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Pig ignorant

America was not born as a colonial power, and that the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago, there’s no reason why we can’t restore that.

The Onetm wishes to bring peace to the middle east, but with a knowledge of both history and diplomacy best described as abysmal.

If this really is his understanding of the place for the last 20, 30, 40 years – we are so fucked.

H/T Jihad Watch

You want some idea of what was actually happening to Americas relationship with the Middle East/Muslim world 20 and 30 years ago, try this.


Is this the standard of his understanding of the problems facing America and the world? Is this the basis on which he is going to make decisions?


Is the man really that stupid? For fucks sake, he was eighteen years old when Billy Carters stupid brother shafted the Shah and gave Iran to Khomeini. Was Barry blind and deaf then, and in all the years since?

No wonder he thinks the worlds problems can be solved, if only he weally weally twies his best.

We are just so so fucked.


  1. Infidel753 says:

    The US might be able to reach an understanding with the Iranian regime if we show a genuine willingness to meet them halfway.

    For example, we could agree to let them build nukes if they promise that, this time, only three million Jews will be killed.

  2. Nick M says:

    Er… You know those thirteen stripes on the US flag. What are they in honour of again?

    I was under the understanding they were British Colonies.

    I mean I could be wrong and America just “happened”.

    There were also French and Spanish Colonies. I mean “New Orleans” is so named purely by co-incidence. As is San Fransisco. There is an “Oxford” in MI but that’s coincidence too and has nothing to do with the English university city.

    What I think Barack is trying to say is… He sees US history entirely through the lens of The Civil Rights Movement. Which has a really weird conception that the white man is the only villain of the piece and somehow equates black Americans with the natives. It also through some strange witchcraft equates BHO with the average African American descended from slaves. I think I prefer the term “black American” to “African American”. Most black Americans are descended (partially) from slaves. But ya know that was a while back. Obama is “African American”. I vaguely recall Jesse Jackson spitting his dummy out over Obama not being “African-American” enough… Well… If your ma is from Kansas and your Pa is from Kenya then I fail to see how you can be any more “African-American”. But it is a silly thing to call someone who’s ancestors were first slaved over to Georgia 250 years ago.

    Those folks are just Americans same as Americans who’s forebears fled the pogroms of Russia or the poverty of Sardinia or the Irish potato famine. Or came over on the Mayflower.

    All identity politics ultimately resolves to absurdity. I am probs mainly of Celto-Nordic heritage. Should the BNP deport my arms to Norway and my legs to Mayo? It’s absurd. And what of my mixed race cousins in Brum? Send ‘em back to India! Bit of a problem… They don’t know India. They don’t speak Hindi. They (being Brummies) barely speak English. I only mock there because, being a Geordie, the same has been said of my lot.

    Nah… Lets DNA test everyone and send ‘em back where they belong. That means my Celtic side needs to be repatriated to Western China. Hell! let’s go further… If H sapiens sapiens really did come out of Africa then the entire 6.x billion of us can decamp to Tanzania.

  3. Nick M says:

    That is shockingly close to the bone.

    Something that puzzles me… The Dinnerjacket says he was misquoted about wiping Israel off the map. Apparently he *only* wanted to wipe it from the page of time. Am I alone in thinking that seems worse? Because one is mere genocide and the other is genocide plus rewriting history.

    A lad I went to school with was half-Iranian. His dad was murdered by the ayatollahs. They said, all is forgiven, come back to Tehran, so he went, he had family back there who he hadn’t seen for years. Then they hung him. I knew M for nearly a decade before I found that out.

    Does anyone in a vague semblance of their right mind think that utter nutters like them ought to have nuclear weapons?

    What was he hung for? Apostasy. He was killed for no longer believing in the Religion of Peace. And because he was an “intellectual” (he had been an academic at Newcastle Uni) who might just be a catalyst against the theocrats.

    They brought him back to kill him. They did it because the UK had a hell of a lot of Iranian dissidents and they feared them.

    So yeah. Let’s engage with them.

  4. Infidel753 says:

    “Wipe it off the map” in English is an idiom meaning “destroy it”. “Wipe it from the page of time” in Persian is an idiom with the same meaning. It’s natural that two different languages have somewhat different idioms, but that’s irrelevant to what was being expressed.

