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Brian Micklethwait: Libertarianism is Simple to Describe But Not Simple to Argue For

Speaking of “The Alternative Bookshop,” get some more popcorn (RAB is excused, as he prefers plastic peanuts). Here, in the unlikely event someone has missed it, are some of Brian Micklethwait’s ideas about why Libertarianism may be unappealing. (Not to give anything away, but I too decided awhile back that people are scared to death of freedom.) He goes on to discuss the success in at least spreading the idea of Libertarianism.  42 minutes.



  1. Thanks.

    But, the spelling of my surname needs some attention.

  2. CountingCats says:

    Brian, we don’t often fixate on you, but these things can happen.

  3. Julie near Chicago says:

    Sigh…yesterday was not my best day, as Cats can testify. Apologies, Mr. Michellwaithhe, and I do sympathize. You have no idea how many ways can be devised to spell “Rosado” (let alone to pronounce it), which is my maiden name.

    Good talk–thanks. :>)

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