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Why democracy sucks # 5

We are rich in the West right? So that must be due to democracy. After all, the 1980’s Eastern Europeans didn’t have democracy, but they did have bread queues and crappy cars. So is it democracy that makes us rich? No, not quite.

It is true that Western Europe is richer than some African dumps, but this is for a number of reasons including semi-respect for property rights (some of your cash is stolen by the government, not all of it), the protestant work ethic, the enlightenment and the inertia of wealth concentrations. But it’s nothing to do with democracy. Several countries are democracies but aren’t rich, look at some of the Latin American examples, or indeed the African democracies. Other countries aren’t democratic but are rich, such as China or some of the gulf states (the ones without much oil).

So we can see prosperity comes when the rights of people to keep the fruits of their own labour are respected, not from the ability to vote to loot someone.

Democratic politicians by their very nature want to buy votes. They can’t openly say, I will give you £100 but tax you £300 to do it. And in truth, isn’t that the reality, the only trick that pony has? So they lie, or they borrow (which explains the insane deficits) or print money, but the state grows. And as it grows it simply crowds out the wealth producing free market.

So really, democracy makes us poorer.


  1. Paul Marks says:

    The argument for democracy is that it enables people to get rid of a government peacefully.

    However, this does assume that politicians are actually in charge of government (which is only partly true) and that changing which politicians are in charge means a fundamental change in policy – which if often does not.

    For example, if people in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were AGAINST “monetary stimulus” (the demented “low interest rate” policy) and “fiscal stimulus” (the massive borrowing being done by the British government – under the stupid talk of “austerity”) who were they supposed to vote for at the last election to stop it, or vote for at the next election to stop it?

    Do most people even know what is being done in the name?

    Could they (for example) say what the government deficit (even as a percentage of the economy) is?

    Do they know that the Bank of England has also turned the entire financial system into a credit bubble joke?

    And if the people do know these things – I repeat…… who do they vote for to stop it?

    Democracy might be a fine thing – pity it does not appear to exist.

    Also – on information…….

    Most people get their information from the television and radio (not the internet).

    Which means (for example) that most people do not even know that the former head of the Coop Bank was in the habit of having random sex with total strangers whilst under the influence of drugs (they would not even know the man was a drug abuser if the press had not exposed it – but the BBC has sat on the rest of the story).

    And most people certainly do not know that Mr Flowers (the former head of the Coop bank) pumped millions of Pounds in sweetheart “loans” to the Labour party, or that Mr “Ed” Balls (the Labour Party economic policy chief) personally got hundreds of thousands of Pounds for his own political antics.

    The average BBC watching voter knows nothing of this.

    But he does know all about the naughty Mayor of Toronto (because the media do not like this drug abuser – because he is not “Gay” or because he cut taxes).

    And the average television watcher now “knows” that J.P. Morgan Chase (and other private banks) caused the international economic crises.

    After all the noble Mr Holder (who is actually a scumbag) has got 13 billion Dollars from this company – it must be to blame……

    Nothing to do with the Federal Reserve (which is even getting more power) – so look away children.

    “Democracy” – where is it?

  2. NickM says:

    As to the Coop. My local Coop store has had a bust door for over a week. So amazingly some bugger (or buggers) did a shame and grab on it last night. This happens a lot. They once stole the ATM. This shit doesn’t happen at Sayeed’s corner shop – a family business – because Sayeed and his wife run a tight ship. It is a right pisser for me because since the village NatWest (“Helpful banking” – Gordon Brown’s painted arse is it !) went bollocks-up in the slurry-tank of epic ordure of bubble banking we have no other ATM within walking distance. So the Coop fail to secure their premises and then get knocked over. I’d buy a very small violin if I could get money out.

    Is the spectacular incompetence of the Coop any surprise in the context of the Coop Bank having a boss who is a crack-addled whore-hound.

  3. Sam Duncan says:

    I’m surprised you haven’t done a post on the Co-Op Bank, Nick. I’m guessing it’s probably for much the same reason I haven’t: too busy laughing. All together now…. Ethical!

