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Hoo-fuckin-ray the site’s back up!

Well it’s our (Ness’s and mine) 35th Wedding Anniversary today, and look at the card she got me.

Anniversary 001

That’s Lurve and life eh folks?

And don’t forget the RAB Towers Maxim… A blinding row a day keeps the Divorce Lawyers away…


  1. Julie near Chiclago says:

    Oh, many hearty congratulations to the both of yez, and the Portrait of a Happy Marriage is indeed inspiring. (Inspiring to what, we won’t discuss. ;) ) I do indeed love it, and I’m sure that if my Honey is in fact up there keeping an eye on things down here, he knows just how you and the groom in the sketch feel! LOLOLOL

    Please give the happy bride my congratulations as well. 35 years…indeed. Remember, you have to tell us every tiny detail of the celebration. (Especially the food part. LOL)


  2. Lynne says:

    Happy anniversary, RAB.


  3. NickM says:

    35 years! You don’t get that for bloody moider! Congrats!

    Oh, and if you wanna make it to 36 you probs best had put those shelves up!

    (I honestly thought we were down for the duration – or at least until CC could chew some new cogs for the difference engine hosting this.)

  4. John Galt says:

    Happy Anniversary RAB & Ness.

    By the way, the best solution for marital problems is Almond biscuits and a cup of tea. The smell of the Almonds disguises the strychnine…


  5. Sam Duncan says:

    Happy Anniversary, RAB. And many more, I hope.

    I’ve always thought those creatures that eat one another must be at an evolutionary disadvantage. After all, what self-aware being would mate knowing that it would bring about his death? Then again, life is weird.

    And yeah, I thought we were stuffed until Cats got back from sailing the seas.

  6. PeterT says:

    “Oh, and if you wanna make it to 36 you probs best had put those shelves up!”

    According to the cartoon putting the shelves up is the last thing he wants to do if wants to get to 36.

  7. RAB says:

    Many thanks y’all.

    The in house joke about the bookcase/Shelves is that we have just had state of the art central heating installed. Now those of you whose Gaff came with it already will have no idea how disruptive an instillation is, and this is a big house… 4 Beds, two receptions, Study Kitchen and Bathroom in Estate Agent speak. Every room has to have carpets and floorboards lifted to get the piping in, and furniture and “Stuff” has to be moved out of the way. We have lived here for 30 years and we seem to have an inordinate amount of stuff. Some of which I have not laid eyes on for 20 years, and others I didn’t know we had at all. I certainly didn’t know we had a friggin rowing machine for instance! We certainly have never used it. Then there was the cupboard full of 5 thousand vinyl Albums and… and so to the bookshelf in the study.

    It was bought from IKEA aeons ago, and I told Ness on no account try to move it without taking the books out first. But she’s a strong woman, both physically and mentally (a blow from her tongue can break a Swan’s leg you know!) so when I was out walking the bonkers dog, she thought she could slide it over to the corner she wanted it. It promptly fell apart. My was I happy when I got home ;-) Don’t forget the blazing row a day folks… it really is a marriage saver.

    So now we are playing jigsaws with it. Where does this bit go? That’s got to be the wrong way up surely? How many screws have we got left over and why?

    35 years ago life was so much simpler. We lived in a rented flat in Redland Bristol and didn’t have to do a thing to the place. We got married in the Registry Office in Cardiff and took the wedding photo’s in Cathay’s Park.

    We only got married (we had been together for years before) to please the parents and grandparents. And as the grandparents (who had brought Ness up as her mum had died when she was 18 months old) were getting on a bit. The wedding breakfast come reception was in a very fine Italian restaurant in Penarth, with grand views of the Bristol Channel. It was delicious and hilarious. Granny got squiffy on the Champers, never seen her like it before or since, a 78 year old flirting with the waiters :-)

    And my stag night? Didn’t have one. Every night is party night in our house. And as most of our close friends were already scattered to the four corners of the Earth, I wasn’t going to regather them just for our wedding, so it was strictly a family affair.

    Three days before the wedding I had a call from the Virgin Press office wanting me to review Steve Hillage at Cardiff Top Rank. No problem I said. I’m going to be there that weekend anyway as I’m getting married the next day. “Oh Fuck no!” they said, you’ve enough to do with all that, we’ll get someone else… No really it’s just a small family affair I said.

    So I did the gig the night before, and gave Hillage a good review because he may be an old hippie but he’s a bloody good guitarist, and I’m fond of bloody good guitarists. Wrote the copy after we got back to my mum and dad’s house after the restaurant and phoned it in too.

    Well a few days after the review was published in Sounds Magazine, Richard Branson himself rang me up to thank me (bands like Hillage couldn’t get arrested let alone shift product in those post punk days) and he used the whole of my review, not just selected quotes, in full page ads in all the music papers to boost Hillage’s new album.

    That did my writing career a power of good. I started getting offers of commissions from all over the place that I had never even considered approaching off my own bat before. Things were definately looking up and up.

    Best thing I ever did was to marry that beautiful and incredibly loving and talented lady. Yes we row hammer and tongs all the time, but we have so much in common and she is without doubt the most honest person I have ever met. She is my rock without whom I would sink like a stone.

  8. Kevin B says:

    Congrats on making it to 35 RAB and Ness.

    For the record, my lovely wife and I managed to make it to 2 before the old irreconcilables cropped up. Back then it was two years married and two separated before you could get divorced and we almost made it under the wire. I often wondered how my life might have turned out if I had taken my Dad’s advice and got her pregnant. Usually after too much cheese near bedtime.

    Here’s a musical representation of us discussing me putting up the bathroom cabinet.

    And to clear up after that, here’s a nice bird singing Bread from Heaven

  9. Paul Marks says:

    Congratulations to RAB and Ness.

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