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Let’s try being Switzerland for a bit, eh?

There are four articles sitting cheek by jowl on the Mail website today, three swivel eyed nonsense, and one, by Peter Hitchens, relatively sane.

The first is a piece of political argy bargy  and in fighting amongst the petulant children who seek to rule us.

The second is complete crap from former Foreign Secretary, Malcolm Rifkind.  The Falklands are defended Mal, as you well know, and so do the Argies. Besides they don’t have the money or the ordinance to mount another invasion.

But the third, by Andrew Roberts, really takes the Hard Tack. Woe is us! We are no longer the World’s policeman anymore. We have lost the moral high ground… da yadda da yadda da yadda. As one commenter succinctly said… Blow it out your arse Andrew!

Why the fuck should we be the World’s policeman? Why should we expend blood and treasure in futile gestures? What have we gained financially, morally or any other LY with our adventures in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya?… the list goes on.

We had the world’s largest ever Empire once. That was practically gone even before I was born. We apparently acquired it in a fit of absent mindedness,  and gave it back, in the main, with good grace. Why do our idiot politicians keep pretending that we are a World Power? Oh we keep doing the sharp end stuff alongside our so called special relationship buddies, the USA, while the French, Germans and Italians do the catering or stay away altogether. But as Hitchens says, there is no special relationship, it is a joke, at least on the other side of the Atlantic.

Time we put our house in order. Time we looked to ourselves and our own welfare, time to leave the EU and make those brain-dead assholes in Westminster earn their pay and govern for us and by us, and not as a front for the United States of Europe delusionary project, which is now making 80% of our Laws. Time to finally grow up.


  1. John Galt says:

    Being a sometime resident of Geneva, Zürich and Zug, I’ve had dealings with the Swiss first-hand and all I can say is that its a good job they don’t have any enemies, because they seem to spend all their time bickering amongst themselves.

    This has however meant they are reluctant to give substantive power to the centre as they fear handing power to their enemies. Such are the blessings of said fear that although the Swiss confederation has federal capabilities they are weak and strictly limited.

    Federal politics is similarly neutered, such that the executive is almost frozen in time with The Magic Formula guarenteeing that no single party can get overall control, a formula which has been followed (with slight variations) since 1959.

    So the secret of their success?

    1. Keep the populace armed – train them regularly
    2. Make politicians impotent
    3. Keep federal institutions limited in scope, function and power
    4. Make passing new laws hard
    5. Localize politics with direct voting on commune, canton and federal laws
    6. Allow the cantons to compete economically against each other
    7. Don’t fight wars and don’t get invaded*
    8. Don’t join multinational organizations like the EU

    So if we want to be like the Swiss we’ve got a long way to go.

    * It was only bad timing (or Swiss good luck) which prevented the planned invasion of Switzerland under Operation Tannenbaum although I suspect the result would have been somewhat Boer War with the Nazis being pinned down in the main population centres while being subject to an unending guerilla war.

  2. Lynne says:

    Indeed, RAB. That Roberts bollocks needed fisking although it was almost beyond parody and had strayed into the realm of WTF.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    Frankly, this has bugger-all to do with being the world’s policeman (even if we could still afford it, which we can’t). We should have – and it would seem that Parliament has – learned by now that when it comes to intervening in Muslims’ affairs you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. We saved Kuwait from Saddam’s anschluss, and were criticized for not going further and removing the man himself. We fought to save Muslims from Serbian genocide, and thousands of Muslim kids fell into the clutches of radicals who held that we didn’t do it properly or something. Then we did topple Saddam and that was wrong too.

    Well – especially since there don’t seem to be any obvious good guys or bad guys in Syria – let’s just sit this one out, eh? If the Yanks want to bang their heads against another Middle Eastern brick wall, I don’t see why we should stand in their way, but I’ve had enough.

  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    Sam, the Yanks most distinctly DON’T want to. It’s just that Ambassador from beyond the Outer Limits that wants to. Why, nobody can figure out. The theory going around as of yesterday was that maybe It wants to save face.

    As for the rest of your comment, quite right.

    Even at the time half the public was after Bush 41′s hide because he bombed Baghdad, and the other half wanted him drawn and quartered because he didn’t bomb Baghdad.

  5. Paul Marks says:

    Switzerland has problems – very serious problems. For example, banking is far too important in Switzerland – and that is going to lead to a terrible mess.

    But I would rather have the problems if Switzerland than the problems of the United Kingdom or the United States.

    Our problems are vastly worse.

    And yes – keeping out noses out of the wars of other people, would be a good start.

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