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Study: Global Warming to Blame for Rise in Violence and Wars

Remember, “Studies Prove…” — Dr. Thomas Sowell

Study: Global Warming to Blame for Rise in Violence and Wars

Posted on August 3, 2013 by Philip Hodges

For thousands of years, aggressive war has been used as a means of consolidation of power and money. But apparently, that’s all a myth. A study released by some group of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley shows that international conflicts and violence in general have nothing to do with power-hungry nations, money-driven individuals or even just a plain old desire to do evil. It has to do with global warming.

The BBC attests to this: “Rise in Violence Linked to ‘Climate Change,’” 2 August 2013.

Here’s the money quote from the column:

Earlier this year, Hugh Hefner’s daughter Christie said that the warmer climate is what causes Chicago’s high violent crime rate: “Last year, [Chicago] hit a record number of murders from guns, and this year, we were already outpacing last year’s numbers. Now, there are contributing factors that are not under anybody’s control, and it may seem odd, but it is factually true, one of them is actually the weather. There is a dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer, and we are having this climate-change effect that is driving that.”

I find this odd, since our last real summer-weather was in early June, I think; and for sure July has been reminiscent of late September through mid-October Near Chicago. Here, for example, is a map of the jet stream last week (more maps showing recent temps in the upper Midwest at ):

At least she says the weather is not under anybody’s control. A step, however small, in the right direction.


  1. RAB says:

    Well to put no finer point on it… utter horseshit!

    Napoleon’s army advanced on Moscow and almost had it in its grasp, then winter set in. Same with Hitler. Did Adolf think the whole thing up in the spring but not envisage it’s logical conclusion, Winter? Or not having history repeat itself and expecting a different result?

    And of course Britain’s boiling hot summers prompted us to colonise half the world right?

  2. Mr Ed says:

    No mechanism = No science.

  3. PeterT says:

    My wife is doing some wine related exams and part of what they learn is that global warming has affected which wines are made where, yield etc. Cue large groans from me when she wanted to include a reference to it in an essay. I suggested ‘bad weather’ as an alternative but understandably she doesn’t want to reduce her marks unnecessarily, which unfortunately seems like quite a likely outcome from followimg my advice.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    Let’s not get carried away, Peter. There was warming of a few tenths of a degree over the last century, and I can readily believe that it might have affected wine production a bit. The question is whether it’s simply a natural process.

    I doubt though, that an Edwardian catapulted 100 years forward in time would actually notice any difference in the day-to-day weather. And the idea that it’s contributing to a rise in violence is… “absurd” doesn’t seem a strong enough word.

    (For what it’s worth, after a couple of years with literally no summer at all to speak of, we’ve had it pretty good in North Britain this time around. As I write, my window thermometer shows 77F, which is normally, “Quick, get outdoors before it starts snowing again!” weather, but actually more or less par for the course over the last couple of months. The warmists have a renewed spring in their step, damn them. Just wait until November…)

  5. Mr Ed says:

    A Bishop of Lincoln coming back to life from a few centuries go might have enquired after his vineyard, in the grounds of his palace. Now, some 60 miles south, he would have to go to Marston Trussell in Northamptonshire (on the Welland, facing Leicestershire) for the nearest vineyard of note, I cannot vouch for Yorkshire’s vineyards.

  6. Julie near Chicago says:

    Sam, over here I think the “warmists” have quit appealing to actual temperatures altogether. Who needs the facts when you’re clinging for dear life to a failed theory?

    And the rest of us are going, Yeah, whatever, but do I need my snowpants and mukluks or my bikini and sun hat today?

    Mr Ed: Amen, brother!!!!

  7. Julie near Chicago says:

    Oh yeah. Meanwhile, Dr. Pinker is selling the idea that violence is down worldwide and man is getting gentler and gentler.*

    I think a debate between him and Christie Heffner would be a hoot!

    *Except in Chicago, presumably.

  8. Paul Marks says:

    The “mainstream” media are now beyond parody.

    And I pay a television tax to the BBC.

    And American pay taxes to support the “student loan” scheme – which is really a subsidy to demented universities such as U.C. Berkeley.

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