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Kylie Minogue’s advertisement for lingerie firm Agent Provocateur, in which she rides a mechanical bull, has been voted the best cinema commercial of all time.

Ya reckon… I have previously posted this and then removed it because the Aussie thought I was obsessed with the Melbourne poppit. Well, fuck it! I am. She’s well fit. Here she is…


  1. mandrill says:

    “Would all the gentlemen in the audience please stand up.” Classic. I know I couldn’t.

  2. Rob Farrington says:

    Not to be a politically incorrect sexist pig or anything, but ‘Hubba, hubba”!

    I thought that her sister was a bit of a babe too, when she first turned up in ‘Home and Away’.

    Yes, I used to watch it, and yes, I’m ashamed now. That scene where Ailsa went totally batshit and was haunted by Bobbi’s ghost coming out of the fridge is classic vintage TV, though.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    Her sister is a bit of a babe. In fact, of the two I think I prefer Dannii these days. But still, that advert… hooooooooo!

  4. Nick M says:

    Well Dannii always got the short-end of the stick but…

    June ’93, Nottingham University. The big end of year party was done on an Aussie theme and sponsored by Fosters. It was head-lined by Dannii Minogue and Rolf Harris. I got to meet Ms Minogue and she was well fit. And I heard Mr Harris swear…

  5. RAB says:

    Thanks for that Nick!
    If you are going to have an obsession, there’s nowt wrong with that one.

    And of course she used to go out with Michael Hutchence, so she knows a few things that a nicely brought up Aussie lass shouldn’t.

  6. Nick M says:

    Well Kylie is only five years older than me and she’s sort of been there all my life really. In the soaps. She was in “The Sullivans” wasn’t she? I used to watch that with my Gran. And then all us 80s schoolkids used to watch “Neighbours” and argue interminably about the romantic issues of Charlene and Jane and Scott and Mike. Silly really but we all did it. “Neighbours” is a seriously under-rated show in terms of cultural impact. Primarily I think because unlike British soaps (that I refuse to watch) it actually has likeable characters. “Eastenders” doesn’t and “Corrie” never lit my wires. In any case having lived for a number of years in a Mancunian terrace I had no desire to go inside it and watch another Mancunian terrace… Hollyoaks is shite, as was Brookside before it. And I’m skimming over the utter disasters like “Albion Market” and “El Dorado”.

    I used to watch ‘stenders but it jumped the shark a while back for me. I think the saga of Janine and Barry killed it for me. The story of the sexual relationship between two utterly repulsive characters was too hideous to watch. That and Patrick (a character I liked) having an affair with Pat Butcher was just ludicrous. Nobody married to Yolande would look at the Square bike with anything other than contempt. I mean hell’s teeth, Pat Butcher would put Ron Jeremies on the slack. My wife once met Ron Jeremies BTW. Quite charming he was.

    Oh and a soap set in East London where nobody (until Bradley pitched-up) commutes… Oh and the tube station appearing after twenty years… And The Queen Vic’s pool-table disappearing and then re-appearing. Oh and the relationship between Martin and Sonia. I know people strike up sexual relationships in many odd ways but running over the girl’s boyfriend and the love of her life (as was hammered home with a fucking mallet as Jamie slowly died) is not a generally accepted strategy. I mean… You know folks have anniversaries and such… Sonia and Martin’s would be “Remember the time I drove without a license and killed your boyfriend… such memories”.

    But moreover… I have spent most of my adult life living in inner-city Britain – Nottingham, London, Leeds*, Manchester and frankly if I wanted to see a collection of grotesque moral cripples involved in low-end scumbaggery then I just needed to go out my front door. Quite frankly I preferred to watch middle-class suburban Melbournites.

    *Leeds is an utter shit-hole. It has no redeeming features. Well, it has a good Math school at the Uni – the proper Uni not Leeds Met and Tolkein was a Prof of English there. But other than that it’s abysmal. I have only ever been mugged once and that was in Leeds. A load of street arabs (in the full Holmesian sense) stole the pizza I was eating and then fucked-off into the maze that is “Little London”. I saw something about Little London on the BBC today. Apparently they’re trying out “cage football” on the street gangs there. I know the area well enough that quite frankly I’d think “fuck that” and go route one with the napalm. It’s like the Gaza strip with the admixture of “White Lightning”**. Do I miss Leeds… No. The only fuckers who missed it were the Luftwaffe. Oh and my erstwhile landlord, Rory Aitkens was featured on the BBC’s “Watchdog” a couple a months back. Good. If my path ever crosses that of that dismal ginger cunt again I shall twat him good and hard. Fully up the bracket and elsewise.

    **aka Chardonnay for Harold Ramps.

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