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Quote of the Day — 8/3/13

“Let the dems have their way or we may lose elections and the dems will have their way.”

–Comment by “bgbear,” August 2, 2013 at 1:15 pm, at


  1. CountingCats says:

    The eighth of March huh?


  2. Julie near Chicago says:

    Not my fault you folks in the Provinces don’t understand proper dating….

  3. Julie near Chicago says:

    Of course 13/8/3 would work even better, for those poor souls who have to rely on electronic devices to keep their files in order. But that would REALLY complify things!

  4. CountingCats says:

    Actually, yyyymmdd is how I always organise dates embedded in filenames. They sort into date order whenever the files are diosplayed by name order.

    Date specifications:

    YYYYMMDD – Sweden
    DDMMYYYY – Everyone else on the bloody planet

  5. Julie near Chicago says:

    That’s what I said. Most of the world is in the Provinces. So sad. :>)

  6. Sam Duncan says:

    ISO 8601: 2013-08-03T13:15-6:00*.

    Pretty, ain’t it?

    *Assuming Protein Wisdom’s timestamps are in Jeff Goldstien’s local Mountain Time, and they’re in DST at the moment.

  7. Paul Marks says:

    The quote is true – indeed more true than it claims.

    Bow to the leftists (be a RINO) and it does not matter that you win an election (for your are following their policies) and you will LOSE the election anyway.

    Mr Major spent years following high spending “pragmatic” policies – and the Conservative party was smashed in the biggest Labour landslide on record.

    The Republicans tried RINO McCain and RINO Romney – and many disgusted conservatives did not even turn up to vote.

    Yet the media treated all these “moderates” with the same level of hatred it does real conservatives.

    Mr Major was hounded by “sleaze” stories (even though his minister were no more corrupt than ministers normally are).

    McCain and Romney were savaged by their “friends” the media – and it is continuing (only the other day the “Lexington” column of the Economist magazine claimed that Mitt Romney, of all people, was a “radical” – implying his harsh conservatism cost the Republicans the election, demented claims but pushed by the media just the same).

    Following leftist policies is a bad thing in itself (because they wreak Civil Society and cause chaos that the left benefit from) – but it also does NOT get the media on your side.

    For example, they (the MSM) will savage you for “cutting” government spending whether you do cut it, or whether you INCREASE government spending.

    So the economic cost of increasing government spending does NOT produce any political gain.

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