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He is right, they are not extremists

They are just normal muslims, adhering to normal beliefs:


  1. John Galt says:

    It says something that this was carried out in Norway which according to the (not so) liberals is one of the Scandiwegian bastions of liberal attitudes. This is where being liberal gets you, when the hoards of Islam arrive at the gates, you don’t just open up and say “Come on in guys”.

    In one way this guy is refreshingly honest, these guys follow Islam and it says “Death to Faggots” as well as other groups and peoples, including us the Dhimmi. The only reason that they don’t make this more obvious is that even the followers of the prophet know full well that it is difficult to extort money out of the same person you are saying you will kill unless they convert to Islam.

    Time the West grew a pair and started prosecuting these medieval toerags for incitement to hatred (since this is what they are saying) or better still since many of them are foreigners anyway, just expel them back to the 3rd world shithole that they came from.

  2. Julie near Chicago says:

    OK, they’re neither “extremists” nor radicals. That’s exactly the argument in favor of deporting them all.

    D-U-H !!!

  3. Lynne says:

    So, these are the “moderate” Muslims that Guardianista apologists dhimmis keep harping on about?

    Shome mishtake, shurley…

  4. Paul Marks says:

    It is not just the Guardian and so on – it is Neo Cons also.

    Totally sincere people such as Douglas Murray.

    Totally sincere – and totally wrong.

    There is no “conflict within Islam” – well there is (there is Sunni versus Shia and so on), but not in the way the Neo Cons think there is.

    They (the Neo Cons) think in terms of “real Muslims” and “radical Islamists”.

    Sorry – it does not work that way.

    A Muslim is a follower of Mohammed.

    And Mohammed was a naughty man – a very naughty man.

    Islam is the religion he made up to justify his naughtiness.

    ” A poet has been murdered by Islamists – what would Mohammed have said?”

    Say the Neo Cons – thinking they are shaming Muslims, in the way saying “what would Jesus have said” (or done) should shame violent Christians.

    But Muslims just (in private) laugh at this.

    For (for example) Mohammed sent people to murder an old blind poet (posing as friends of the poet – bad faith as well as murder). and when a female poet protested at the murder – Mohammed just sent men to murder her as well.

    The Neo Cons (not just the Guardianistas) have an image of Mohammed as if he was like Jesus or Buddha.

    He was not like this – not at all.

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