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Ezekiel Emanuel on Fox News Sunday

The truly inhuman Dr. Zeke Emanuel, brother of Hatchetface Rahm E., former Chief of Staff to Dear Leader and present Mayor of Chicago, and chief architect of Obamacare.  *Hssst!  It Speaks!*  Broadcast Sunday, 2013/11/3, I believe.  Poor Mr. Wallace…I hope he collected at the least a Bronze Heart.

A couple of examples of brazen lying are in the YouTube description at  NOTE:       [Apologies, but the html tags don't seem to be working.  Including the ones for italics, indicated above by *'s.]

In the last analysis, Obamacare is no good because it’s WRONG. It’s armed robbery, and I wish they’d said so.

But anybody who has experience of governments and the ways of bodies politic … they can get used to anything, and in a year or two most of them will have forgotten why they hated ObieCare so much, and scared to death of having to do without it.

This the Left knows well, and this the Left plays upon. They really are master manipulators.

Although I just watched Rep. Louis Gohmert on “The Blaze,” and he still thinks people are going to be getting more and more upset with ObieCare. (He also said we have to actually work to get back our lost liberty.) Anyway: Kidney basins ready? GO!

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  1. Paul Marks says:

    Julie – as you know all one needs to know about these people is to observe what they have created in Chicago and in Illinois generally. Now doomed to bankruptcy – both economic and social.

    The words of Christopher Wren spring to mind…..

    “If you seek my monument, look around you”.

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