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Election 13


Here, winter on Queenslands sunny Gold Coast, the demos line up to vote.

16:30:     An hour and a half before the polls close, Sky News call it for the LNP – 53% to the ALP at 47%. The LNP up 25 seats at 98, and the ALP down 21, at 51 seats. The Greens lose their only seat in the House. Independents 2, down 2.

20:30:    48% of the national vote counted. ALP – 47%, LNP – 53% on a two party basis – this is complicated by the AV voting system used in Oz. Not quite the ALP wipeout anticipated, but The LNP will probably still be at least 20 seats up. Make it a 40 seat majority in a 150 seat Parliament.

Kevin Rudd keeps his seat, The greens retain their one seat.

Primary vote – before preferences are distributed:

ALP     34.7%
LNP     44.2%
Green    8.5%
Others  12.5%

On primary votes, before preferences are distributed, at 34.7%, this is the worst result the ALP has seen since 1906. Greens have lost about a third of their vote.

21:15:    The LNP hit 76 seats. That’s it. Tony Abbott is Prime Minister elect.

21:55:    Kevin Rudd concedes. Refuses to acknowledge any mistakes. Announces he will not recontest the leadership of the ALP. Yeah, right. Not for at least six months.

It is a landslide defeat, but the ALP did not experience the total wipe out some were predicting. Rudd is grinning and the supporters are clapping and cheering, acting as if they have won. Extraordinary. Cognitive dissonance reigns. A media commentator, at the ALP party, described the happy mood as bizarre. Someone else just described it as delusional.

22:20:    Tony Abbott announced: “The government of Australia has changed.”

22:30:    Bob Hawke, ex ALP Prime Minister, has expressed bewilderment at the jubilation of some members of the ALP at this result.


Rule of law, not of men.

A powerful young polling booth officer from the Australian Electoral Commission caused havoc this afternoon when he ordered the media to get out of the polling booth at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Brisbane’s east, where Kevin Rudd was to cast his vote.

“You don’t have the relevant permission,” the polling place liaison officer said, blocking the cameras and standing in front of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

He was perhaps unaware his demands were being live-streamed to a national audience.

In how many countries would the Prime Minister allow himself to be ordered about by a low ranking civil servant, just because it is the law?

Every election the media film the party leaders casting their vote. Every election the parties arrange permission for the media to be allowed in to the polling place to do that. That The Prime Minister (for the next couple of hours), or his people, neglected to get permission for this is emblematic of the whole dysfunctional campaign Mr Rudd has been running.


  1. NickM says:

    Well, that’s all very interesting Cats but where exactly does it get us?

  2. Lynne says:

    Let’s hope that Tony Abbott has the wrinkly spheroids to do what needs to be done.

  3. Julie near Chicago says:

    “Wrinkly spheriods”? Wow, a main brain AND a backup! *g*

  4. Mr Ed says:

    ‘Prime Minister (’PM’) elect’, surely ‘PM designate’, as the Governor-General appoints the PM. The US President is elected by a College.

    There’s a poodle in the queue, is voter fraud that blatant? Here in the UK Postman Pat brings in the votes for the Left.

    The Green vote for those so fundi, as the Germans say, that straight socialism isn’tt anti-human enough, is still worryingly high.

    Re the media exclusion, I would hope that a British PM, even Blair, would have reacted in the same way to a returning officer’s official, if only for fear of it ending up on Youtube.

    Not in the US, I recall a stink in the media years ago about Nixon post-office being whisked through US Customs by the Secret Service without making a declaration, ironically both then US Treasury departments, with US Customs standing aside. I am also reminded me of an article about Russian police, normally officious and domineering, melting away when a car accident that they were called to turned out to involve Yeltsin’s Presidential Guard. Stay out of the way and out of the camps was the mentality, misplaced with Yeltsin, but not his successor.

    And the Kremlin Guard still have style.

  5. John Galt says:

    Looks like Cats has got his wish as Rudd has retained his Griffith seat.

    Time for some fun as the ALP starts tearing itself to pieces again over the leadership.

    As the saying goes “Rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide“. :-)

  6. Paul Marks says:

    Cats – I have heard there is a problem in the Senate elections. Is that true? Will Mr A. not have a majority in the Senate?

  7. CountingCats says:


    Looks as if the LNP won’t have control of the Senate. More to the point, it will be a mess. Senate negotiations look to be one of the more entertaining aspects of the next three years in politics.

    The Senate term is twice the term of the House, with half the sitting Senators up for election each time, so only half of the Senate seats were up for grabs. The ALP and Greens will, probably, have 35 seats, the LNP will have 33 seats, the rest will be held by independents and micro parties. This last lot is a grab bag of kooks, fruitcakes, economic rationalists and independents.

    Two of this lot, David Leyonhjen from NSW and Bob Day from South Australia, look to be the sort of people we would wish to be in place, despite Mr Days party affiliation. The independent from South Australia, Nick Xenophon, is pretty sane, and can be negotiated with on a rational basis, but the rest? More than one flew over the cuckoos nest – especially those from Clive Palmers vanity party.

  8. Paul Marks says:


    Let us hope there are enough economic rationalists in the Senate.

  9. CountingCats says:


    Maybe 36 or 37. A majority is 39. There will be a lot of negotiating with the micro parties.

  10. Paul Marks says:

    Ouch – that may mean being polite to Mr Palmer.

    Still the pro car people got a seat….. and so did…..

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