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Politically correct Thursday

Her name is Dai Macedo, and hers has been proclaimed the best bum in Brazil

I imagine the competition was pretty hot.

H/T News Ltd


  1. RAB says:

    Um… each to their own preferences here, but that bum comes under the category of the Williams sisters. Place a tray of drinks on theirs, get them to serve an Ace and notice that they don’t spill a drop.

  2. I’m with RAB, whilst she certainly would not be sent in disgrace from the SAoT bedroom, I like ‘em a tad more slender.

    A good friend of mine once mused that dating beautiful women is all very well, but one should not marry them because they never have to develop personality or tolerance. There is something in that. Nietsche (I think) once said that the rich, the powerful and the beautiful never have to hear the truth.

    With beautiful women, there is always another man willing to humour their ill-humour and so there is no obvious driver for them to be reasonable. That’s not to say all super hot women are hard work, but quite a few of ‘em are.

  3. Kevin B says:

    Ah chaps, I beg to differ. As soon as I learnt the meaning of the word callipygous, (in a book by that old rascal Anthony Burgess), I knew I was a bottom man.

    And Ms Macedo is a perfect specimen of the callipygian.

  4. NickM says:

    Too much. And I suspect part of her buttocks are implanted and liable to explode on airplanes. To much distress all round. Apart from the distress of the woman in question, other passengers, flight attendants, the TSA (though they can go fuck themselves with an imperial fucking-pole) like whatever. She just isn’t my type Cats. She looks like CGI re-master of Lara Croft done by a 15 year old boy with a hard-on at the keyboard. Definite “left-handed mousing”. I’am arguably with SAoT but I don’t entirely mean “slender” but “sophisticated” whereas she was a bit Sunday Sport. Except I differ from SAoT on this line…

    “A good friend of mine once mused that dating beautiful women is all very well, but one should not marry them because they never have to develop personality or tolerance. There is something in that.”

    Which is unbelievably sexist. Seriously, SAoT you seem to be suggesting that until a lady enters your boudoir they can’t have “personality” or “tolerance”? That and pulchritude is kinda a starter for me.

    And always has been.

    I hate this. Girls (and I mean girls, not women) come out with this pony about how you can have either beauty and brains but not both. Well, how do you explain my vaguely libertarian, totally empathetic and extremely physically attractive former office-mate. She got a PhD in astrophysics. Without visiting chez SAoT to find you with a cigarette-holder and doing your best Terry Thomas.

    I used to know the President of the American Mathematical Association. She lead a successful campaign to get a talking Barbie Doll taken out of production (note: not banned – essentially after feedback from the consumers the company deleted it from their range). Why? It was a talking model and one of the phrases it uttered was, “I want to be an animal doctor but math is hard!”. That is why the AMA got involved. The era of the blue stocking or the subservient housewife is well over.

    Females can be clever, witty, physically beautiful, able to cook (a skill I admire), bring-up kids, whatever all rolled into one. They can be physically gorgeous and have the other attributes you mention before they come to the altar of SAoT. Many are. I’ve met them. There is from my experience no beauty/brains/morality trichotomy. It is possible for a girl to be born hopeless amoral, pig-ugly and thicker than molasses in winter. That is life.

    Anyway, is anyone going to post pictures of hunks here? Why not if we going to have the female arse of the year contest?

  5. Paul Marks says:

    Brazil is a large country – and very complex.

    Someone like me would tend to concentrate on the bad side.

    This lady shows there is a nice side to Brazil.

  6. Flaxen Saxon says:

    Arse, big fat arse.

  7. CountingCats says:

    Flaxen S,

    You are new around here, so you will be unaware of various conversations we have had in the past. Others disagree with me, but I tend to have an unusual, if not idiosyncratic, attitude towards comments which are pretty much nothing bar crudities ranging to obscenities. That attitude covers the range from the deepest contempt to utter loathing. I simply consider that for grown men and women to act with all the judgement and finesse of a five year old trying to shock their mother is not so much a demonstration of their taste, style and intellect as much as their complete lack of any of these things.

    If you speak to JG, RAB and NickM they will confirm that I tend to be just a tad less tolerant of these things than they are. We have had many interesting discussions on precisely this topic.

    So, regardless of what others will put up with, when commenting on one of my postings, if you feel the need to make a comment which contains nothing but puerile crudities, stop, think, and then shove it up your fucking arse, which is the only place it belongs.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


  8. Ian B says:

    Too much bum for me I’m afraid, I prefer something a bit more European in shape. I’m not entirely convinced by the growing fascination with bottoms, myself, it seems to be this American fascination with putting “ass” in every sentence; kick it, bust it, beat it, it sucks, …is grass, -hole, -hat, -wipe, -clown, -perger’s Syndrome etc. It’s like the only expletive they’ve got, which is total ass in my view, but then I’m a bit of an ass anyway.

    “This is Dai Macedo, the biggest bum in Cardiff”.

  9. Ian B says:

    shit sorry forgot what website I was on, I’ll relurk. Sorry.

  10. CountingCats says:


    Your account remains active…

    I think.

  11. Lynne says:

    Ian, nice to see that you lurk. Please don’t be a stranger.

    I’ll pass on commenting the pic although it’s good to see that curves win out over stick insectism. I prefer ogling well toned male bums.

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