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5.56mm abortions

Unless you have a very good reason it is wrong to shoot someone but deliberately targeting women and shooting them in the uterus to kill their unborn child is… Well, I’ve lived 40 years and seen and heard of some vile things in my time but this is atrocious. Particularly because shooting heavily pregnant women offers no conceivable military advantage. Apparently the scrotes doing this are betting cigarettes on it. I saw this on the BBC Morning News and was appalled. I knew bad things were going on in Syria but I could live to be a thousand years old and such a caper would not occur to me. For ciggies I go to the shop and exchange money for them – like normal folk.

Don’t believe me? What about this guy?. He’s a surgeon who did pro-bono work in Syria which included C-sections to remove dead babies from the wombs of women who had been heavily pregnant and they did target heavily pregnant women because they’re like more obvious through a sniper scope. I lack the technical skills to do that but I also lack the moral skills not to go off my rocker doing that.

Evil, true, pure Sauronic evil, exists. And if Dr Nott’s testimony has any reality (and I suspect it does) this is evil.


  1. Paul Marks says:

    Yes great evil does exist.

    As the late Christopher Hitchens (a leftist to the day he died – but a pro life leftist) often said “if an unborn baby is not a human being why is kicking a pregnant women in the belly worse than kicking an nonpregnant woman in the belly – is it just because it makes it worse for the woman?”

  2. “Don’t believe me?”

    It’s not question of not believing you, Nick, more a question of the motives of the people who are publicising this one solitary (albeit horrible) x-ray…

  3. Flaxen Saxon says:

    I believe. Let’s be frank, most of the world is barbarous. Today, I learned a new word: ‘Twerking.’ Education comes with a cost. For me, seeing that slutty imp Miley Cyrus, grinding her nether regions into Robin Thicke will be indelibly imprinted into my beautiful eyes. Arrrrgh, my beautiful eyes.

  4. You only just discovered Twerking…?*

    Confession – until it cropped up in an episode of ‘Ray Donovan’, it was a (blessed) mystery to me too! :)

  5. Flaxen Saxon says:

    Indeed, JuliaM. Until it was mentioned today by NickM I was blissfully ignorant. Today, I am a wiser but not a happier man.

  6. NickM says:

    I’m still a bit vague as to the “twerk”.

    I’m a bit vague as to a lot of things. I thought Nintendo calling their handheld the Wii was corporate suicide. Shows what I know about stuff.

    If we can (and I am regretting the headline for this piece already) this is not a general abortion discussion. This, if true as a commonality, (Julia’s point is noted) is as repugnant to a “pro-choicer” as to a “pro-lifer”.

    I vaguely know who Miley Cyrus is but who the flying-buggery is Robin Thicke? I still recall Britney Spears being fun. I mean before she went mental.

  7. Flaxen Saxon says:

    NickM you are pulling me into dark territory. Me and thee need to get out more.

  8. NickM says:

    I live upon the places that are dark – that is where it matters. If not what is the point? If you can see into the abyss and only see evil and not yourself then… I shall twerk and that is an an abomination at every level. I can see evil. I have seen evil. I have been to Auschwitz and Dachau. If that isn’t evil then God alone knows. I saw the what they hung the bastards from who did that. I do not believe in capital punishment but… I do not believe in the Red Army either but… Did not our lads and the USA do much the same? When confronted with epic slaughter and evil at a scale beyond cognition? Yes. Kill the fuckers. Every last one of them.

    I don’t want my truth and reality to be about them (I really don’t) but we can’t live with such vileness. Stop.

  9. Dr Evil says:

    I read that too. The human degradation knows no bounds does it? I was reminded of the Sarajevo snipers who picked off little children if they could as wel as adults. This shooting of babies is the next step on the way down to hell. It’s often said that if you want to see what a monster looks like, look in a mirror.

  10. penseiveat says:

    “It’s often said that if you want to see what a monster looks like, look in a mirror.” A truism which runs along side “Good men will do good things and bad men will do bad things. It takes religion to make good men do bad things.” While the horrors of places like Sarajevo were dictated by nationalism, the horrors and atrocities in recent years have been carried out in the name of religion. One religion in particular. You know which one, that one which no one dares mention in fear of being branded a bigot, or have their family threatened or their house burned down. When they are demanding, or causing, the deaths of those who follow a different religion, they are kiiling members of different branches of their own religion. What insanity causes them to do this? They spread over the world like a pestilence and instead of accepting the hospitality of their host countries, and embrace what that society offers, they demand that their religon takes precedence and everyone else should either convert to or prepare to die. If you know what a moster looks like, look in a mirror and see the angry face showing over your shoulder.

