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When Law Becomes Subjective then the Rule of law is totally Fucked.

When I was an executive in the Crown Court, I had an oppo on my section, a CO name of Sam. He was a big strapping lad of Afro/ Caribbean extraction. He loved sports of all kinds, and was good at them. He beat me easily in the Crown Court Table tennis championship final, for instance. Christ you should have seen his forearm smash… which was the point, because mostly I didn’t.

Anyway, we were having an pint and reading the paper in the pub over the road one lunchtime. and he comes across an article about how racist Robinson’s jam was for putting Gollywogs on their labels. He was outraged. Not because he agreed that they were being racist, but because he thought it utter fuckin nonsense, and was all a white leftie slur.

He told me that he had collected the tokens as a kid and had sent off for all the enamel badges. He had the complete set. In fact he was very proud of them. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s you see, you didn’t see many Black Tennis or Golf players, you had to wait a few years till Arthur Ash and Tiger Woods turned up for that, yet there they were represented by his Golly badges that he displayed with pride on his school uniform jacket, a spur to his aspirations.  He thought that calling them racist was nonsense on stilts.

Ah but that was then, we live in much more enlightened times now don’t we boys and girls?

When the Law descends to the point where the only criteria that can be taken into account in a case is the supposed offence caused to a supposed victim, rather than objective evidence that no offence was intended or even contemplated, then you know that English Common Law is well and truly fucked.

This case should never have even got to the Queezy  legal Tribunal stage without being thrown out. The fact that it is now being considered at the Court Of Appeal at great cost to us poor bleedin taxpayers, tells you all you need to know about the fuckin mess we’re in today.

So come on Denise Lindsay, do you feel lucky Punk? Fancy another easy payday do ya? You are a lying freeloading chancer, who deserves suing yourself. I’ll be hearing from your ambulance chasing lawyers soon will I ?


  1. Woman on a Raft says:

    Miss Lindsay was working as an assistant chef manager at the LSE’s Bloomsbury student halls

    Gotta laugh. It serves the LSE right. An academic institution which has done more than any other to create an atmosphere in which words are banned, has created a liability for themselves.

  2. Julie near Chicago says:

    Yes, and that horrible (RRRa-a-a-ciissssst!) man Debussy wrote a piece called “The Golliwogs’ Cake Walk.” Well I never. Can you imagine!

    As it happens I was all grown up (well, as grown-up as I’m likely ever to be) and had a youngling of my own before I learned what everybody else seems to think a “golliwog” is. In fact, you see, it’s really a fictional creature similar to a pollywog, only cuter, and usually they’re green. I’ve always had an image of them doing a sort of Musical-Chairs dance around the dinner table, with the magnificent Birthday Cake in place, before the People come in. ;)

    Thanks for memory, RAB. A truly pleasant thing to keep in one’s mental file.

  3. Julie near Chicago says:

    I believe, since the topic has sort of come up (surely not drug in by the ears by YrsTrly!), that I will express my thoughts on the Most Evil of all Evil Books, that dragger-into-the-darkness of the minds of young persons from the 1899 until sometime a few decades back –

    Little Black Sambo.

    Quelle horreure!

    I grew up on said tome. Can’t remember whether it was a Little Golden Book or not. But anyway, our protagonist was a little boy, somewhat exotic of course (especially in rural Illinois in 1946-7 or so), who had some adventure that got him into a pickle, but eventually he got out of it and his mama made him his favorite thing, pancakes, and he ate ‘lebenty-leben of them!

    Now that’s my kinda kid! I always wanted ‘lebenty-leben pancakes too, but I could only manage to pack down about six smallish ones before running out of cargo space.

    So what was the moral of this story (“yes,” I hear, “and it’s just a story”)? Why, that some people in the world have darker skin than I was used to (in fact I did know, vaguely, that they were “Negroes”), but those kids liked to have adventures and to eat pancakes too. Just like me.

    Dreadful racist book! Should be BANNED !!!!!

    (Uncle Remus, too, because the stories are told by an avuncular (natch) Negro gentleman.)

    Anyway, you can refresh your memory as to L.B.S. here.. But the drawings are not nearly so engaging as the ones in my book. And this version says 169 pancakes. But I’m sure I remember ‘lebenty-leben.


  4. Julie near Chicago says:

    I have always gathered that you folks in the Sceptred Isles have managed to get along without much of this interracial dislike, or mistrust, or hatred (if it’s that) — Caucasian-Negro discord, I mean. Is that correct? If so, is it because (a) Negro slavery was never a major feature there in the first place, and (b) Mr. Wilburforce (and others) managed to put a stop to the whole British slave trade in the early 1800′s, and (c) you haven’t had the kind of ongoing race-baiting that we’ve had here since the ’60′s?

    It seems to me that if I’m correct about those conditions, there would have been much less occasion for interracial tension in the first place.


  5. RAB says:

    Yes you’re right Julie, but to explain properly I will have to lie down for a bit cos it’s late here. But it has to do with having an Empire of which all the people are nominally citizens, and one that is a Slave State, in very real terms.

  6. Julie near Chicago says:

    By all means, RAB, and sweet dreams. :>)

  7. Agreed RAB – without a “guilty mind” (the INTENT to violate someone or their property) there can be no crime. Otherwise accidentally tripping up and bumping someone into the road where they are run down by a car would be murder. It is the INTENT to bump someone into the road that makes it murder – otherwise it is (at worst) a civil tort.

    This case says that someone can cause racial offence without meaning to – which turns the above Common Law foundation on its head.

    Also there is no Common Law offence of racism anyway – even if someone did say something with the intent to cause racial offence it would NOT be a Common Law crime (anymore than a sign that says “only brown eyed people may enter this shop and be served” is a Common Law crime – a ship keeper is not a slave who must do business with people he does not wish to do business with).

    Statute law has destroyed Common Law – the statutes of the “legislature” and the edicts of the Executive (most “law” today is actually from Civil Servants – it is not even debated and voted on by the “legislature” although that is bad enough).

    The population are now semi slaves – who must trade with people whether they want to or not, and whose very words (regardless of their intentions) are mandated by the regime.

  8. Lynne says:

    I think it’s about time the wheels fell off that particular compo wagon. If the avaricious silly bitch is so easily offended it’s her problem, not anyone else’s. Let her be foot stampingly stupid and vindictive on her own dime, not ours. She won’t be so bloody eager to take offence if faced with picking up the bill.

    Let’s not forget that Enid Blyton’s Noddy books were also considered waaaaaycist by the politically correct offence mongers. Naughty golliwogs had to be replaced by naughty teddies. Down right bloody speciesist if you ask me…

    Julie, I remember LBS with fondness. I was always fascinated by the way his tears squirted out of the corners of his eyes like garden sprinklers. No matter how hard I tried mine always dribbled down my face. :D

  9. Mr Ed says:

    Here is the judgment appealled against, itself an appeal, paragraphs 11 to 18 set out the facts as found.

  10. Julie near Chicago says:

    Oh, Lynne, it’s always nice to find someone else who has LIVED! ;) Thanks for sharing.

  11. I’m sure I’m forgetting some of the common accusations and arguments being made about Attawapiskat on various forums and comments sections of online news articles. I might update if necessary to address them, but I think you now have at least a base to begin with, whether you honestly just want to understand the situation a little better, or want to fight those comment battles.

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