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Got all the pictures

and stuff copied across now.

Starting to fart around with the theme. This one is called Dragonskin.

Bit bright, although I do like the drop down search on all postings by a given Kounter tho.


  1. VftS says:

    Yuk! White text on black? What are you thinking?
    (in Firefox with addons disabled)

  2. John Galt says:

    Sorry Cats, I think you need your eyes tested, this is horrid.

  3. NickM says:

    It looks vaguely neo Nazi. Esp. the red on black.

  4. John Galt says:

    Yes, have to agree with NickM a bit, it is a bit Wagnerian.

    Admittedly, the lefties call all of us who don’t follow the narrative “Nazis”, but is that a line we want to cross?

    Kameraden laß die Herzen klingen.
    Immernoch war unser Leben Kampf und Sieg.
    Immernoch soll Glaube Berge zwingen.
    Immernoch der Kampf die Freiheit bringen.

  5. NickM says:

    Translation bitte?

    (My German is a bit “‘Allo ‘Allo”…

  6. Julie near Chicago says:

    Mmmm…do like the white on dark, but…. Contrast with the red letters isn’t good enough for one thing. Nor the grey letters–could they be a lighter grey?. On the other hand the Blood Devil is VERY well served by this look. DO PREFER the blockquotes to appear in standard Roman font, not Italics, so that’s a plus here. If something could be done about re-on-black, grey-on-black, I’d like the look a lot. People’s eyes differ, but for me this is much less eyestrain.

    Yes, the drop-down Authors thing is nice…the search facility is still from nowhere…and the best feature along those lines, the Archives listing from the rollout yesterday, seems to have disappeared. :<(( –Oh, Now, I get it–presumably you can retrieve all the old stuff, if you're willing to page back, one month (or even less, depending) at a time, to get to that comment that you're pretty sure was response to a posting sometime in February 2003. Whereas I really loved being able to go direct to the year and month that was my target.

    One site that I think works pretty well uses white on black, with a deep orange instead of the red for links, and a rather neutral yellow for headings and boldface. Archives by month on the right sidebar (on a dark grey ground). If you're curious, see

    Thanks for all the hard work. :>)

  7. Julie near Chicago says:

    Heavenly days! What hath the Keeper of the Kitties wrought! Now this is very nice. Elegant, clean, easy to read. Archives down the side. List of recent postings on left–but no listing of Comments? Tsk.

    Search is gone again. HATE the banner! Hard to read the name amongst all that painfully psychedelic junk.

    Also think those two dark ick-orange boxes are depressingly ugly. Other than that, A Winner in my book. Change the banner (use one of Nick’s pix?), lose the orange boxes, reinstate the Recent Comments, call it done!


  8. Julie near Chicago says:

    Overall look not bad at all, nice and clean, gray hashing helps with the high-contrast issue, but Archives, Recent Postings, Recent Comments all gone. And what is that along the top–Prom decorations? *giggle*

  9. CountingCats says:

    Never been to a prom.

  10. Julie near Chicago says:

    Back to the bad archive system, but I LOVE the banner! And the overall look is very restful and easy on the eyes. (At least, on mine.) Ultra-light blue on black: Great! Grey is light enough to read and different enough from the blue to show up as different. Recent comments & posts back, excellent.

    I do think it would be better with the meat in the middle and the two sidebars on the two sides. The Devil looks sort of out-of-place there–I think moving it over to the left along with the Carbon Belch Box would help. Keep the Recent Comments and Postings on the right, along with the archives; move the testimonials to the left also. Or reverse the left and right sidebars, whichever. But I really really like this, other than those two cosmetic changes (visual balance) and the missing monthly archives. I would spend the entire day in Zanzibar counting cats if necessary, just to look at the page. And the banner is, again, just beautiful.

  11. Julie near Chicago says:

    Now this looks familiar…LOL

    Still like the previous iteration, cosmetically, the best I think, except for moving the two narrow columns apart; this one is good for the info presented. But whatever you like will be fine. Um, still, I hate yellow-and-brown. So don’t much like the sunflowers. :>(((

  12. RAB says:

    Doh, what am I supposed to be looking at? I can’t see no links nor nuffink.

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