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We Saw Your Boobs!

Seth Macfarlane entertains us. A whole new meaning to “Thank Heaven for Little Girls”!

H/T: Andrew Klavan.


  1. Julie near Chicago says:

    PS. Mr. Macfarlane was twitting The Industry with this number at the Academy Awards. (No, you misandric FemiNazis, he wasn’t making fun of ladies’ nacelles, nor yet showing disrespect to The Fair Sex in general! It’s not his fault that Boobs are Busting Out All Over these days.)

  2. NickM says:

    I am very vague as to the why for this post? And particularly the use of the term nacelles in the context. tits I’m OK with but nacelles are parts of aircraft and similar. I have never, in my entire puff, heard nacelles used as a term for breasts and dear Gods I’ve heard enough, sometimes bizarre, euphemisms (and I am a long-term Viz reader) but that is a new on me. Personally I just call them breasts usually. But this list suggests others.

    And the title amuses me enormously though not entirely in a good way. I have a personal dislike of “baby-talk” for “naughtie bits”. I love the “Carry On” punning because it is funny but I crossed-over when Oprah started on about vay-vay-jays or whatever,

    Euphemisms for “boobs”? God’s sake. Like having Beavis and Butthead 24/7.

    Oh, and can we retire “feminanzi”?

  3. Lynne says:

    I am seriously beginning to wonder if NickM’s account has been hacked…

  4. GW says:

    “I am very vague as to the why for this post?” – I could wax eloquent on this all day. Suffice it to say, boobs are God’s greatest creation, worthy of daily contemplation and thanks. The question is not “why,” but “why not.”

  5. Julie near Chicago says:

    NickM, you Brits sure are cloistered. “Nacelles” has been used to refer to the female human’s mammary glands since airplanes first came with two engines, back when “boobs” would NEVER have been allowed on even on the boards of the burley-que.

    [By the way -- some of us (besides yourself) not only know what nacelles are, but in fact have a license to fly, and have flown, gadgets so equipped, although I am sad to say that I am no longer able to do so.]

    I sure hope your virgin ears are never assailed by the lines of the immortal Mae West, nor even of Miss Lanchester’s Bawdy Cockney Songs. (“I’m Glad to See You’re Back, Heléne”).

    Still, I retire with the most abject of apologies. Mea culpa, mea culpa — Mea maxima MAXISSIMA culpa!

    LOL–the funniest part may have been the shots of the ladies in the audience. The only one who rose to the occasion was Miss Jennifer Whosis, who apparently has kept her bosom to herself!

  6. Julie near Chicago says:

    I dunno whether I approve or not, strictly speaking (there’s nothing philosophically wrong with a dress code in a private institution) — but that’s hilarious, Mr. Ed. Thanks!

    I notice none of those babes is what you’d call an eyesore. (The lone guy looks a little uptight, or maybe slightly dazed, but he shouldn’t worry — he’s fine too.) LOL

  7. NickM says:

    Julie, we are not cloistered. We might not make that many ships on the Tyne anymore but when it comes to vaguely (or explicitly) vulgarity turns of phrase we can fight anyone for a quid. We can swear in a way that would make that guy look lik he was M/C at a Baptist teat-dance in Opelika, AL in 1952. It’s not that the routine is offensive per-se. It is that seems crass and… just not funny. As I have mentioned here before Kate Wt gets her norks out at the drop of a contract and that is cool because it is a sex-scene or similar. So that’s fine to parody but the nude scene in Silkwood? The rape scene in The Accussed? Why not sing a jolly song about the shower scene in Schindler’s List?

    Nudity in movies etc serves multiple purposes. Some is comedic, some sexy and some about utter terror. I thought Boys Don’t Cry was a good movie (not a fun one, mind) but the scenes of Hillary Swank’s character being sexually destroyed are not ones to write a comic song about. I tend not to think of sexual assault as a laughing matter.

  8. “Boobs”? How…conservative.

    They are bloody TITS laddie!

  9. Julie near Chicago says:

    Well, Nick, apparently none of your remarks in your first comment really addressed your issue, which is a pity since you have now raised a legitimate point. However, I confess to being a little surprised that you find the subject routine “crass” and that that bothers you, given your own preferred writing style.

    Actually, what the number made me think of was Janet Jackson’s famous Wardrobe Malfunction. Personally, I haven’t seen any of the movies named except The Accused, which I thought was quite effective when I saw it 800 years ago. Miss Foster and Miss McGillis were both excellent, and the gang-rape scene was properly chilling and, you’re quite right, not a proper subject of comedy. Other than that, while of course I’ve heard of Kate Winslett I have no idea what she’s been in and I’ve never seen her; most of the others were people I’ve never even heard of. The fact remains that Sex Sells, and Hollywood is always trying to up the ante on the sex, or sex-and-violence, scenes. In my opinion most of it is a big yawn…all the mystery of sex and sexuality left on the shelf while the prop man gets the module labeled “gasp gasp sproing sproing.” I will say that breasts are by now so commonly on view that I don’t see why anyone even bothers to notice them them (except for the male when his groin is bothering him, of course). –I take it back. I did see Silkwood, a so-so movie which purported to be a true story but (I understand) really wasn’t. Don’t remember anything about it but that it was forgettable, as these leftist-propaganda movies so often are.

    In any case, I saw the thing as an old-fashioned song-and-dance number that is a mild roast of The Industry’s breast fetish, ca. 2011 (or whenever).

    I do trust you are even more disgusted by bad movies that glamorize psychopathology, such as Butch Cassidy or Bonnie and Clyde and any number of other “hits,” than you are by Mr. Macfarlane’s routine.

    By the way. “Tits” is actually quite a demeaning word for “breasts,” since it’s just “teats” slightly mispronounced, and thus specifically relegates a woman, a human being, to the same category as any sow, or bitch, or cow. The only word that might be worse is “dugs.”

  10. NickM says:

    Well, I much prefer “tits” to “boobs” if we have to slang “breasts”. It has an earthiness that “boobs” doesn’t – that is end of the pier euphemism. It is Reg Varney and Oprah and her vayjayjay. And I shall repeat my point. I don’t think “comic songs” reffing rape scenes with the refrain “I saw your boobs” are funny at all. In fact double-plus unfunny because of the comedic nature of intrinsically comedic nature of the word.

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