  11. My apologies for raising the abortion matter Nick.

  12. NickM says:

    No probs but it just wasn’t the issue here.

    “Good men will do good things and bad men will do bad things. It takes religion to make good men do bad things.”

    That is pure Dawkins. People do hideous things due to religion – any religion but they also do vile things out of atheism. Ask Comrades Stalin or Kim.

  13. Mr Ed says:

    I glimpsed this story on a newsagent stand. The ‘Iraqis pulling leads out of incubators in a Kuwait maternity unit’ story came to mind, i.e. a story that sounds good to whip up a media storm to bore politicians into intervention, as did the following thoughts:

    1. The Ba’athists learnt well from their Soviet tutors in barbarism.

    2. People who work as snipers for Assad are unlikely to have moral limits.

    3. Pregnant women on foot in an urban war zone make slow, obvious, easy targets.

    4. Snipers have norms to meet. Socialists like targets, in many senses.

    5. The historical record suggests that the most awful side have more beards.

  14. Lynne says:

    How do they know those militants work for Assad and not the rebels?

  15. NickM says:

    The guy didn’t say so exactly. He, when pushed, thought it likely it was Assad’s chaps. There is a difference,

  16. Penseivat says:

    Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, etc, were all evil men whose religion was their political ideals.They were always destined to do evil things in the furtherance of those ideals. Like all religions, theirs was a cult of ideology. Christians martyred themselves for their God, just like fundamental Islamists, only Christians usually didn’t try to take other’s with them. Communists and Nazis martyred themselves for their leader at the time as well as that leader’s political views, though Mr Ed ‘s No 5 seems to be currently correct.

  17. Mr Ed says:

    Penseivat, thank you, my observation on beards is just a rule of thumb, always judge by deeds and intentions.

    Nowadays, I associate extreme Christians with a willingness to die for their faith, and extreme Islam, whether Sunni or Shia (Sufism etc. excepted) with a willingness to kill for their faith, like Marxists and Nazis have been all too eager to do.

    It is not hard to see the outcome when the two aforementioned Abrahmic extremes collide.

  18. Christianity has been decline in Europe since at least the First World War – since the 1960s it has been a rout (and the Jesuit Pope thinks the 1960s rout was a good thing…..).

    In the United States the powerlessness of Christians was shown by Supreme Court judgements even 60 years ago (not the fact of the judgements themselves – the fact that Christians were powerless to do anything about them).

    The left in the West has long noted that most Christians (including most so called “fundamentalist” Christians) will not fight (they will just be upset) so the left know they can do anything.

    Besides – the left control most schools and universities (as well as the media – especially the entertainment media), so they can give Hitler’s answer.

    “When an opponent tells me “I will not come over to your side” I reply by telling him that I do not care what he believes – as we have his children already”.

    However, I suspect that the watered down Marxism (“Critical Theory”) of the Western left will, in the long term, prove no match for Islam.

  19. It is indeed possible for a belief system (a “religion” if one use this term for both secular and religious belief systems) to be nonreligious (indeed atheist) and NOT leftist.

    Randian Objectivism is a classic example of such a belief system – and Objectivists are both brave and good.

    But their numbers are TINY (and “size matters”).

    Glenn Beck is correct – without religion (traditional religion – of the various sorts that were strong before the 1960s) the West will fall.

    Indeed the Frankfurt School (like the Fabians before them) KNEW that – which is why they (and their friends in the universities, Hollywood and so on) targeted traditional religion.

    However, they thought the West would fall to Marxism – they may well have prepared the ground for the West (a “hollowed out” West) to fall to something else….

    There are fortresses that are holding out – the strength of religion in Israel is a such a fortress, Jews are having CHILDREN in Israel (how many libertarians have children – we are an evolutionary dead end). Mormon Utah is a fortress (although even there Salt Lake City is in the hands of the left – and long has been). The traditional Lutherans of the Dakotas (North and South) are a fortress. The traditional Baptists (Pater Hagee and so on) are a fortress. Traditional Catholics (the people that Benedict spoke for and Francis does not) are a fortress.

    All these groups have CHILDREN (in traditional families) and seek to pass on Western culture to these children.

    But outside the strongholds things are getting dark – and a I believe these fortresses will fall.

    They will fall to a combination of cultural corruption from within, and (eventually) Islamic attack from without.

