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The Beautiful Game.

No silly, not Football, spin doctoring!

And does anyone else think that Ed looks like the outcome of an unnatural union between Freddy Starr and a Hippo? Just look at the manic eyes.

Sitting pretty: Mr Balls was all smiles as he limbered up for the match, on the day before he delivers his keynote conference speech in Brighton

As Jimmy Greaves once said at the end of one of the World Cups where England had yet again failed to get past the quarter finals…

It’s a funny old game. There’s been long balls, short balls, crossed balls, through balls… All in all it’s been a load of Balls!


  1. john in cheshire says:

    one would risk a red card to cripple the ****. Though I suspect he’s quite adept at crippling the real players. And as he might say, after a foul – ‘so what’.

  2. a bloke says:

    What a tosser he is

  3. Talwin says:

    @john in cheshire

    ……….. and note the Freudian message of Balls posing, with ‘studs up’ then smiling.

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