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The naming of cats

My cat was called Cat, until my sister renamed him Dennis.


  1. NickM says:

    I quite like Dennis for a cat. I think Cat is a bit too “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Did he help you get money for the “powder room”?

  2. Dr Evil says:

    We have a Maine Coon kitten called Sam. He was born on April 11th 2013. He is like lightening and very strong and athletic.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    Hmm. Definitely not named after your friendly neighborhood Kitty Kounter then, Dr. E. :)

    Three or four years ago, my neighbour at the time bought a couple of black kittens and decided to let her kids – a boy and a girl, both under five – name them. Big mistake. Princess Jasmine and Scrappy Doo. I suppose the former is okay – you can always shorten it – but it’s a good job cats don’t know their names. I’ve never seen an animal less appropriately named as young Scrappy. Beautiful cats, they were. I kind of miss them haning about the stairs, running in here if I left the door open for, oh… five seconds.

  4. Dr Evil says:

    Sam does know his name. Maine Coons are a bit like dogs in that they respond to their names and follow you about quite a lot. All I need now is a musket for him to pick up.

  5. RAB says:

    We had one Cat named Basho (after a 17th Century Japanese Haiku poet) inherited from a poet/mystic friend of mine who was leaving the country.

    One day he left us a little missive…

    “I eat with you
    I eat with her
    On the whole, I prefer her”

    And buggered off to live with the little old lady down the road.

  6. John Galt says:

    Surely the cats name was Bashō, not just plain Basho? :-)

  7. RAB says:

    Could have been one of the Kung Foo Street Kids for all I know, snotty inscrutable little git that he was! I prefer dogs to be honest.

    And if you want to send me a keyboard with all the bells and whistles on that allows me to put all the accents and Gravs in, well feel free. ;-)

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