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When I was a student I had a housemate who was doing nursing. Because he was a big lad the NHS wanted him to do either A&E or psychiatric nursing where his physical attributes would come in handy at a push.

We once watched the Gary Olman Dracula film and he remarked during the Bedlam scenes, “No change in mental-health then.” Now OK it might be but it’s nothing to mental healthcare in Somalia.

Just read the whole thing. And I challenge anyone not to realize Somalia is even more thourhly fucked than they already knew it to be.

They either chain the mentally ill to trees and leave ‘em or they think they they can cure ‘em by locking them in a cage overnight with a hyena.

“There is a belief in my country that hyenas can see everything including the evil spirits people think cause mental illness,” says Hab. “So in Mogadishu, you will find hyenas that have been brought from the bush and families will pay £350 ($560) to have their loved one locked in the room overnight with the animal.”

One wonders who is mentally ill.

One also wonders why Somalia is such an epic shit-hole.


  1. Roue le Jour says:

    Nick, having lived in the West and now living in a village where people believe some pretty strange things, I have to say that believing walking around the village banging tin cans scares away ghosts is a much more benign belief than the one held by the majority of people the West, that coercive collectivism works.

  2. Expect an outcry in the UK….over the taking of animals from the wild!

  3. Mr Ed says:

    It all comes down to the ideas in people’s heads. Here’s one brave Somali chap, if they were all like him, it might be a very nice place.

    Smeone stole his clothes whilst he was rescuing a woman from the Thames.

    He got a Queen’s Gallantry Medal.

  4. Paul Marks says:

    Mark Steyn honestly gave accounts of what various people from this part of the world had told him about their beliefs – and the powers-that-be took note.

    They persecuted Mr Steyn for “hate speech”.

    Remember as far as the P.C. people are concerned – truth is no defence.

  5. Talwin says:

    I can think of several of our Westminster/BBC/WWF/global warming (etc.,etc., pick your own) chums who I would be quite happy to see caged for a little while with a hyena.

  6. Flaxen Saxon says:

    Ignorance and poverty are constant bed fellows.

  7. Mr. Mxyzptlk says:

    Actually, they’re probably right. Hyenas are seriously weird animals (they can change sex at will!) and they’re probably right in with some seriously strange evil spirits.

    On the other hand, would you trust a f**king hyena?

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