    I can’t really add anything to Paul’s comment. The real trouble, as usual, is that the government is too big. The average voter – hell, the average MP – can’t possibly know everything it’s up to. Majoritarian elected oligarchy (“democracy”) might work, more or less, with a severely limited government, but unfortunately its very nature is to expand it.

  4. R Richard Schweitzer says:

    “We are rich in the West right? So that must be due to democracy.”

    No. Not by historical evidence.

    “Wealth” has been increased exponentially by the predominance of individuality in specific cultures, regardless of the existence or operation of a democratic process.

    One can begin with the examples of the experiences of the city states of Northern Italy at the close of the Middle Ages.

    It can be seen in oligarchies.

    However, the rise of individuality does impact the forms of governing and the modes of being governed.

    As the functions of individuality are displaced or suppressed, the increments to wealth formation, accumulation and preservation decline (surpluses disappear).

    In those cases in which the democratic process is not used as a means to suppress individuality, the conditions for individuality to function may be optimal. But, that is not a characteristic exclusive to the democratic process.

  5. NickM says:

    My local Co-op sells “ethical water”. This of course quenches your thirst and writes an essay on The moral philosophy of (in ref to local secondary school round here) Thomas-a-queer-arse, Doctor of the Church. I was told that gem by my wife (who is from round here) who at New Mills Comprehensive managed to get a GCSE in CDT for “designing” a wooden crocodile on wheels pulled by a string. And you wonder why I type this on a Toshiba? Note “designing”, not making. What truly epic wankenstein.

    My CDT teacher (also careers) was a total half-wit. We called him “Satch”. He was a bungicle of epic magic. He also taught “careers” and that was utter shite only intended to keep the twat from the power tools.

    Sample quote from Satch. “Nyeh! [he did used to say, "Nyeh!" a lot] “There is no point in doing GCSE biology unless you want to be a biology-ist”. That’s fucking verbatim that is.

    I did GCSE biology. Nyeh!

    Anyway, I am letting the deal old Co-op collapse under it’s own midden. And I guess I would have posted if I wasn’t busy with a rented gent sticking a crack-pipe up my arse.

    Whilst pretending to be a Methodist minister.

  6. RAB says:

    Ah yes, the Case of the Crystal Methodist… not one Sherlock Holmes would have needed to spend much time on..

    As far as I am concerned it goes like this… I have Gay friends, I have drug using friends, hell I even have Gay drug using friends, what they do for jollies is of no concern to me (though the Reverend De-Flower’s congregation may take quite a different view, unless Methodism has undergone a radical overhaul since I gave up going to Sunday School). No my concern is if I consult one of my friends professionally and they are either off their face, or worse, have no professionalism whatsoever, then I get pissed off.

    Clearly the good shepherd knoweth not his arse from his elbow in matters of banking. Asked by a Parliamentary Committee what the Co-op banks assets were, he opined… £3 billion, when it is, in fact , 47 Billion (jesus! can I pull my van up round the back of the bank and split the difference with you squire?) Interest rates? What are they? etc etc etc.

    This well connected Labour buffoon should not have been let anywhere near a bank unless it was with a paying in slip, let alone be handed the job of Chairman of the “Ethical” Co-op, which incidentally bankrolls the Labour party in much the same way as the Unions do. And to cap it all, the Labour party knew all about the Reverend’s little pecadillos but didn’t think to mention it to the Co-op, just as long as the money kept flowing to them to fund Ed Balls “Office” etc etc. I thought that’s what the expenses were for on top of the salary, didn’t you?

    This aint Crony Capitalism, this is Crony Socialism. It would have made more sense, and been a bloody sight cheaper, to give the crackheaded cretin a Monopoly Set for Christmas and let him play with it in a dimly lit room with all his young friends and a huge pile of Ketomine, while keeping his 6 figure salary, than letting him loose in the real world.

    Yet still Labour don’t get it in the ass from the MSM. I wonder why?

  7. NickM says:

    “It would have made more sense, and been a bloody sight cheaper, to give the crackheaded cretin a Monopoly Set for Christmas and let him play with it in a dimly lit room with all his young friends and a huge pile of Ketomine, while keeping his 6 figure salary, than letting him loose in the real world.”

    Epic quality RAB! I mean Masterchef final quality.

  8. RAB says:

    Shucks. Ta Nick.

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