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Cruel And Unusual

Haven’t the poor sods in Gaza suffered enough without this?

A few points…

Cat Stevens became Yusuf Islam donkey’s years ago. So why is he still always referred to as “Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens”. Not that I ever rated his off-key caterwauling anyway.

The new recording of the song ‘The day the world gets round’, originally recorded by George Harrison, features Yusuf on vocals and Klaus Voorman, known to many as the fifth Beatle, on bass.

OK, I appreciate there have been a fair number of “fifth Beatles” but Klaus Voorman? Who the fuck is Klaus Voorman? Well presumably he’s a bass player and therefore instantly forgettable but beyond that it ain’t ringing any bells for Nick here.

It is good to see Mr Islam doing work for a “humanitarian” cause. I vaguely recall him being interviewed over The “Satanic Verses” idiocy. He was asked about The Beards (a ZZ-Top tribute act) burning Salman Rushdie in effigy in Bradford*. He said his only regret was that it was, “only in effigy”. What a twat.

I have a “feory” about the Salman Rushdie thing… I think The Beards had it in for him before Satanic Verses. Midnight’s Children sticks the boot into Islam and Pakistan quite viciously and justifiably. But I don’t think they were gonna act on that because it tops it with a (well-deserved) kicking of Indira Gandhi.

And I’m damn glad they knighted Mr Rushdie. He’s a hell of a writer and anything that increases the discomforture of The Beards is a Good Thing.

*A town worse than Leeds if that is possible. The worst town in the World though is Siloth in Cumbria. It narrowly pips a place I went to once in Portugal the name of which I forget. Siloth is in some sort of strange time-warp. It’s eternally 1952 and two minutes before opening time in Siloth. It is ghastly on so many levels and the inhabitants are the least friendly bastards I have ever met and undeniably they are all inbred.

(Stolen shamelessly from The Cynical Dragon. A highly recommended daily read.)


  1. Infidel753 says:

    Cat Stevens became Yusuf Islam donkey’s years ago. So why is he still always referred to as “Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens”.

    He’s hoping that if he ever goes to Zanzibar, you guys will count him.

  2. RAB says:

    Just as well you have an expert to hand then, isn’t it young Nicholas?

    That’s the beauty of blogs like this, and SI. You want a rocket scientist? We got rocket scientists!
    You want Political and Economic historians? we got….

    Well be it ever so humble, I am an expert on Rock N Roll etc.

    Klaus was the original bass player with the Manfred Mann group (they didn’t call them bands back then).

    He also drew and designed the Beatles Revolver album cover.

    Now everyone and his uncle has been described as the “Fifth” Beatle, including George Best. He played dribbles, Shooting and Getting them in, on the Beatles for Sale album.

    But Klaus was a big mate of George Harrison. Probably was in the Band that did the Bangladeshi concert back in the 70s.

    I also saw Cat Stevens open a boutique in Cardiff when I was 14 or so. Just the time he was in the charts with “I’m gonna get me a Gun!” (dont think he still sings that one) ;-)
    Then he went hippie and brought out Tea for the Tillerman.

    Now folks, I have seen anyone you out there can care to name in the fields of pop rock and Jazz (well all the other categories too) but wild horses, and the offer of large amounts of money would ever get me to one of the twee bastards gigs( and I have done Leo Sayer!).

    Fuckin converts, just like ex smokers, are the worst fuckin moralisers on earth.
    Piss off and keep banging your head on the floor five times a day baby, and leave the rest of us alone!

  3. David says:

    Thanks for the hat-tip! Nice to see someone else saw the funny side of the Cat the Twat caterwauling for ‘peace’.

  4. RAB says:

    A fellow Welshman! (well sorta, you know how it goes. I have been trying to explain our strange mix of peoples who magically become Welsh because of our interaction and society, rather than our genes, for yonks now).
    We must talk further!

  5. Sunfish says:

    “Climb on the peace train” my fat pork-eating kuffr ass.

    And RAB? Be nice about ex-smokers. Or I shall find myself forced to make more jokes about a language that nobody in my family has spoken in about a century. ;-B

  6. RAB says:

    Err herrr, err herrr!

    Shit you should take care of that cough dude!
    I get through two lighters a day and dont cough that much!

    Courtesy the late great Bill hicks.

    You know exactly what I mean Sunfish, you slippery eel!

    I have been having a bad day so far…

    It is the wife’s birthday tomorrow, well today.

    She liked the card but the flowers were the wrong colour!
    What the fuck!

    I’m a Man
    Yes I am, and I just love you so….

    This is the original…

    But perhaps you are more familiar with these guys.. ;-)

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