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Site down

To all concerned, and even to those who don’t give a toss…

Damn, but I am sorry the site was down.

While I was away the site collapsed, and I couldn’t get in to check the problem. When I finally got my hands on it all, after I got back, I found that the router was dead, dead as a really dead thing living in the centre of deadlands. Further, my remote pair of hands, who I had left in charge of doing stuff if anything went wrong, was in hospital, with the doctors wondering each day if he would be laughing and smiling the next, or pushing up daisies instead.

He is out now in case you were wondering.

My bad for not sticking in a new router before I left.


  1. John Galt says:

    Cats – Don’t worry. You needed a break, the cruise across the South Pacific provided.

    Equally, you made arrangements and events intervened. Shit happens.

    If this has taught any lessons it is that CCiZ has a life that is independent of its founder. Clutching it to your bosom and licking its wounds is appropriate for a devoted parent, but in fairness CCiZ needs to get a room of its own and fend for itself.

    Time to let CCiZ find its own way in the world. If it’s a question of money, that can be provided by those who care for the welfare of CCiZ, but are not it’s parent, RAB, myself and others have already offered to assist with the costs of professional hosting so that we are not left voiceless for days on end…

    The choice is yours…

  2. Lynne says:

    Shit happens, Cats. I hope you enjoyed your holiday. I also hope that your remote pair of hands makes a swift recovery.

  3. R Richard Schweitzer says:

    You owe us naught.

  4. Simon Jester says:

    Now things seem to be going *backwards*…

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