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This is what happens…

… when you invade Afghanistan (for the umpteenth time) and lose about 3,400 coalition dead and God knows how many maimed or traumatised beyond my comprehension or probably yours too. War has a cost and that cost requires a pay-off or it is worse than meaningless. It is obscene. And I’m not even including the Afghans killed in this bizarre attempt to impose the Great God of Democracy within an Islamic Republic (which is how Afghanistan styles it self under the Khazi of Kabul). Leaving aside the bitter irony that the secular US led invasion following Islamist attacks led to to the formation of an Islamic Republic. (I’m saying nothing about Iraq here which is also now styled as an Islamic Republic.)

Anyway, this is what happens…

Afghan government officials have proposed reintroducing public stoning as a punishment for adultery, Human Rights Watch said, even though the practice has been denounced both inside and outside the country as one of the most repugnant symbols of the Taliban regime.
The sentence for married adulterers, along with flogging for unmarried offenders, appears in a draft revision of the country’s penal code being managed by the ministry of justice.
There are several references to stoning in a translated section of the draft seen by the Guardian, including detailed notes on judicial requirements for handing down the sentence. “Men and women who commit adultery shall be punished based on the circumstances to one of the following punishments: lashing, stoning [to death],” article 21 states. The draft goes on to specify that the stoning should be public, in article 23.

Anyone surprised? I’m not. It probably won’t make it into law but the fact this ancient evil is even being discussed seriously is dreadful.

What a terrible waste of blood and treasure. And how foreseeable.

How many Afghan wars has Britain been in now?


  1. David says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it makes it into law there.
    In fact I’d be very surprised if it didn’t. Maybe not this year, but I suspect it will come.

  2. Odin's Raven says:

    After spending billions to bomb them out of their own country, further millions are being spent to re-settle them in Britain. The next Afghan war will thus be handily located in a Britain which can no longer afford foreign adventures. Blood must continue to flow; the genius of our rulers is shown by their importation of invaders.

  3. Mr Ed says:

    I was informed by Mr Marks that the Taliban were by no means a monolithic force when in power, they had long, earnest debates on matters of import. One of which was whether death by stoning involved a) lobbing loose rocks at the condemned, or b) placing the condemned under a stone wall that was to be collapsed on top of him.

    Nd no, ‘the Muslims’ are not the threat to the West, the home-grown collectivists are.

  4. Paddy says:

    Nobody knows why we are in Afghanistan.

    By my count, this is the Fourth “war” the Brits have had up there, although, as should be painfully obvious, the country has been in a state of semi-war since Alexander visited.

    It is a painfully awful place by all accounts and I can’t understand what we are doing there. It is possible to occupy the place indefinitely, although there are no wealth-producing opportunities there. This is essentially the economic equivalent of an enormous thermo-dynamic body at lower energy than us: it’s just a money-sucking source. Worse, we are paying for this hell with many lives. As Bismark famously remarked about the numerous Balkan conflicts, “not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian Grenadier”. How much more applicable is this place? Terrible waste of blood and treasure, as you rightfully point out.

    We need to make break contact and let the place sink/implode/rot/decay.

  5. The Afghans do rather prove a point. Intervention in their country is not a good idea. So: Bearing in mind the Silk Road has been largely pedestrianised due to lack of use, The Great Bear to the north is still licking her wounds after her 90s adventures It figures very high on the “not a holiday destination of choice” list of the world’s most sensible people. Seems the best answer would be to put some wire & minefields round it & open it as a theme park for those wishing to experience the medieval world as it was lived. (Maybe invest some money selling the attractions to the Greens)

  6. NickM says:

    You are evil but I like you 😉

  7. Dylan Lowe says:

    The punishment prescribed by the Qur’an is flogging 100 times in public for those found guilty. According to the prophet Muhammad, an unmarried person who commits adultery or fornication is punished by flogging 100 times; a married person, however, may receive the heavier punishment of stoning to death if convicted of adultery.

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