Oh you lucky lucky lady Lynne! Saffie is sat on my feet this very minute and is just the same, bleedin canine Einstein but bonkers. I bet they’d be best friends. Spaniels seem to really like each other. She doesn’t nick the bullets though, but I’ve still lost 2 rounds out of 12, and as you can see that’s almost impossible in living room 2 with stripped boards. Very mysterious.

  9. Julie near Chicago says:

    JuliaM, “Siamese”? Tell us more, please. W/pics, if possible. I am presently sharing quarters with two of unknown lineage, but we once had a gorgeous half-Siamese-half-Persian–all white, fairly long hair. Looked more Persian than Siamese. Had a degree in civil engineering…kept trying to fix the thermostat so that the furnace-fan wouldn’t keep coming on. She found that very annoying. She also came up with the idea that when hairballs were really clogging up the works, using the human commode human-style might help. Truly amazing.

    Interesting about the thieves you’re harboring though. One of ours–Neko, aka DevilKitty, aka the God-King, aka Pharoah has a great interest in investigating what happens when things get wet. He will drag anything, I swear it, into his water bowl. Including my daughter’s cell-phone.

    Lynne and RAB, when it comes to dog-talk please don’t hold back on my account. A life without dogs is a life not worth living. (Cats too, of course, but in my heart dogs beat them out by a hair. Or a whisker. :)) And I’ve been a fool for dog stories since I was but a wee pup myself. No doubt you’ve read “The Dog of Pompeii” (Louis Untermeyer, IIRC) and I hope Richard Harding Davis’s “The Bar Sinister.” (That one’s free online at Gutenberg, or if not, look in the U. of Pennsylvania’s Online Books Page.)

    My great playmate when I was three and four and so forth was Pudgy, or Pudge-dog, who must have been a newborn sometime during one of those years. I can see him still…the standard tan mutt. His mother was my Grandma’s dog Tippy, who was a small black lady of some kind. Very sweet dog…loved her too. Of course I’m a farm girl, so we always had a few dogs and lots of cats….

    Anyhow, I trust Ruby and the bonkers dog are both well and thriving. As is Lucy, aka The Luce. With spring on the way, your Springers will soon be really Springing! *g*

  10. Fly guns are great as well. I gave my wealthy older brother one for his 60th and he was delighted. Also, friends’ kids love them, so I always keep a few around the house – AND – they work. Very satisfying when you pluck one of out mid air.

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