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Modern Art

‘‘My wife said the Queen was the only person who picked it as a scam,’’ said Firth

Does this mean Sydneysiders get their $30,000 back?

H/T Andrew Bolt


  1. RAB says:

    A museum of words is called a dictionary.

    My contribution is the word…. Bollocks!

  2. NickM says:

    I think that is brilliant. And I think Mr Firth saved you guys a lot of money in the long-run. He basically did the equivalent of the little kid in the Emperor’s New Clothes who says, “But I can see his willy!” Top marks from me. Which reminds me… I have a post or two on public funding of the arts here in dear old Cheshire. And yes, Mr Firth’s name reminds me of another Mr Firth. Yes, we might due to “austerity” not be able to fix the roads but when it comes to defacing Cheshire villages with epic crap then somewhere the money comes from. Oh, it comes from me! And you.

    I mean far be it for me to suggest that the epic wank erected around my gaff of late is worth less than fixing my road – which claimed a front shock absorber on the Corsa at considerable expense not that long since – and according to the mechanic he’s seeing more and more of ‘em. Far be it! This is the end of days – let’s not even pretend to try and just piss it up the wall.

    Firth makes a good point. Publicly funded arts is often a race to the bottom.

    Consider this…

    That is in my home town of Gateshead. I have no fucking idea. And yes, if you go round the back it does have a bottom. Sort of. Of course we also have this…

    I rather like it. And it meant I could tell folk I was from Gateshead and not “somewhere near Newcastle”.

    And if you got a million quid I have an unmade bed. For two million I shall shit in it. For three million I’d do it live on Channel 4.

  3. Dioclese says:

    Perhaps he should have included the word ‘Bull’ ?

  4. Ian Hills says:

    The Turner prize is due to be awarded soon. See last year’s winner -

  5. Julie near Chicago says:

    When I was in college, the great psychologist Dr. Bruno Bettelheim (I think it was–anyway, Bettelheim WAS a jerk in that lecture, and I’m hanging it on him) gave a stand-alone lecture to the students who were taking some Social Science class or other. It was standing-room-only in Mandel Hall (U. of Chicago). Among his other brilliances (and the only one I remember — although I do remember an attempt at insulting a student from the podium, who gave him back a verbal good one, right in the chops) — the only thing I remember was his pointing out the deep Freudian significance of the fact that “sick” is “kiss” spelled backwards.

    (Yes yes, I know it’s not. Who’s telling this story, you or me? And it is what he said.)

    Anyway, that has always stuck in my mind as one of the many epitomes of nonsense parading as profound insight. And this museum business requires that I point out, for the elevation of Feline Enumerators everywhere, the following group of anagrams:


    If that doesn’t explain the true Nature of Life, especially human life, I don’t know what does. (We could throw in the word “veil,” but I’m not sure of its significance in this context, although I could draw on one of a few different possibilities and try to shovel the result onto you folks’ shoes.)

  6. NickM says:

    Interesting comment Julie,

    I’ve personally always thought psychology was one notch below demonology.

    Shake dem bones! Or whatever. Utter tripe on a tricycle.

    - BSc Physics, MSc Astrophysics.

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