  20. Lynne says:

    The guy didn’t say so exactly. He, when pushed, thought it likely it was Assad’s chaps. There is a difference,

    Yeah, there’s a lot of that kind of blind, thought-it-likely finger pointing going around at the moment. The truth is the doctor doesn’t know. He’s let either bias or gut feeling do the talking which isn’t evidence. No doubt it slipped his mind that the so called rebels (terrorists by any other name) murder civilians: men, women (some of them likely to be pregnant) and children. You only need to ask the survivors of Maaloula what lengths Islamic extremists will go to in order to kill people who enjoyed a peaceful existence under Assad’s regime. The snipers targets apparently live in a regime protected area too. Yet it can only be regime snipers killing them?

    But then, when it comes to Syrian atrocities against civilians the fingers only seem to point in one direction. Weird.

  21. NickM says:

    Lynne, he admitted he didn’t know. He was pushed to essentially make a guess by the BBC interviewer in end. He had previously declined. No, it isn’t weird. Well it is because as I am sure I said before we really don’t know who the black and white hats are in this one. Even the MSM can’t make it’s mind up. And yeah, even the BBC by and large has been a bit reticent about the specific casting of nasturtiums. It isn’t even clear if this is a two side thing. It almost certainly isn’t with the opposition being made of all sorts. The BBC was just trying to get a hook on the story because “something ghastly is going on but we don’t know who by” is not much of a story.

  22. Lynne says:

    Al Jabeeba? Say no more…

  23. NickM says:

    Lynne, er… The entire idea that this is religious is making no sense to me. It might be tribal in ways we can’t really understand but we simply don’t know.

  24. Lynne says:

    If someone took murder and atrocity and forged it into a religion I think it would probably look like what’s going on in Syria right now.

    Oh, wait. They already did that…

    It makes no sense to me either. Or anyone of a civilised disposition.

  25. Flaxen Saxon says:

    I’ve come back to this discussion after an absence. Nick M: I decided to take my own sage advice to ‘get out more’. Even if this meant only going down to the local pub to get pissed. I’m fascinated by the discussion concerning the ‘evil that men do.’ As rightly pointed out it is not just the Hitler’s and Stalin’s that are capable of great evil, or fanatics of any stripe for that matter. It seems that most can do appalling acts, given the right circumstances. My father fought as an infantryman in the Korean War. From what he said there is no doubt he violated the tenets of the Geneva Convention on a number of occasions, as did his comrades. My father was in many ways an unremarkable man and certainly not a face of evil, at least to me. Interestingly the evil he performed in the early 1950’s didn’t bother him at the time; evil in war is commonplace. Who was it who said something about the banality of evil? Perhaps someone of a more literary bent can help me out. Interestingly, the deeds my father did during this conflict bothered him greatly later in life.
    Theodicy is the theological attempt to let god off the hook for evil. For those who believe in the conventional concept of god, your deity is omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent. This concept makes god directly responsible for ALL evil in our world. Theodicy has an ancient pedigree and can be traced through Augustine to the ‘Angelic Doctor’ to modern Catholic scholars (may god forgive them?). As an aside, the theology I describe is uniquely Christian. Islam doesn’t bother to varnish it’s religion with the intellect, and it shows.
    Theodicy has taken a modern twist with the advent of ‘Process Theology.’ It is to be noted that theologians like to couch their terms with obscurest and fancy terms.
    As I understand it, and as first proposed by Alfred North Whitehead, process theology allows for a less than perfect god. Of course this would let god off the vexed problem ‘of evil’. Going back to Aristotle, a perfect being would be unable to act as perfection implies completeness, with all potentiality actualised. God is envisioned as having two natures: a changing part (imperfect) and an unchanging part (perfect?). God uses ‘persuasion’ to influence man towards perfection. If man is not open to progressive moral change and performs evil then it is not the fault of god, but man. An interesting theodicy, but I find the concept so drenched in Aristotelian metaphysics as to be totally repugnant to the modern mind. The model has other predictions, but for me, god is starting to become an abstraction (can’t agree more- let’s just take one more step) and the whole concept is teetering on pantheism. I can’t help think that clever theologians are trying just too hard. Of course, this view pleases but a minority of Christians and for the obvious reasons.
    I’m well aware that atheists are responsible for some of the world’s most abominable historical atrocities. The only common denominator, or course, is man.

  26. Julie near Chicago says:

    Nick: Well said indeed.

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