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Sorted – I think

Ok, it has taken me three weeks to get this bloody thing sorted, but here we go.

We have lost all postings since the database corrupted (sorry Julie and RAB), but there were only a small number of them.

Anyway, we are now running on new physical hardware, and the error forced me to do a badly needed complete rebuild of the virtual machine as well. We are up to the latest releases of both FreeBSD and WordPress.

The VM is running with four times the memory, five times the free disk capacity and double the number of processors.

I am sure I will hear about any problems.

Bear with me while I get the theme (look and feel) sorted.


  1. Simon Jester says:

    On the missing postings, the following may be helpful:

  2. John Galt says:

    New theme is a bit bland isn’t it?

  3. RAB says:

    Well woopy bleedin do! you fixed it Cats. Er… you’re sure you’ve fixed it aren’t you?

    The only problem now… have we got any friggin readers left?

  4. NickM says:

    Well bugger me sideways!

    As to theme…

    It’s OK. I like it. Perhaps and this should be easy to change light on dark rather than dark on light might work better and that should be easy. As to the banner. I still have my piccies. But sod me it is sorted!!! I feel like we’re about to cross the Jordan and give-up on the locusts and shit in the desert.

  5. CountingCats says:

    Yadda yadda. I know, mea culpa and all the rest.

    The theme is one of the defaults which comes with the basic WordPress download and is not being put forward as an option. It is being used because SOMETHING had to be put in place.

    It goes, unless you actually like it…

    Anyway, you have no idea of how much the old server was being nursed at the best of times. There was an automatic job which killed and restarted the web server software every two minutes – that was about a second downtime – and the VM itself was auto rebooted every six hours. That has been the status for over four years now.

  6. Sam Duncan says:

    “There was an automatic job which killed and restarted the web server software every two minutes – that was about a second downtime – and the VM itself was auto rebooted every six hours. That has been the status for over four years now.”

    Sheesh. That explains a lot. I suppose those times when it went down completely were the VM failing to reboot, then. Anyway, good job in sorting things. I thought you’d given up, to be honest, and frankly I wouldn’t have blamed you at all. :)

    The theme looks okay to me. Generic and off-the-shelf, but then so was the old one. Maybe now that everything’s working – it is working, right? – we can put our heads together properly and get something unique sorted out.

  7. Julie near Chicago says:

    O frabjous day! Wonderful, wonderful, oh, well done Mr. Cats! I really really like the banner. I mean, I REALLY like it! One of the best “country” photos I’ve seen. But then I’m just a lowly farm girl.

    Sure, white on dark blue (or even black) would be preferable, but this is fine.

    I do hope you are pampering yourself with a few shots of the best.

  8. Julie near Chicago says:

    Hmmm, no archives as yet. Unfortunately, Wayback does not begin to have all the old material and wonderful discussions.

    It’s what’s under the dressing that counts, if you see what I mean.

    Heh–for my comment above, once again I got “slow down, you are posting too quickly.” Some programs definitely are the offspring of schoolmarms and grandmas! LOL

  9. John Galt says:

    “Unfortunately, Wayback does not begin to have all the old material and wonderful discussions.”

    We’re only missing postings and commentary (no much) between 6th July 2013 and today (28th July 2013) as any search of the history will confirm…

    or for NickM

  10. Daphne says:

    I’m still reading RAB!

    The header is too mundane for the wicked sharp writing employed on CC. Something smart, striking – naughty even – would suit your style better.

    I beg you not to choose a light typeface against a dark background, it simply kills the eyes. Plus, it looks cheap and juvenile.

    Glad you’re back.

  11. Daphne says:

    One more thought, wordpress allows you to customize comment feedback. Enabling commenters to follow ongoing thread discussions via email notification of new comments might make the site more dynamic and the threads more lively.

    People leaving comments can choose to engage that feature or disregard it on a post by post basis.

    It’s easier to respond to new talking points if they’re dinging your inbox rather than hitting refresh.

