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Towelhead Mentalist Of The Day

This guy is utterly nucking futz. His take on history is three stops from Dagenham. He is, in short, a loon. And quite what he’s up to fiddling with his tea towel is beyond me…

I know that’s a jokey intro… But the vid is actually pretty hardcore and not for the sort of people who see such things and defenestrate their LCD panels.

H/T The Cynical Dragon. I honestly, cross my heart and hope to die, will blog something original soon because lifting stuff from the 11th best Blog in Wales is beginning to look a tad lazy.


  1. Infidel753 says:

    Gosh. Just imagine those poor Germans sitting around minding their own business, when the Jews suddenly talked the British and Americans into bombing their cities for no reason.

    My impression is that his views are not really very unusual in the Islamic world, but it’s stunning to see it all set out so comprehensively in one speech.

    Oh, and if anyone wonders — he really is saying what the subtitles say he’s saying (I can understand Arabic to a very limited extent, but well enough to confirm that).

  2. CountingCats says:

    I watched this elsewhere – gobsmacking isn’t it?

    The Dutch have no concept of what constitutes hate speech.

  3. Rob Farrington says:

    I saw this on MEMRI last night. He has the sort of face you’d love to punch anyway, but if I ever meet him in person, at least now I’ll have a valid excuse…

  4. RAB says:

    Jackanory, Jackanory…

    Who the fuck is this dude by the way, the Professor of History at Rhiad University?

    No I dont think it is unusual either Infidel.

    Brings me back to something I wondered about on a previous thread.
    How much does the average Muslim (the so called moderate ones) actually know and understand of Islam?

    I bet very little.
    They rely on complete twats like this to tell them how it is.

    I just heard someone on The Mayo show a moment ago making a very robust defence of Israels actions in gaza. About time. but alas his voice is almost alone.
    The shit that came out on Any Questions the other week almost made my head explode with rage. Especially the Any Answers bit after, when every rabid Jew hater in Britain managed to get a phone connection!

  5. NickM says:

    Thanks Infidel!

    I have heard a lot of Islamists claiming MEMRI just made stuff up. You speak a bit of Russian as well don’t you?

    I know. Fifty thousand citizens of the British Empire and fifty thousand citizens of the USA died in the skies above Germany. All orchestrated by the Jews. Nothing to do with Adolph Hitler at all. I mean the Jews even organized the Holocaust, Makes sense don’t it? Losing six million people really does increase your global power.

    I have been to Dachau and Auschwitz. I have seen. My antecedents liberated Belsen. I don’t even want to imagine what they saw. I know what they did though. they shot surrendering SS out of hand. They had fought their way half-way across Europe and they had seen things I don’t want to even imagine but in the end they were shocked. Not just mine but yours, all of you. The Americans did the same, as did the Russians.

    The Red Army hung the SS directly in front of the ovens. I have seen where they did it. It’s not far from a pond which contains the remains of 600,000 people. I disagree with capital punishment but for that I make an exception.

    Because, quite simply, by that point I would have had enough.

    I visited Berlin shortly after the wall came down and traipsed around no-mans land. I stood on Hitler’s bunker. It’s not signed or anything but an elderly American chap told me all about it. He’d wanted to stand there since 1945 when he was demobbed from the USAAF. He’d been a gunner on a B-17. I like to think I understood something of how he felt.

  6. Infidel753 says:

    Who the fuck is this dude by the way, the Professor of History at Rhiad University?

    According to the Cynical Dragon, he’s a clergyman. Which, in that culture, is more prestigious.

    How much does the average Muslim (the so called moderate ones) actually know and understand of Islam?

    If they are moderates, that in itself shows they know little about it. As Mark Steyn said, there are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam.

    Read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s great book Infidel for a first-hand account of growing up in a Muslim culture. She was exposed to hate-filled wackjob preachers as a child. She thought they were distorting Islam until she read the Koran herself and found that what they were saying was really there.

    I have heard a lot of Islamists claiming MEMRI just made stuff up.

    I’ve seen a few MEMRI videos, and never caught them in a translation error — though, as I say, I’m no expert.

    You speak a bit of Russian as well don’t you?

    I can speak a little. People in Kiev probably wished I couldn’t.

    I know something of what you mean. I’ve been to Babi Yar and it was sobering to think about what happened there, even though there’s very little sign of it left there now. But — look at the video. Al-Ansari is talking over actual video of some of the most awful things that happened. He knows what the Nazis did. And his comment is, “God willing, we Muslims will do the same.”

    We can’t say they didn’t warn us.

  7. RAB says:

    Well you regulars will be familiar with my late Father in Law by now.

    2 Para on D Day and all that.
    Well by the time they got to Belsen, he was part of an ad hock special unit that were specifically looking for these camps.
    They were told, in typical British understatement at their briefing, that what they would find may be a bit unpleasant.
    Unpleasant? Un fucking Pleasant!!! My FIL was one tough little mutha. He had been at the sharp end of the war, from the off, almost.
    He had friends blown to bits right next to him, casually picking bit of their brains and guts of his battledress for days afterwards. Very little fazed him.
    But when they got to Belsen (which is in a german Suburb fer chrisakes. Dont tell me you didn’t know you cunts! FIL could smell the stench from miles away as they came in on jeeps) He could not fuckin believe his eyes!
    They were the first through the gates.
    Four fat guards in black uniforms, who hadn’t had the wit to flee yet (well they thought the allied advance wasn’t close enough yet or something) came round the corner of one of the huts with their hands up.
    They were cut down by machine gun fire in an instant, so outraged were FIL and his mates.
    You wont find that in the official history, but he swore it was true, and I believe him.

  8. CountingCats says:

    But when you watch it look, really look, at the images and read what he is saying.

    He seems to think that every uniformed person in it is German. This cunt can’t even tell the difference between German and American army uniforms.

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