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On this day

In 1865, slavery was Abolished by the REPUBLICAN PARTY. 

In the teeth of opposition by the Democratic Party.


  1. Julie near Chicago says:

    False! LIES !! Evil GOP propergander! Everybody knows the Republicans are the party of WA-A-AYCISSSSSSSSSSTs!!!! (I think I stole that from Lynne? –Thank you, Lynne. ;) )

  2. John Galt says:

    In addition, if you look closely, Democrats have involved the US in more wars and led to more deaths than Republicans.

    So not only are the Democrats racists, they are also war mongers.

  3. john in cheshire says:

    Weren’t (or is that aren’t) the KuKluxKlan predominantly Democrats?

  4. CountingCats says:


    At one point they were each subsidiaries of the other.
    Google the Klan and Democratic Party conventions.

  5. Senator Robert Byrd who only died a couple of years ago (with lovely obituaries from the media) was a top man in the West Virginia KKK. So the links between the Democrats and the KKK is hardly ancient history.

    So why the praise from the media? Because he was a big spender of course – stuff in West Virginia tends to be named after him, Not because he gave money for it to be built but because he stole money from the Federal taxpayers for it to be built.

    A populist – in a long and ignoble tradition of bashing “the rich” and “big business”.

    For example, the Economist magazine recently had an article mentioning that the statute of Tom Watson (the Georgia Populist and Democrat) had been removed.

    It stated that Tom Watson had been a Populist (supporting “free” stuff for the poor), but then said he abandoned this stuff for racism.

    Not true – Tom Watson (regardless of what party he was in) remained a big government bash-the-rich man till the day he died.

    Everything was the fault of “big business” and “Jewish money” (yes – he hated Jews as much as he hated Northern “capitalists” and blacks).

    But the media can not get this into their heads – it does not “compute” for them.

    So there had to be two Tom Watsons – the big government man and the racist. But they were the same man.

    Today the Democrat party is no longer “anti black” – now it is more “anti white” (pushing the belief among black people that their poverty is due to white people being evil).

    But it is still RACIAL politics, GROUP politics.

    As for the Republicans…

    Their only colour is green (Dollars – business) – with the good, as well the bad, that this history means.

  6. Paddy says:

    In America.

    Britain was 1833…

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