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Why the EU doesn’t matter.

Despite the protestations of not-so-former Maoist José Manuel Barroso, it is not the existence of the EU which stops the German tanks rolling across the Polish border, but nearly 70-years of peace and relative security in Europe, the source of which was NATO and free trade rather than any EU inspired initiative.

- Kitty Kounter John Galt.

Absolutely. When I was a student I read a lot of late Victorian and Edwardian literature (cheap, out of copyright and all) and the idea that immigration, for example, is a new thing is risible. The London streets I walked down were much the same as those walked by Holmes and Watson. This is perhaps why I thought the reboot of Sherlock was a very bad idea until I saw it. I then really liked it. I mean I was prejudiced – John Watson MD, a British Army Doctor wounded in Afghanistan – in the C21st! Oh, wait… Oh, yeah… And there is a Khazi in Kabul too and we are involved in our fourth Afghan War. Or fifth – I forget. God alone knows what the point is. I do recall a Times cartoon from 2001 with the tag-line (from a USAF General), “We’re gonna bomb them forward into the Renaissance!”. Yeah, right. Whatever.

The ‘stan is and always has been a lost cause. The Taleban came to power at least partly because of a regrettable incident in Kabul when two warlords decided to fight a duel over the buggery rights to an attractive boy. They did this in downtown in broad daylight and in tanks. Wow!

But Europe – no. Europe is not a lost cause though the EU does not make this so. Holmes and Watson would dine in Italian restaurants and so do I. Essentially we’ve just given up fighting each other due to things like Angela Merkel being the boss in Germany and not a deranged and strangely ‘tached bastard – either of them. But also due to cheap flights and stuff. Prague is now somewhere we go for a stag do and not a “far away country of which we know little” to quote the best mayor Birmingham never had. The EU didn’t do this. Easyjet did. So did football, so did food – just consider the extent to which nobody regards lasagne as foreign as such. I collect old cookbooks and some of the stuff is frightful.

The EU is a prime example of giving us what we already had and then taking credit for it. If that sounds like a protection racket and not burning your warehouse down then… Well, it is. The EUropols simply can’t cope with the fact that, for example, I’ve had a couple of French flatmates or that my sister-in-law lives in Poland with a Polish chap, who, after a few too many brown vodkas than were strictly speaking good for me I agreed to watch the Lord of the Rings – extended director’s cut back to back. Now here is where it gets interesting. They live very close to the Czech border. Except it isn’t really a border as such. You can drive through it and not notice a thing. There is a Avia L-29 and a T-34 and possibly the most peculiar property I have ever seen for sale (probs sold by now). It’s the old Polish/Czech border-house (Paperien bitte! and all that). I think it is (was?) technically straddling the border so going into the kitchen might involve an emigration, technically. But how cool is that? A house in two countries. It almost makes me wanna be an accountant because the dodges could be awesome. Oh, and the Czechs invented deep-fried cheese. And do cracking beer.

The EU didn’t make any of this possible. The EU is a superstructure of gits who claim they made this possible. They have to claim this because otherwise they are utterly irrelevant. They have to make barriers in order to be seen to break’em. They are an irrelevance desperately trying to be relevant. They claim I can live anywhere in Europe and I can but then I always could. They are like somebody beating you with a 2×4 and then expecting thanks for taking you to A&E afterwards.

I love Europe. It is my home. But it was not gifted to me by Brussels. It just is. It always has been and it always shall be.

The likes of UKIP who seem to believe the entire population of Bulgaria is imminent at Gatwick as I speak are wrong. No Mr Farage the UK is not “full”. We are densely populated but still are about 12% of land area built upon. And that is everything. I mean everything. That is houses, roads, factories, docks, airports, warehouses, shops – everything. The whole nine yards. And no. I also disagree with the left who, let’s face facts, wish a Europe that holds a deranged “balance of power” between East and West. I mentioned eating deep-fried cheese in the Czech Republic? The Cold War is over. Has been for decades.

