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Spreading out

We Kitty Kounters tend to be a pretty cosmopolitan lot you know, and no, I do not mean that in the manner of the old judeophobic ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ smear.

Me? Born and raised in Australia, spent half my life on the UK with stints in the US, and now back living the good life on Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast.

There is NickM, RAB, SaoT, Lynne and Paul scattered around England, Sam in Scotland. We have Julie near Chicago, and, maybe, we will start hearing from from Daphne again – a fine southern belle and a straight shootin’ gal from Texas.

Now, we seem to have a new star on the horizon…

Look, I’m not an objectivist. Hell, I can’t even read Atlas Shrugged, but even so I gotta be chuffed that a celebrity like John Galt is willing to join us. All the way from Malaysia no less.

I dunno if he gets off on dissing The Prophet, in public anyway. That can be a real risky business in some parts of the ex empire – the Malay peninsula especially. Getting banged up for being impolite about some dead guy can be a real downer.

Anyway, looks like we are expanding into Asia and who knows, any Indians, Chinese, Ecuadorians or Senegalese out there want to give their opinions on the state of the world? From a freedom loving perspective, that is.

Look, I thought of heading this posting with the obvious question, but Nick used to get pissed off at me for always asking “Who is Lindsay Lohan?” any time anyone was foolish to mention her. That is one cliché I am going to avoid in this instance.

I am sure John Galt is perfectly capable of telling us who he is, should he care to.

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  1. RAB says:

    Welcome John Galt. We need new blood here after the traumatic last few months of this site, to get it going again, and I’m sure you will be an asset.

    Unlike most of the Kitty Kounters, who I have never met (but hope to do so one day) except for Paul, who has come to stay with us twice, and Nick who I have talked to on the phone, I have actually met John. He dropped in on us here in Bristol a few weeks ago, and we had a lovely day playing fisbee with the bonkers dog on the Downs, having a few beers on the White lion bar terrace (best view of the Suspension Bridge in Bristol), and a curry that Ness cooked later, together with a couple of bottles of wine. He stumbled off at midnight with a headache and a hangover back to his camper van that he was driving down to Cornwall (no stamina these youngsters! :-) )

    I will look forward to his first post, and I hope all of you lot (please let there still be a lot out there!) will too.

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