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Unashamedly Ahhh!

You are all no doubt familiar with our bonkers dog, Saffie. She normally looks like this…

The French Alps 323

What do you think of my newly re-grown beard by the way? I used to have one as a young man to make myself look older. When I was 21 I visited the USA for the first time. I used to walk into bars and clubs with my American friends and they passed without  any trouble, but I used to get a restraining hand on my chest accompanied by… Where do you think you’re going sonny? I used to have to carry the old Zulu Shield British Passport everywhere I went, and even then they didn’t quite believe me. Ness forced my to re-grow it, saying it would tickle her fancy. I have no idea what she meant by that!

Well five days ago she had to have a couple of operations. One to remove a lump of fatty tissue about the size of an egg from off her chest (biopsy benign) and a nasty cyst from the corner of her eye. So now the poor dab looks like this…

Andy & Saffie 008

She is ecstatic about the HMV headscarf, as you can imagine, and she is now wearing a child’s T shirt to hold the bandage padding over the stitches on her chest. We took her to the Vet’s this morning for a check, and she is coming on very nicely. Five more days and she will be free of all that and playing frisbee in the park again and stealing  food right off people’s BBQ’s like a bat out of hell. This dog costs us a lot of money (and that is just in replacement picnic food, let alone the operation) but she is the best dog in the world, so she’s worth it.


  1. Sunfish says:

    RAB: for next time. They’re a hell of a lot more comfortable.

  2. RAB says:

    Sunfish my friend, you’re alive! I thought you’d dropped off the edge of the world or Barry’s secret police had got you ;-) My day is complete!

    Look it’s cost us about £500 so far (though we will get most of it back on the insurance) but where would we get one of those in these parts? Saffie could go Handgliding with one of those, and you can bet your boots she’d try.

  3. John Galt says:

    I’ve never seen a pink one before, only in the usual default polythene opaque grey/white.

    Is that ‘cos she’s a girly?


  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    Poor baby. But she seems to be bearing up, and it will be over soon.

    “HMV”??? Gee, RAB, I didn’t think there was anybody left in the known universe, other than I, who would know that code. (Although the Cone of Silence adorning the beauteous Saffie is somewhat of a hint, innit.)

  5. Sunfish says:

    I am the secret police, remember?

    Or even the secret squirrel.

    Okay, not that secret. More of a covert chinchilla.

    Anyway, Amazon carries the soft lampshade over there, at 45 pounds there has to be a cheaper way to do this.

  6. RAB says:

    Saffie is now sat on the lawn with Ness, happy as larry. I had to go out and get a haircut and take the air earlier, and she gave me such a filthy look “you’re going out without me again, you swine, aren’t you?” Trouble is she is so sharp, she picks up on all the cues, me turning the computer off, putting on my shoes etc etc then she starts bouncing around in delight, only to be very disappointed. Never mind she will be free by Sunday.

  7. JuliaM says:

    White, pink or technicolored, you won’t keep one on a cat for long! Dogs are much easier (though getting through doors takes some practice).

  8. Lynne says:

    Poor Saffie. I hope she loses her cone of WTF soonest.

    Is that really you, RAB, you old rogue you?

  9. RAB says:

    Only a few more days before the cone comes off, and oui c’est moi. Taken in the French Alps a month or so ago. You all can click on the pics and see a much bigger version you know.

  10. bloke in spain says:

    Not a happy girl.
    But she doesn’t have to wear the thing ‘ex-factory’. It only has to be extensive enough so she can’t lick at the stuff that shouldn’t be licked. Cut the excess back with a pair of scissors.
    One of the reasons they hate them is they work as a very effective audio amplifiers for ears that already state of the art sound detectors. Always wondered if some sort of embossing couldn’t be moulded in to reduce that.

  11. Julie near Chicago says:

    Interesting point, bloke. I hope you don’t mind–I’m swiping it to send around to my DogPals.

  12. RAB says:

    Yes that is a good point BIS. I have noticed that if the tv or music is on she will sit outside the room it’s in if she can and turn her back on it if she can’t. We have taken the Cone off altogether now, and boy is she happy about that!

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