As a kid I had a C20th history book from the late ’60s. Now this proffered two options – and it was blatent – nuclear holocaust or a “United States of Europe” holding the balance of power. I believe the assumption was that a kinda Swedish Social Democracy would be the “third way” between Uncle Sam and Uncle Joe. Utter bollocks obviously. But it was stated not as opinion (though it was) but as fact.

And we are still stuck with this inconvenient “truth”. Do I need a EUrocrat let me go to the Czech Republic and eat deep-fried cheese? I mean really? on a six figure salary? I mean for fuck’s sake! All I need is a few Crowns and an appetite.


  1. XX it is not the existence of the EU which stops the German tanks rolling across the Polish border, XX

    Only because we do not have enough tanks any more. :-(

  2. Mr Ed says:

    I was glancing at a book not owned by me earlier in the year, an economic history of Europe in the 1930s, and it had some figures that intrigued me. The main one was that the vast bulk of the UK’s pork meat, I guess over 90%, was sourced from Denmark, and WW2 left the UK almost porkless, if there be such a word, which shows that without the EU, or its previous forms, the nations of Europe traded and exploited comparative advantage, and but for war, they would have continued to do so.

  3. John Galt says:

    “There is a boy across the river with an ass like a peach, but alas, I cannot swim.”

    Zak m’ Dil, traditional Pashto song

  4. RAB says:

    You have plenty of tanks Furor, Germany just lacks the will to get their Bratwurst bloated bodies into them anymore.

    It has always revealed the fantasy-land that EU Politicians and Bureaucrats live in to me when they trot out that little number… The EU has kept the peace in Europe! Er… with what? A Flag? a borrowed Anthem? a non elected President? An ever declining share of global GDP? Where’s the army and the airforce? (In the USA and Britain).

    Even a cursory glance at history will tell us that the only country in Europe that wanted to start a war since 1870 was Germany, funnily enough a brand new Nation in the very same year. Spain didn’t, Italy didn’t, the whole of Scandinavia would have been apalled by the thought! Nope it was just Germany. New kids on the block who wanted their place in the sun, an Empire to emulate Britain’s (whose they coveted) and they had two bites of the cherry, caused incallcuable damage in death and destruction to themselves and everybody else, and when Adolf finally put the Luger to his ear, realised what a bunch of dickheads they had been. The fight went out of them forever, never to return.

    So what is this EU cockwaffle of keeping the peace? Once Germany had pretty much contained itself, the Wars were over. The new enemy, the creeping threat of the USSR was contained and outspent by NATO. The wall came down, one lot of communist gangsters turned into nouveau capitalist ones, and now they own all our football clubs!

    The EU was the dream of Jean Monnet, a French Communist, who was sick of France being beaten up by big bully Germany, so he invented the Coal and Steel pact between the two countries to contain Germany. But Germany didn’t need to be contained, it was humbly contrite by this point. He never got elected to anything either, by the way.

    So when I hear the great and good supporters of the EU saying with a straight face, that the EU is the main reason there has been no war in Europe since 1945, I laugh my socks off. And ponder what other basic facts they have got horribly wrong, apart from all of them.

    The EU is a 19th Century idea looking to be a 21st Century solution for a problem that no longer exists. Out and out now.

  5. john malpas says:

    There is a war but you can’t see it. But the side with the most mosques is winning.

  6. XX RAB
    September 22, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    You have plenty of tanks Furor, Germany just lacks the will to get their Bratwurst bloated bodies into them anymore. XX

    2,855 is hardly “plenty.”

    Especially considering at least a quarter of those are in repair at any one time.

    Against Poland who have;

    3,400 T-54 / T-55 MBT
    30 T-72 MBT
    130 PT-76 Armored Reconnaissance tanks

    Total: 4,010 tanks.

  7. permex says:

    “Yes, sir?”
    “Do you see what I see?”
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Yes, sir”
    “Is that not a ‘Tiger’?
    “Yes, sir.”
    “Yes, sir?2
    ” I do believe I’ve shit myself….
    “Yes, sir, you have & I have followed your good example.”

