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Three years old

and look at the stance on her..

Lil Lewis, Australia’s next cricket coach

As Tim Blair observes:

Check the stance. Her eyes are precisely level. That backlift is perfect. Her first shot is a drive through mid-wicket taken from outside the off-stump in the manner of Viv Richards, who shares Lil’s lower-hand style. The second shot is a lofted straight drive, again featuring that strong right hand. Lil’s third shot is a cover drive so majestic, so technically exquisite, that the little girl freezes in her follow-through so that lesser players might learn how it’s done: 


  1. Thornavis says:

    She looks a bit older than three to me, I think it may need investigating if she’s trying to play for the under fours. Impressive though, some of the shots are a bit uppish but you’d expect that from one so young with such a strong bottom hand. However the really important question is – how good is she against spin ? It’s a pity you don’t have spinners in Oz anymore, she may never get to play them until her first tour of the sub continent.

  2. CIngram says:

    Hmmm. Good eye, confident stance, technically perfect cover drive off the front foot. On the leg side that bottom hand might leave her open to the full-length ball. I’d be bowling her yorkers.

  3. Lynne says:

    I’m afriad that when someone mentions cricket to me the first thing that springs to mind is Jiminy. My dad was a huge fan of cricket. Never rubbed off on me though. Rugger, on the other hand…

  4. RAB says:

    Great hand to eye coordination, lovely rhythm, the girl is a natural. If she wants to make a fortune though, she won’t make one in Woman’s Cricket. Someone should teach her golf, she’d be a female Tiger Woods.

  5. Bod says:

    Looks like all that money the Aussies have spent on Cricket Coaches Australia and their new premises has paid off then.

  6. Mike Mellor says:

    I believe from the comments forum that your video link goes to a stolen video. From the comments:

    Karissa Lewis 11 hours ago

    I am karissa Lewis, lil k and Sebastian Lewis’s mother!! Youtube are investigating you as we speak as you have stolen his video of HIS sister! Very upset as he has worked very hard on this. What kind of person does this to a 14 yr old boy? Just pathetic.

    The legitimate link is

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