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Warsaw: COP 19

After the power crazed and money grubbing insanity we saw in Copenhagen, Cancun, Rio and Bali, Warsaw heads to the same failure. This time though, at least some attendees are openly treating it with all the seriousness it deserves.

Australian diplomats have also thrown a wrench into the negotiations, as poor countries and activists accused them of not taking the talks seriously. The country did not even send high-ranking officials to the UN summit, saying that they would be busy repealing the country’s contentious carbon tax.

They wore T-shirts and gorged on snacks throughout the negotiation. That gives some indication of the manner they are behaving in,” said a spokeswoman for the Climate Action Network.

Hardly diplomatic of these diplomats. Appropriate, but hardly diplomatic.

Andrew Bolt suggests we send more popcorn.

One hundred billion dollars they want, each and every year. The UN can buy a lot of clients with that.


  1. NickM says:

    So they sent Sir Les (the Aussie Cultural Ambassador). Excellent Smithers! Good on you mates! Next time they have one of these jamborees I’ll host a BBQ with big steaks *flown* in from Oz. Or Argentina, or Ireland or Texas or wherever is furthest.

  2. NickM says:

    PS. When I saw your title Cats “Warsaw: COP 19″ I thought it was going to be a review of a new and gritty detective drama set in Poland.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    Sometimes the country of my birth can make me very very proud.

  4. Sam Duncan says:

    $100bn? That’s a hell of a lot of money, even by government standards. You can see why the sort of people who’ve realised that if you pick just 2p from the pocket of everyone in Britain you have £1,200,000 to play with rather like the idea of an organization that can do that kind of thing on a global scale (or, for that matter, a continental one). Think of the expenses

    But yeah, nice one Aussies. Treating the proceedings with the respect they deserve. None at all.

    PS: Nick, me too. Seriously. As I said the other day, how can anyone keep up with all this?

  5. RAB says:

    Yes hats off to the Aussies.

    I’m feeling a bit Stalinish today… How many Battalions do these poor countries have? What are they going to do if we don’t give ‘em free stuff, stamp their little feet in the rising tide? And yes 100 Billion is a fuck off amount of money, no doubt conjured up on the back of an envelope.

    We know exactly how the money would be spent though don’t we? A new Presidential jet, new weaponry, Gold Cards for the ruling elites and their wives to spend in London Paris and New York, and a nice little cut to all the Charriddees that are trying to blackmail the rich countries into stumping it up.

  6. John Galt says:

    Same goes for the “Compensation for Slavery” argument (I shit you not).

  7. Gene says:

    My scientific and historical education continues apace. I had no idea that there were no typhoons, heat waves or droughts before the 20th century. I learn so much from our indignant climate conferees.

  8. John Galt says:

    I seem to remember from my history lessons of youth that this was exactly the same sort of bullshit that went on at the League of Nations and led to it’s demise, so I am very supportive of their foot stamping petulance and it should be positively encouraged that this warble gloaming nonsense might be brought to a well deserved end.

  9. Lynne says:

    Popcorn is a start.

    Way to go Aussie diplos.


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