  8. RAB says:

    Ta for the link permex.

    Ok Furor, try something easier. It’s the 100th anniversary of WW1 coming up, how about Belgium again? How many tanks do they have?

    The Germans, of course, have given up on military might now that they have discovered economic might. Trouble is, as the economic powerhouse and manufacturing hub of Europe, they are now lending the rest of the EU countries money to buy their BMW’s etc, so they look like they’re in a surplus and the books are balanced. But that three card trick won’t hold up for very much longer now will it?

  9. John Galt says:

    When thinking of the EU, Stalin’s famous comment regarding the pope springs to mind.

    “The Pope! How many divisions has he got?”

    Said sarcastically to Pierre Laval in 1935, in response to being asked whether he could do anything with Russian Catholics to help Laval win favour with the Pope, to counter the increasing threat of Nazism; as quoted in The Second World War (1948) by Winston Churchill vol. 1, ch. 8, p. 105.

    Ultimately, the EU is little more than a talking shop whose only power is that which our government has temporarily ceded to it and which can be repealed at the stroke of a pen.

    The EU is as substantial as mist.

  10. permex says:

    ‘mist’ in German means ‘shit’……so I reckon you’re right….
    Regrettably, shit doeshave substance & we must get rid of it.

  11. RAB says:

    In the second half of the above, Booker says that the tendrils of control go even deeper and spread further than just to the EU. It too is taking orders from Supra National organisations like the UN etc, who our various Govts have never mentioned they are in thrall to, or the MSM ever having pointed the fact out to us mere proles. To be fair the MSM probably doesn’t even know about it, they are too stupid and too lazy to do Journalism properly these days.

    This will take a bit more than a stroke of the pen to unravel John.

  12. Mr Ed says:

    I beg to differ on the Pope and Divisions issue. State power and military power is ultimately ideological, and the many ‘puny’ but strong Privates obey the fat, old General not because of his physical power, but because they believe that they have to and that they should. The fat General (in the UK) obeys the repulsive politicians, because he believes that he must.

    The EU has the UK Courts onside, the political establishment, the bulk of the media and the Civil Service, as well as academia and vast chunks of industry. It may all collapse like the USSR in a peaceful puff, or it may assume control of our Armed Forces, and who would bet that the Blairmacht which invaded Iraq and tortured to death a hotel receptionist would not do the same if required to do so domestically?

  13. John Galt says:

    The difficulty is that the strength or otherwise of these supra-national organisations can only really be tested in civil strife, which by definition is within the boundaries of the EU rather than without.

    When push comes to shove, a French soldier might fire on a French citizen throwing petrol bombs, but would he do so at the behest of an EU apparatchik German Gauleiter?

    If Bosnia showed us anything it is that war is still possible within Europe and the EU was useless, their incompetence only hidden because the former states of Yugoslavia hadn’t been members when the war took place and they were able to defer to NATO.

  14. Mr Ed says:

    John, when push came to shove, the Vichy régime did what was required of them by the Gauleiter, albeit knowng that they had lost a physical war. The orders in the EU almost always come from the national government.

    The war in Yugoslavia was like a mini-EU disintegration, although the post-War Yugoslavia had been conceived and born in a birthing pool of blood.

  15. XX RAB
    September 23, 2013 at 3:02 am

    Ta for the link permex.

    Ok Furor, try something easier. It’s the 100th anniversary of WW1 coming up, how about Belgium again? How many tanks do they have?XX

    A typicalö commy scum tactics. Loose the argumant,. change the goal posts.

    Belgian army. Tanks NONE, AFVs 302.

  16. RAB says:

    Well I wouldn’t shout too loudly about it Furor, or maybe this time Poland will invade you. :-)

  17. Too late. Ever tried to find a German speaking plumber in Berlin?

  18. Plumbers and care home staff!

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