  12. RAB says:

    Yes I’m not wild about the temporary pic header either (It is temporary isn’t it Cats?). It’s actually a pic of the driveway down to my country retreat. Lord knows how Cats got hold of it. A modest pile set in only fifty acres, and a few hobby sheep running around as you can see on the left. As Daphne says something sharper and naughtier would represent us better. Damn good to hear from you again Daphne, by the way!

    The sidebar blogroll has yet to return, but has needed updating for years. I’m sure that is in hand. And I think we need some more Kitty Kounters to get the momentum rolling again. I vote for John Galt, who Ness and I spent an enjoyable day with here in Bristol last week, playing frisbee with the bonkers dog on the Downs and then a drink or two at the White Lion bar, the biggest smokers terrace in the South West with the best view of the Suspension Bridge you can get.

    So if Cats will get on the case there…

  13. CountingCats says:



    You still have a live account here you know.

    No pressure, just sayin.

  14. Julie near Chicago says:

    Well, I spent hours with Wayback trying to get pages and discussions from postings from before 6/2013 clear back to he beginning.

    But that’s all water under the bridge and over the dam — I see the Archives now! My apologies, Cats. It’s Vuhnduhful, I LUFF it!

    Dear RAB, you’re such a swell guy, but you just don’t appreciate the Finer Things. If I were anywhere near scenery like that in the current banner I would put up a moat filled with hydrofluoric acid, 100 miles across and some 300 miles in radius, around it, and the only access would be by drawbridge so as not to have the riffraff coming in and spoiling the landscape where I don’t want it spoiled. :>)))) But don’t worry, I love cities too, as long as they’re physically and ethically clean and not bent on eating the entire landscape. It’s just that I no longer know of any like that. Now if you’d asked me back in 1960….!

    OK OK, to each his own, but the photo really does sing to me. ;)

    P.S. “Posting comments too quickly” again….

  15. CountingCats says:


    Maybe I should have been clearer in my comment. However in my defense, I was tired, ok?

    I still have the postings on the old server, which still exists. I haven’t deleted it as yet, merely disabled it…

  16. Daphne says:

    Big hugs and wet kisses CC, Nick & RAB. Julie’s a great addition, a bit of lightness to grace your long road of perpetual cynicism.

    What could I offer, CC? I hate every last thing on political offer these days and see no hope that anything I write would make a damn bit of difference.

    It’s all screaming in the wind if you have no money to buy political influence and I’m bone tired of arguing otherwise with bright-eyed (brain dead) utopian/ideologue idealists who think their fuck yeah, ‘merica, tea party votes actually matter.

  17. Daphne says:

    What’s with the “posting comments too slowly” message?

    I live with people who interrupt my internet activity on a regular basis – might want to fix that glitch Cat.

  18. CountingCats says:


    As to what you could offer CCinZ? Well, we had that discussion years ago when you first posted, but regardless, anything you damn well feel like – so long as it is reasoned or witty or interesting to someone.

    Everyone who ever posted here retains an account, and we care not if they post regularly, intermittently, or once per decade.

    Now that the Jaded Haven has gone to be with Jesus, if you ever wish to say something, anything, feel free.

  19. RAB says:

    I’ll second that from Cats.

    Daphne you are one of the best writers I have ever read on the Blogosphere. You are honest, pungent, coherent, fiesty and a hell of a lot of fun. You could go through your shopping list with us and make it gripping and hilarious. It would be a great pleasure to see something from you here again. Feel free indeed.

    But Cats, John Galt would like to join. Will you please give him the keys please. He will be an asset in all sorts of ways. Trust me.

  20. Julie near Chicago says:

    Thanks, Daphne. :>)

    I just found and read what must be your virgin posting here (so to speak). Feisty indeed! And we are largely on the same page, I think. Speaking of Texas — I would really have to laugh if it turned out you are sometimes known as “Mrs. du Toit”!

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