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Ding Dong the…



That isn’t abusively misogynist only if it’s progressives spitting it in celebration of the death of an elderly lady.

Me? I am sorry she is gone. It would have been cathartic to watch her struggling to be gracious in her concession speech towards the decent man she viciously maligned time and time again.

JG, happy now?

Damn man, you share initials.


  1. David says:

    It’s just a crying shame she didn’t have to face the electoral music.

  2. NickM says:

    So Krudd is better?

  3. CountingCats says:

    No, Krudd is different.

    It would be of value if K Rudd were PM for six montha at least, before the election, but that ain’t going to happen.

    The expression being used for the poll bounce Rudd is causing is a ‘sugar hit’, and we need time for that to wear off and for people to remember why he was dumped in the first place.

  4. John Galt says:

    Julia was more of an electoral liability than Rudd, about that there is no doubt, but Rudd is no great shakes either. Six ministers resigned, not because they were fanatical Gillard supporters, but because they couldn’t stand having to put up with the same bullshit that they did during his previous time as PM from 2007 through 2010.

    The sight of Gillard simultaneously grandstanding as PM, yet having the unmitigated gall attempt to play the part of the poor little woman oppressed by all these horrible sexist men and their male privilege was beyond belief. For that evocative performance of “The victimhood of Wimmen” alone she deserves to go down in infamy.

    Although in fairness to Rudd, his time in the political wilderness MIGHT mean that he is better the second time around, but the aphorism “A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots” exists for a reason, so we’ll have to wait and see.

    Certainly, the ALP’s behaviour over the last 3-years has been appalling, all of it conducted in the full light of the media. Labor have shown themselves to be disunited and disreputable of having lied to the electorate and finally can’t seem to decide who they want to lead this “piss-up in a brewery”.

    All of which is a recipe for being punished by the electorate at the polls regardless of whose name is on the letterheads.

    Don’t get me wrong, Tony “Budgie Smuggler” Abbott is no great shakes as a political leader, but he’s given Rudd and Gillard the rope to hang themselves then stood back and watched.

    He’s obviously remembered the saying “Rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide”.

  5. David says:

    Krudd is a dreadful individual as proved by his behaviour over the last few years. Gillard is just as awful, if not moreso, in so many ways. That they are both Labour politicians is no surprise. I suspect the Australian electorate will see through Krudd and deliver the massacre that is required.
    Certainly the longer he stays in office the worse things will get for the ALP, so he will need to go to the people as soon as he can in order to make the most of the sugar bounce, even so if it exists it will only reduce the size of the hammering they will on the receiving end of..

    As for Abbott, much vile vitriol has been spoken and written about the man. The vast majority of it completely unfounded and with no basis whatsoever. Of course the left specialises in such vilification, be it in Australia or in the UK and indeed elsewhere. You can count on any conservative politician anywhere to be portrayed as an evil, bigoted, hubristic, corrupt, thick thug. Now we can add Misogynist to the standard list of complaints about them.

    It’s relentless, the tide of propaganda is unceasing… the odd thing is – it’s almost without fail the lefty politicians that turn out to be the ones who fit such descriptions… we’ve seen it over and over again.

    I recall many of the accusations, predictions and caricatures of Abbott being applied to John Howard in the distant past before he became Prime Minister. A past so distant because he went on to become the second longest serving Prime Minister in Australia’s history.

    I for one, hope Tony Abbott goes on to emulate Mr Howard and indeed surpasses his longevity in office. What’s more I hope in that long premiership he goes on to dismantle, nay demolish, every one of the Lefts cherished “progressive programs”.

  6. John Galt says:

    “I for one, hope Tony Abbott goes on to emulate Mr Howard”

    For myself, I hope Kevin Rudd goes on to emulate Mr Howard, by losing the election AND being subject to the further ignominy of being turfed out of his Griffith constituency as Howard was from his Bennelong seat.

    However, since Kevin Rudd had a majority of 6,661 in the 2010 elections over his nearest rival, I suspect that is unlikely and I will have to comfort myself with his final ousting from the ALP when he loses the election.

    You never know, this time he might have the decency to resign before he gets ousted, yet again.

    As for Tony “Budgie Smuggler” Abbott, I have no strong views for or against him. He’s done what any sensible political leader would have done under the circumstances and let his opponents hand him victory without risk. Whether he will be good, bad or indifferent as a PM is an unknown, but staying out of the spotlight during the ALP farse hasn’t harmed him and he can play on this strongly during the campaign.

  7. John Galt says:

    edit: for “farse” read “farce”

    Although given the Urban Dictionary definitions, I might be unconsciously projecting…

  8. CountingCats says:

    You are a pommie who lives in Malaysia. Why do you feel so strongly about Australian politics?

  9. CountingCats says:

    You are a pommie who lives in Malaysia. Why do you feel so strongly about Australian politics?

  10. John Galt says:

    “Why do you feel so strongly about Australian politics”

    Fair Point. Bunch of my rello’s have run the Dandenong Milk industry since the late 1960′s and have since expanded their mafia like tentacles into the local insurance market. Keep telling me to come on over and stop coughing through the haze, but we’ve not yet made it.

    Seriously thinking about sending Ms. Galt to University in Australia as Malaysia is not appropriate for obvious reasons. The rello’s in Dandenong think this is a swell idea and have offered to put us up while she’s there, so Dandenong might end up being an occasional home for a few years.

    But fundamentally, Gillard is an almost perfect example of the über-feminist, politically correct, hypocritical, backstabbing, lying, swindling politician that have used the mentality of permanent victimhood and check-your-privilege attitude to ascend the heights of politics without any obvious ability or virtues.

    Gillard, along with her foreign equivalents (Harriet Harman, Hillary Clinton et al) embody everything I’ve come to despise about this sort of politician. However, I equally despise the likes of the craven Cameron who roll-over as soon as they begin their round of victimhood poker.

    Having said all of that, the whole Rudd/Gillard affair has been hugely entertaining and since the terms of my Malaysian visa explicitly exclude ‘interference in the internal politics or government of Malaysia’, the the colourfulness of Aussie politics is at least good value.

    Finally, most of the MM2H’ers over in Penang are Aussies, so it gives us a shared interest to laugh and argue about over beers during the sultry evenings here on Foreigners Rock.

  11. Kevin B says:

    I do think that ‘knit the kangaroo’ deserves to replace ‘jump the shark’ in a political context.

    “Cameron was in trouble before, but when he snogged Boris on the steps of Werstminster Abbey at Mandy’s wedding… Well he really knit the kangaroo!”

  12. John Galt says:

    Yes, but even after Fonzie jumped the shark, there were seven more seasons of Happy Days until it was put out of its misery.

    With ‘knit the kangaroo’ it was about a week between the publication of the picture and Gillards demise. At least I don’t remember seeing the photograph until just before the leadership ballot.

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