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Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?

Given that the wit and wisdom of Mandy Rice Davies is becoming all the rage with the upcoming Andrew Lloyd Gargoyle’s production of Stephen Ward… The Musical (yes I’m trying and failing to get my head round that one frankly). John Selwyn Gummer (fangs are a memory) as was, Lord Deben, as now is…and Chairman of the Uk’s “Independent” Committee on Climate Change, has smugly waded into the Global warming debate condemning the Media for even bothering trying to find a balance in the conflicting views of a very complex subject. According to Gummy…

Evidence in favour of climate change is so strong, he said, that it could be compared to evidence linking smoking to cancer or evidence that the Moon Landing was not staged.

Not the best analogies I have ever come across your Lordliness. Gummy has a degree in History and probably hasn’t enough science to wire a plug properly, but he is so certain that man made Global warming is a fact that he wants all dissenting voices silenced. Yep that’s Democracy in action alright !

But I wonder why he is so certain given his complete lack of scientific knowledge? Could it be that he is a smug, self satisfied, venal troughing  bastard (just LOOK at that pic), filling his boots at the expense of the rest of us, just like Tim Yeo, Ed Davey, and that still on Licence old lag, Chris Huhne? Why yes it could!

Whatever the fuck happened to declaring a conflict of interest?


  1. Lynne says:

    Whatever the Scammel happened to having a PM in office who had the nous to recognise a conflict of interest big enough and blatant enough to slap him around the chops?

  2. RAB says:

    We’re all doomed anyway according to this…

    Saint Bob has the shorter timeline of course “Gimmie all your feckin green taxes NOW!” But the lad in Hawaii says that the tipping point has passed, so in 45 years we are all going to BURN for our evil Carbon emmitting sins.

    No mention of the 19 year hiatus in the global teperature rise though, none at all. And no original research, it seems, either; just lumping 20 odd different surveys and reports together.

    Stopping producing that little trace gas (7% of our atmosphere ) that far from being a poison, is plant food and makes them grow big, strong and in abundance, is only going to slow the inevitable by 20 years.

    So why fuckin bother? kick the renewables into touch, fire up the coal gas and nuclear, keep warm and the lights on as long as possible and salute the Gods of misfortune for in 2045 we die.

    I’ll be long gone by then, but Mr Mora looks like a young guy. He’ll still be around. I’d love to be part of the posse on my wind powered mobility scooter, pitchfork in hand with hounds and torchlight on his midnight trail, baying for the blood of the moron who wrecked civilisation with this bollocks.

  3. Lynne says:

    I might be around in 2045. The egg he’ll have to wipe off his face (but it sounds like he’s off his face already) will feed a multitude. I’ll hand him a spatula.

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