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Hell’s Teeth!

A woman in LA has given birth to octuplets. I thought that only happened on The Simpsons.

Bringing them up is gonna be one hell of a job. I saw an interview with the last parents of octuplets – a couple from Texas. I say couple but the fella said nowt. I suspect the power of speech departed from him when kid number six was dragged out. It would from me… I am the very model of a modern kidult. My wife and I find caring for a small black and white cat enough of a trial without chitlins as well. But eight at once! Eight! Hell’s teeth! Pop can kiss goodbye to his hair and his dreams of buying a Porsche. He’s gonna be driving a minibus for the foreseeable.

Seriously though. Best of luck to them. They’re gonna need it. My wife (who has Implanon – God bless biochemistry) said, “It’ll be like hosting a kid’s birthday party 24/7, 365″. I concurred and then thought, “Jesus Christ, what about the actual birthday party!”. Or sending them to college?

Anyway. Hope Ma and kids are doing fine and Pa isn’t too shell-shocked ‘cos it’s folks like that that keep our end-up (so to speak) demographically because there’s way too many selfish sods like me and the missus who really can’t be doing with the breeding. And hats off to the obstetric team (all 46 of them!) because that was not a normal day at the office now was it? I mean they were only expecting seven! Eight though… Wow… Ain’t that a complete basketball team?

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  1. Yasmin says:

    Well… at least there probably won’t be any more.
    The words ‘hotdog’ and ‘mine shaft’ spring to mind….

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