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Sovereign state

Sky News:

Drivers in remote areas will be given a 5p a litre discount on their petrol under plans put forward by ministers.

Hurrah! But why can’t they do it for everyone?

Three locations in England and seven in Scotland have been selected after deciding they meet strict criteria to justify a cut.

Okay, but why can’t they just…

The Government has applied to the European Commission to vary the duty rates in the 10 towns.

Oh, right.


  1. pemseivat says:

    Why will no one, apart from tunnel visioned , ‘Vote for Me’, politicians really be surprised that quite a few drivers will drive out to those outlying areas from their urban residences to fill their cars up. It will be like a local version of a booze cruise only it will be a fuel cruise. Meanwhile urban petrol stations will go to the wall. To be honest, life is too serious to be left to politicians to sort out.

  2. Lynne says:

    Now we see the stupidity inherent in the system. Help, help we’re being suppressed.

  3. NickM says:

    In an obscure way you remind me of some numptie Green wittering on about avgas being “subsidised” when he meant “not taxed”. Seeing as jet planes are intrinsically international quite how one would tax it is beyond me. Anyway, you can run a jet engine on any fuel more sophisticated than wood-chips. Why d’ya think the Nazis were so keen? By the end the buggers couldn’t get the high octane stuff for like 2000hp piston engines so they flew V-1s on coal dust. How cool is that? Well not if it landed on your street but still…

    I want a Convair 880 as my personal conveyance. There is only one remotely capable of being made flyable and that is in Memphis, TN. You can guess who owned it. Or a two seat Yak-43 (cancelled). Nah, the Convair. OK, it ain’t V/STOL or supersonic or has missiles and stuff but I could have a hot-tub and a bar and a smoking lounge. It would beat the fuck out of a 1.0L Vauxhall Corsa.

    PS. Elvis had a phone installed in the ’60s. This cost $500,000 back when that was a lot of money.

  4. Lynne says:

    Nick, the only numptie on this post is you. You’ve lost it. Utterly lost it. WTF has aviation fuel and Elvis’ car phone got to do with Sam’s post?

  5. NickM says:

    Lynne. I was not having a go at Sam. I was agreeing with him. Jeez! What I was saying is that transport fuel can’t realistically be taxed if it is obtainable at a lower (or zero) tax rate within the range of the vehicle in question.

    Oh, and it was a ‘plane phone. Not a car phone.

  6. RAB says:

    A few years ago there was the story of a new manager being appointed to an Azda store in Bangor North Wales. He’d come from Basingstoke or somwhere like that, but he was keen to make his mark, new broom and all that. So he’s scrutinising his store’s figures and comparing them with those of the rest of the chain. He found a rather big anomaly. His store was selling 5000% more cooking oil than any other Azda store in the country. Plus he’d noticed that Bangor High street always smelled like a a Chip shop, when there were only the two.

    What had been happening was that the local farmers and others with diesel cars, were using a mixture of a little red diesel (already subsidised for farmers) and then the rest was pure vegetable oil (this works well apparently), so they were running their cars er… cheap as chips!

    When Gurnin Gordon found out about this he went doolally! Well even more than he already was like, and demanded that those using vegetable oil in their cars coughed up the full tax rate for Diesel at the pumps. If you were using it to fry chips or a Mars Bar, then fine. normal VAT, but if after you’ve done with it and instead of pouring in down the drain, shove it in your fuel tank, he wanted an arm and a leg in extra tax.

    Do these moronic bastards that we call poilticians, want us to be Green and save money and the Planet, or do they just want to steal as much of our hard earned off of us as they can?

  7. Lynne says:

    Apologies Nick. Although I’ve read it again I’m still having a hard time deciphering what you wrote. To be honest, your black hole post makes a lot more sense to me. Far more interesting too.

  8. John Galt says:

    Nice tip here. If you have a 1980′s model merc diesel without an engine management system then it will run on pure vegetable oil without any conversion or additives. Not sure what it’s like in the winter though.

    The difficulty with your average EMS is that it is so tightly programmed that any deviation from standard diesel specification will cause it the EMS to think there is an engine fault.

    Nick’s point about the V1 is well made, the Nazi’s also made the breakthrough Heinkel He 280 which ran on kerosene (paraffin) rather than high octane fuel generally used in aeroplane engines.

    The difference in fuel prices (largely duty related) between the UK and Republic of Ireland leads to drivers, especially lorry drivers, crossing the border to fill up at lower rates of duty. This has eased in recent years as fuel duties have been raised in the Republic of Ireland to closer to the UK levels, but there has been an ongoing campaign to have a separate, fuel duty for Northern Ireland equal to (or at least closer to) that of the Republic as it is seen as unfairly penalising petrol retailers in Northern Ireland, especially close to the border with the Republic. All previous attempts at this have failed because any reduction in fuel duty would be deducted from HM Treasury’s block grant to the province.

    The higher the rates of duty, the greater the value of fuel fraud, such as where red diesel is purchased for nominally agricultural use and then refined to remove dyes and other tracers and resold at a discount to retail diesel. This was a major source of income for the IRA and other paramilitary groups and its use has extended from Northern Ireland to parts of the UK.

  9. Andrew Duffin says:

    “If you have a 1980′s model merc diesel without an engine management system then it will run on pure vegetable oil without any conversion or additives”

    Yes, it will – for a while.

    Then it buggers up the injection pump, which will cost you far more than you’ve saved on the fuel.

    Chip fat doesn’t have the lubricity.

    There may be additives you could use, I dunno.

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