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Cut Out and Keep Article of the Week.

We here all know the nature of the beast, so there is not much point me saying anything else about it, because this article says it all.

It’s crunch time for little Cyprus tomorrow. What happens to them, will happen to us the day after.

Be afraid, be very afraid…


  1. Mr Ed says:

    There is, historically, a strong streak of political violence in Cyprus, e.g:

    And in Greece plenty of murderous Communists, e.g:

    I wonder if they are bothered by this latest turn of events. I doubt it, the mentality is similar and there is plenty of pork in the barrel for the local élite. But just as the Soviets found, reality will not go away.

  2. John Galt says:

    I’m glad the majority of my savings are in a Chinese bank in Malaysia.

    Less chance of them being subject to expropriation – sorry, I mean legitimate tax in solidarity with the workers proletariat.

    Have you seen the latest increase in the choco ration? Double-plus good, eh?

  3. RAB says:

    Mr Ed.

    I have been to Cyprus several times, but always to the North, the Turkish ruled part. The first time we were there we did the usual tourist thing and go to Nicosia and look over the green zone from a high rise hotel into the Southern Greek part. It looked more prosperous and “Kempt” than the North, that seemed a bit raggedy-arsed and unkempt. But we soon tired of the view and went back to our cheap delicious kebabs and Raki in our hotel outside Kyrenia.

    Well we rented a car and got about a bit, well pretty much all of it, as there isn’t a lot to the north. Farmagusta, Kyrenia, various Crusader castles like St Hillarion and old greek and roman towns like Salamis (a blast by the way). We got to hear of a little village called Karmi. It was and EOKA B stronghold and they were a complete and utter bunch of cunts were EOKA. Murderous Makarios men women and children, and when the Turks invaded they knew what was in store for them, so they fled south to a man. The village (which stands half way up the Kyrenia Mountains just outside Kyrenia itself and a bit below the summit of St Hillarion castle) was totally abandoned. Ten years after the Turkish invasion a British tourist and rambler came across the place just rotting there in the mountains and thought it was such a shame. So he got hold of what passes for a Govt and got a 30 year lease on the whole village.

    The place was renovated and brought back to life by mainly British, but also French, Norwegians and Germans who have taken over the place. No Cypriot Turkish or Greek now lives there. And it is the tidyest village in N Cyprus. It now has roads called Laburnum Drive, and Plum Tree Lane, a town council and a pub called the Crow’s Nest that keeps English pub hours. We pop up there to get the local gossip everytime we visit N Cyprus now.

    Thing is, when the prospect of unification and the clutching faux comforting arm of the EU was around its shoulders, lots of people from down south who had fled the Turkish invasion started turning up in the North, and Karmi in particular claiming their property back.( Yes that fled for your life and be thankful for it- property.) One of my aquaintances from the Crow’s Nest, a lady in her 70s, who has lived there for 20 years had a whole family of Bubbles turn up on her door demanding she get out and give it to them right then and there, fixtures and fittings included. After a large G&T she was almost back to normal again. But it is symptomatic of the attitude of the South. Something for nothing. Wheras the North is quite austere, well apart from the casino’s attached to every hotel that probably launders money more efficiently than even the Russian loving Southern Banks do. ;-)

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