    The Iranian regime has made its intentions toward Israel quite obvious, in language at least as clear as Hitler did during his rise to power. I see no reason not to be blunt about what’s at stake here: a threat to, again, exterminate millions of Jews, and the risk that Weatern inaction will allow that threat to be carried out.

    Some people think a nuclearized Iran would be deterrable, as the USSR was. A threat of nuclear retaliation works well with a regime made up of atheists, who do not believe in an afterlife. How well it could work with a regime made up of fanatics who believe that martyrdom is the highest good, perhaps even for a whole nation — well, I’m not willing to bet the survival of Tel Aviv (or New York or London) on it.

    What happened to your friend’s father was, sadly, predictable. Islamic law mandates the death penalty for apostasy (renunciation of Islam by any Muslim). That law, according to Muslims, is from God, and no human being on Earth has the authority to repeal or alter or commute a word of it. What exactly constitutes proof of apostasy, of course, may in practice depend on the interests of the rulers.

    The confusion of secular Westerners on these issues results from the fact that we find it hard to believe that these people actually mean what they say. But all the evidence is that they do.

  5. RAB says:

    Yes well,
    Oh dear oh fuckin dear!
    If that is the level of The Ones thinking, then we are fuckin doomed!

    When I saw the America was not born a colonial power quote yesterday, I thought it a bit odd to say the least.
    But what I thought he meant was that America was not a Colonising power.
    Well America has always been a fiscal coloniser rather than a hands on take charge of the day to day running sort of coloniser.
    But even that is wrong.
    The One appears not to have heard of Cuba, and the story of Teddy Roosavelt and the rough riders.
    Nor indeed McArthur and the Phillipines.

    America has always wished to be the dominant power in the World, once they got the colonising of their own landmass was out of the way.
    They Bought Alaska off the Russians and Louisianna from the French and had to beat off the Mexicans (who were Spanish/French led) in Texas and California.

    So come WW1 they are feeling a bit confident of their clout in the world.

    They, I say they, their Political establishment, tried to take down the British Empire at every turn.

    Hawaii used to be called the Sandwich Islands, and was British. We lost that in some shady deal or other.
    We have just, in the last few years, finally paid off the Lend/Lease deal we signed in 1940, so we could continue to fight Fascism, when America couldn’t be seen to be doing it itself, until Pearl Harbour.
    Everyone else in Europe, Including Germany, who started all of the mess in the 20th century, got their debt cancelled. But not us.

    I love America dearly, but it has to be said, it has often not been Britain’s friend. Quite the opposite.

    So if this is the “depth” of the Ones thinking, sucking up to, and respecting the utterly unrespectable, then we, not Just in Britain, but in America, and across the whole Western world, are totally fucked.
    Islam works in millenia. Obama has a four year vision only.

  6. Infidel753 says:

    We are just so so fucked.

    Only the nine-year-olds.

  7. Sam Duncan says:

    “20 or 30 years ago”? Well, it’s offical: Barack Obama is an idiot. If I’m not mistaken, the original “Great Satan” – dubbed such by the leaders of the Iranian Revolution – was a certain Mr. Jimmy Carter, who was President of the United States of America, oh… 30 years ago. I haven’t read the Commentary piece yet, but I suspect it says as much.

    What an extraordinarily ignorant statement for a supposedly educated man. We may all be doomed, folks.

  8. RAB says:

    James Clavell’s novel Whirlwind is a good instructive read on what happens to a supposedly Westernised Islamic country like Iran, when push comes to shove, and the Iatollah came back from his holidays in France(quite amazing the number of complete and utter thieving murdering nutters who get safe haven in France, as long as they are spending money isn’t it!)

    It went from semi rational to completely doolally overnight!

    That’s why I think Turkey should never be in the EU (or us either).
    I have been there lots and love the country and people…
    But just under the surface….

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  10. Plamus says:

    “I love America dearly, but it has to be said, it has often not been Britain’s friend. Quite the opposite.”

    This coming from America: if you’re counting on us to have your arse covered, think HARD again… I love Britain, and I hope to retire in Aussie land one day, but I’ll have enough on my plate fending off H’s (I am making a serious push for calling BHO “H” – to parallel “W”) goons. You guys have a lot of friends over here, but one cannot e-mail ship-loads of arms – and if one could, would Gordon “What-can-Brown-do-for-you” let you use them?

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