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Defiled food

Now consider. In practice a devout Muslim can’t eat meat which has been slaughtered by a non Muslim. In order to be halal, in addition to method of slaughter and bleeding the animal out, the name of Allah must be pronounced over the animal as it is killed.

So, the animal is effectively sacrificed to the Islamic god, a god which no one other than a Muslim believes in. For convenience, more and more food supplied in our supermarkets is halal, some marked as such in easily missed notations on the packaging. Most of us, these days, may find ourselves eating halal without even knowing it.

Does it matter?

What’s going to happen when the first non Muslim complains, on the basis that they can’t eat meat which has been defiled by sacrifice to a false god?

I suspect the screams of “Raacciiisst” will be deafening.

Apparently, contrary to common belief, the slaughterman need not be Muslim, any Person of the Book can do it, provided Allah’s name is invoked, but what Jew or Christian is going to pray to Allah dozens of times a day? In practice only Muslims slaughter halal, so what progressive can argue against a boycott of specific slaughterhouses on the basis of religious discrimination in their hiring practices?

Will this be racist as well?

To me, halal meat is just meat. The concept of it being ritually defiled is meaningless; muttering a few words over the poor dying beast is nothing to me. However, I don’t eat halal because in order to gain certification the producer must pay a fee to an Islamic certification authority. A portion of that fee is used to proselytise, even to engage in Jihad, and I will not contribute to the promotion of a belief system which I find appalling. In fact, selling me halal without making its status clear is an abuse of my freedom of speech.

Halal is haram.


  1. Tim Newman says:

    I suspect that there is an almighty scam going on whereby more and more meat is marked as halal which is in fact no such thing. We can’t even manage to keep horse out of the burgers, exactly who is ensuring the right chap is wailing the right incantations when slaughtering the beasts?

  2. john malpas says:

    Is halal slaughter humane?

  3. Barman says:

    *Is halal slaughter humane?*

    That is the question that I have about it all…

    I thought we had developed the most humane method of slaughtering our food over many years which involves stunning the animal first?

    Halal meat cannot be stunned as the animal will not be able to hear the prayer…

    So surely allowing Halal slaughter means a step backwards to a method which would have previously been considered inhumane?

  4. john in cheshire says:

    John Malpas, Barman, quite so. My problem is how to establish if the meat one is consuming has been slaughtered by the barbaric muslim method or not. I can’t find the information in the supermarkets I use and it becomes tedious to be forever asking the question; because just because they say it is not on one occasion doesn’t mean that’s true for all time. I’m surprised there isn’t a national movement to restrict if not ban muslim slaughter methods.