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Proposed new regulatory state will do regulatory state type things. Film at 11.

I’ve just overheard a BBC trailer announcing an hour-long Reporting Scotland special on today’s publication of the “independence” manifesto white paper, which, they say, “covers everything from the economy to sports teams and TV programmes”. Reason enough to vote against the thing, I’d say.

And yeah, I’m posting this rather than watching it.


  1. RAB says:

    Bless you Sam for posting on this, cos if you hadn’t I would have.

    Talk about the Okey Cokey referendum… We’ll be totally independent of the bastard English! Er except we’ll keep the Queen as head of State and the Pound Stirling, and our membership of the EU (answer to all of those is no you fuckin won’t! especially the EU membership. Scotland will have to re-apply and accept the Euro if granted membership, so bang goes Stirling too. And although the Queen loves Balmoral, I’m sure she could spend her Summer Hols on the Isle of Wight like Victoria used to).

    Oh and the National debt currently stands at a Trillion, so Scotland will send a cheque for a third of that on full independence will it? Wee Alex is more off with the fairies than “No more boom and bust” Gurnin Gordon ever was.

    I could go on and on, there are 650 pages of this fantasy to get through you know.

  2. Sam Duncan says:

    I was going to put this in a new post, but I thought, “Why dignify the buggers?” The headline on Wednesday’s Herald was a quote (I’m repeating it from memory):

    We do not seek independence as an end in itself. We seek it as a means to make Scotland better.

    To which I can only reply with another quote, from Frank Zappa:

    There’s no reason to assume that my idea of what‘s better would really be better. I resent it when other people try to inflict their ideas of betterness on me. I don’t think they know. And I can’t see any authority on the horizon that’s got any answers that seem worthwhile. Most of the things that are suggested are probably detrimental to your mental health.

    A smart cookie, was ol’ Frank.

  3. RAB says:

    He certainly was Sam… definately one of us Libertarian types. I saw him with the original Mothers of Invention back in 1969.

    Well sadly this post doesn’t seem to be getting much trade so all of you who like fine intelligent music, cop this…

    Just revel in the lyrics about half way in.

  4. John Galt says:

    “…and the Pound Stirling…”

    Presumably this is some bastardised version of the Pound Sterling for Scottish voters, along with the Falkirk tanner and the Rab C. Nesbitt thrupenny bit?


    Wee Eck on the March

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