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Excuse me Officer…

“Could you tell me the time please?”

“Certainly Sir, it’s 11.38am precisely”

“Er… are you sure Officer… It’s pitch dark?

“Are you calling me a lying effing Pleb sir? You are so bleedin nicked!”

Remember, The Government is not your friend, and that goes double for its enforcement arm.


  1. Sam Duncan says:

    Or… “The state isn’t even the government’s friend now”.

    In a transcript of the meeting taken from a recording he made, Mr Mitchell can be heard setting out clearly his version of events.

    He told the meeting: “I give you my word I did not call an officer a ******* pleb.”

    He added: I did say under my breath, but audibly, in frustration, I thought you lot were supposed to ******* help us.”

  2. Paul Marks says:

    Yes Sam – Mr Mitchell secretly recorded his meeting with the members of the Police Federation.

    In that meeting he denied (repeatedly) using the word “Pleb” and said what he did say.

    Yet the Police Federation representatives came out of that meeting and told the waiting News Conference (I can remember the days when police officers were not interested in press conferences – they were not “media people”) and said that Mitchell had NOT told them these things in the meeting (that he had refused to say……).

    In short they LIED – they lied about a Cabinet Minister. In order to get him to resign – they also demanded his resignation in the Press Conference (“his position is untenable” – they really know the media-speak now).

    Think what they would be prepared to do to any ordinary person.

  3. RAB says:

    Well well well, I wonder if one of my favourite cartoonists reads us?

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